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  1. Rules for Signup/Discussion Threads.
  2. Avvy RP VIII: Discussion IV; I'm With Stupid
  3. Final Fantasy - 5d6cussion
  4. Agents of Death: Sign-up
  5. Discussion Episode III: Revenge of the Discussion
  6. Final Fantasy - 6d6cussion
  7. Choose Your Own RP
  8. E, G & G Quantum Investigation Firm: Interest and Sign Up
  9. Armored's Arsenal: RP Stories Galore
  10. Pokémon Umbral ~ Ruinous Origins: Signups, Q&A, Nekkid Pillow Fights...
  11. Pokémon Umbral ~ Ruinous Origins Discussion 1
  12. Pokémon Umbral ~ Ruinous Origins Discussion 2
  13. On the flip side, two RP ideas!
  14. Titanium Rhapsody: Sign-up
  15. Pokémon Umbral Discussion 3: Like Poké Fables Except More Awesome...
  16. Avvy RP VIII: Discussion V - Let's go on a holiday!
  17. Rapter's list of Indecision
  18. 1920's Gangster RP interest thread
  19. Titanium Rhapsody: The Actually Discussion Thread
  20. Pokémon Umbral Discussion 4: On Strike Until There Is a Nekkid Pillow Fight
  21. Pokémon Umbral Discussion 5: Gardevoirs Gone Wild!
  22. The New Gangster RP Discussion Thread!
  23. Spring Showers- A couple ideas from Overcast
  24. Awake(working title) - The Sign-up Thread
  25. Pokémon Umbral Discussion 6: Name That Nagarai!
  26. Pokémon Umbral Discussion 7: Plusle and Minun Equals Zero
  27. Xenoformed Earth: interest thread
  28. Forsaken: WoW RP (sign up/discussion)
  29. Pokémon Umbral Discussion 8: I'll Guard Her Voir! Wait, That Makes No Sense...
  30. Pokémon Umbral Discussion 9: More Than Double the Number of RP Threads!
  31. Pok?mon Umbral Discussion 10: PvPing Inside and Outside the RP
  32. Pok?mon Umbral Discussion 11: Silence! I Keel You!
  33. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 12: Is Impact the Piccolo of Pokemon Umbral?
  34. Horror of Horrors: Toastburner B GMs Again!
  35. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 13: I Think We Have Half of the Thread Page Filled Up
  36. The Broken: Sign-up
  37. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 14: Discussion Thread Player Character Conspiracy #1
  38. The Madness Becomes Real: The Evil's Return/Big Bad Wolf Limited Crossover RP
  39. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 15: The PCs Think Their GM Is Smart. That's a Laugh.
  40. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 16: Should We Throw a Sweet Sixteen Party?
  41. There Should Totally Be A "The Princess Bride" RP
  42. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 17: Renny Will Be the Antagonist In the Sequel
  43. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 18: I'm Not Gonna Raichu a Love Song
  44. Interst thread for a One Piece set Pirate RP
  45. One Piece: Great Pirate Age RP: Sign-ups
  46. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 19: I Don't Think Nagarai Will Ever Be Named
  47. If you know what I'm going to do, you're an NPF Vet. (A Sign-Up)
  48. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 20: Now With New Discussion Thread Smell!
  49. Topics?
  50. One Piece: Discussion
  51. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 21: We'll Get To Mission 3 Eventually...
  52. Evil's Return/Big Bad Wolf Limited Discussion 1: I have no witty titles for you.
  53. PhoenixFlame Presents: Eclipse Phase
  54. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 22: The PCs Have the GM On Lockdown
  55. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 23: My Favorite Number!
  56. Soldiers of Light Discussion 1
  57. Soldiers of Light Omake
  58. Tales of a Torn World RP Interest.
  59. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 24: I Can Has Pokemon?
  60. Eclipse Phase: Frosted Glass Discussion
  61. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 25: Pokegeddon Returns
  62. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 26
  63. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 27: Prepare For Trouble...
  64. Avvy RP VIII: Discussion VI - Winging It
  65. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 28: A Wild Cerulean Wildfire Appears!
  66. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 29: I Dare Nintendo To Make This a Game
  67. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 30: Less and Less About Pokemon Each Day
  68. Western RP Interest Thread
  69. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 31: Zero Mode and Asuras
  70. Shining Dawn
  71. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 32: Ultimate Showdown of Ascended Classes
  72. Too Quiet Around Here: A Selection Thread
  73. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 33: Gotta Stop Watching Anime While Doing This
  74. Japanesque (Optimis wanted me to call it Weeaboo Shit) Sign-Ups
  75. .hack//SIGN-Ups
  76. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 33 again: Hijacked!
  77. Low Magic Fantasy Sign-Up
  78. Magical Teacher Professor Landry! - Sign-Ups
  79. The Chessmasters: RP Idea
  80. The Convoy Discussion 1
  81. Arhra's my name, would you like to play a game?
  82. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 34: all your base...
  83. Setting up an RPG - Questions
  84. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 35: Under New Management!
  85. Magical Teacher Professor Landry! - Discussion 1: Not Really Normal
  86. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 36: Questions Are Overrated
  87. Superheroes! Punching Crime! Yeaaaaah! Sign-Up
  88. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 37: You Don't Want To Enter This Thread
  89. Pokemon Umbral Discussion 38: Shenanigans At Dawn, Sir!
  90. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 1: Where All the Lurkers...Ah...Lurk
  91. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 2: Devoted to That She-Devil, Charlotte Beaufort
  92. Magical Teacher Professor Landry! - Discussion 2: This School is Weird!
  93. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 3: Dedicated to Cosplaying Pokemon Trainers Part 1
  94. Exalted Long Term Campaign Interest Thread
  95. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 4: Dedicated to Cosplaying Pokemon Trainers Part 2
  96. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 5: Dedicated to Cosplaying Pokemon Trainers Part 3
  97. DnD campaign
  98. Batgirl wants to run a new RP, let me know what you think
  99. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 6: Player Conspiracies
  100. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 7: Mating Season Is One of My Best Ideas Yet
  101. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 8: Introducing the Hexagon Harem
  102. Avvy RP VIII: Discussion VII - Lies and Moon-Magic
  103. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 9: Ode to Gardevoir...Yes, Again.
  104. Zombie Apocalypse Interest Thread
  105. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 10: Pictures I Don't Think You Want Explained
  106. Zombie Apocalypse: The Sign-up
  107. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 11: Things That Make You Go Wuh?
  108. Clouds Over NPF: Overcast's Next RP Interest
  109. Zombie Apocalypse: The Discussion
  110. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 12: On a Very Special Episode of Pokemon Umbral...
  111. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 13: Armored Goes West
  112. Boggle vagantly at these shennanigans - A Bard's Quest
  113. Hivebent Sign-ups
  114. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 14: Beloved Godlord Dracorion
  115. Paint Dot Net Adventure
  116. Trollslum Discussion 1: Stuck in a Black Romance
  117. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 15: Wherein everyone dies
  118. Trollslum Discussion 2: And thats terrible
  119. Trollslum Discussion 3: This is incredibly delirous biznasty!
  120. 8 bit Theater: An RP Signups
  121. Magical Teacher Professor Landry! - Discussion 3: Skipping through Time.
  122. Trollslum Discussion 4: Bro is dead
  123. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 16: 1st Anniversary!
  124. Final Fantasy D6: The Dicening; The Signup
  125. NPF Christmas RP: A very special episode of General Inhospitable!
  126. Final Fantasy D6: The Dicening; The Discussion
  127. FFD6: The Dicening: The Discussion: The Thread: Part Deux
  128. FFD6: The Dicening: The Discussion: The Thread: The Thirty Third and a Third
  129. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 17: Happy Year's End Gratitude!
  130. Trollslum Discussion 5: Aldurin invented inventing you know
  131. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 18: I am Dracorion Almighty!
  132. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 19: Important notice!
  133. Vinculumist Interest Thread
  134. Exalted: Dragons Don't Cry
  135. FFD6: The Dicening: The Discussion: You Don't Have the Quads.
  136. Vinculumist Sign-up
  137. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 20: Where Logic Goes to Die
  138. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 21: Now with Time Skipping Shenanigans
  139. FFRP:D6 Discussion, Five Wounds of Caspin
  140. Trollslum Discussion 6: The tears will never stop!
  141. Stormy Weather: Another Overcast Interest Thread
  142. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 22: I can't think of a title
  143. FFD6: The Dicening: The Discussion: Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatro, Cinco, Cinco, Sies
  144. FFD6: The Dicening: The Discussion: Lucky 7
  145. Midnight Glow: The Bounty List(Signup!)
  146. Eclipse Phase Signup - We, who are about to die...
  147. Man vs The Elements (interest thread)
  148. Midnight Glow: Good Manners and Customs(A Very Victorian Discussion Thread)
  149. Vs The Elements: Sign-up
  150. Total Apocalypse Wars, Armored Bishoujo's Craziest Ambition Yet
  151. An Interest Thread: Toastburner B Rides Again!
  152. Vs The Elements: Discussion
  153. Paradox: Sign-Up
  154. Paradox Discussion 1: Because the sign-up thread is beyond full
  155. Silver Beetle Blues REDO: 1920's Bootlegger / Murder Mystery RP interest thread
  156. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 23: How Nostalgic...
  157. "The Correctors" interest thread
  158. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 24: Menarker's Madhouse
  159. Interest Thread, Unified Theory
  160. Avvy RP VIII: Discussion VIII - This Isn't Love
  161. Eclipse Phase AIM game
  162. Trollslum Discussion 7: I think we're still doing this
  163. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 25: On the Road Again...
  164. Interest thread, War in Hell
  165. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 26: Pierce Didn't Die, Big Whoop...
  166. [Fire Emblem] The Gathering Storm
  167. [Fire Emblem] Iron threads have more durability
  168. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 27: Millenium House Science Enrichment Center
  169. [Fire Emblem] An Iron Thread has Broken~
  170. Endless Sands Interest Thread
  171. Any interest in a suicide mission
  172. Star Wars: A lack of a Thought out Title
  173. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 28: Prepare For Trouble...
  174. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 29: Hot, Wet Beaches!
  175. The Organization interest thread, or So You Wanna Be a Spy!?
  176. Exalted: Shadow and Steel - Interest Thread
  177. Seekers of the Pinnacle: sign-up
  178. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 30: Go Get Some Snacks...
  179. Magical Teacher Professor Landry! - Discussion 4: Battles Take Too Long!
  180. The Organization, The Sign Up Thread
  181. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 31: Standing the Test of Time...
  182. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 32: Discuss the UmbralGuide
  183. Dragon Ball RP interest thread of interest re: roleplaying Dragon Ball
  184. Exalted: Shadow and Steel, Discussion I: We are making this happen
  185. Dragon Ball RP Final 100% Legendary Super Sign-up-jin Transformation Thread
  186. DBRP Discussion 1: Still not on Namek!
  187. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 33: No Pirate Talk While On the Cruiser
  188. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 34: The Longest RP In NPF History?
  189. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 35: No More (City of) Heroes
  190. Four Game Ideas
  191. Project CITYFIGHT Sign-up thread: You must defeat an entire city to win the game
  192. Giant Mechs are always the best? (Interest/Sign-Up)
  193. Mechanized Age (Sign-Up/Discussion Thread 1)
  194. think, the thing meets mafia (interest thread)
  195. Mafia: The RP: The interest
  196. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 36: We're Alone, We're Very Alone
  197. Exalted Interest
  198. Superteam, assemble!
  199. It's All Your Fault - RP Idea
  200. Economy/Combat RP Interest (techincally a sign-up) thread: Tales of Alandria
  201. More RP Ideas
  202. Magical Landry Sign-Up Part Deux - The Landrying!
  203. Tales of Alandria Discussion 0: Auras are not FDA-approved
  204. Avvy RP VIII: Discussion IX - This Is The End!
  205. Tomb of the Five Corners: Exalted
  206. Exalted: Dead Waters
  207. DnD 3.5 Edition - Rookie's Start
  208. Exalted: Glorious Solar RP Logs
  209. Magical Teacher Professor Landry! - Discussion/Announcement Thread: Happy Halloween.
  210. Randomly Generated RP: The Sign Up
  211. The Dunhurst Custom Dungeon ~ 13 Floors Deep?!: RP Interest / Guide Q&A Thread
  212. Rise of Alandria: Reboot Interest and Discussions
  213. Exalted: Character Sheets.
  214. Dungeons and Dragons, featuring Smarty!
  215. Eclipse Phase: Long Night Sign-Up
  216. Anima; Beyond Fantasy: The Logs!
  217. Dresden Files RPG: Dark Days - Logs and panoply
  218. Magical Teacher Professor Landry! - Patch 3.0
  219. This is my thread for signing up for my game
  220. Sign Up Thread: Pathfinder - Medieval Young Justice
  221. See you on the beach! NPF RP Interest Thread!
  222. Paradox Redux Interest, the Overcast Version
  223. ...screw it. Here we go. Soldiers of Light Interest/Sign-Up Thread
  224. Soldiers of Light Discussion 1
  225. Pokemon Umbral Theatre 37: Setting the Standard In Having Low Standards
  226. Dream Masters: interest/sign up
  227. There is a game here
  228. Project CITYFIGHT: Sign up!
  229. Exalted 3E - Interest Thread
  230. Eclipse Phase interest thread
  231. The Silver Beetle Swing: A 1920's Gangster RP Interest Thread
  232. The Sky Has Fallen (Fire Emblem Interest Thread)
  233. Fire Emblem Sign-Up: The Crushing Light