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  1. News subforum rules
  2. Death Penalty
  3. Guess who made stupid comments about the Haitian Earthquake
  4. Army Does'nt want it's Soldeirs Rapping
  5. War on copyright wages on...
  6. Is...is a Republican seriously going to win a Senate seat in MASSACHUSETTS?
  7. Giant space laser
  8. Internet censorship
  9. Supreme Court lifts limits on corporate campaign donations
  10. OKCupid researches profile pictures
  11. Chavista "Experts" Say U.S. Military Caused Haitian Earthquake
  12. As If Haitians Didn't Have Enough On Their Plate - Or Too Little On Their Plate
  13. Let's Discuss: The 2010 State of the Union
  14. Australia bans healthy body images, female sexuality
  15. Dear Barack Obama: Please Stop Conceding
  16. Terry Pratchett ready to be test case for suicide law
  17. Who likes nukes? Iran likes nukes!
  18. Is This A Restriction Of Rights, Or A Case Of The Media Stirring S*** Up?
  19. Attack of the Election Demon!...sheep.
  20. Explosion During Safety Test Kills 5
  21. Mommy, Is Iran Gonna Kill Us?
  22. Palin Roast by S. Colbert
  23. I Don't Know If You're Supporting The Olympics, But On Vancouver Island... We're Not
  24. Cops be taking my shit!
  25. Holy Balls Texas! What are you doing!?
  26. Obama moves forward with nuclear power
  27. Newly Retired US Senator calls Congress 'dysfunctional'
  28. Creatively sticking it to The Man…
  29. Libya declares war on Swiss, the world laughs heartily.
  30. New Felony on the Books: Miscarriage?
  31. Apple gettin' up in Google phone maker's grill
  32. Same-sex marriage in Mexico City
  33. Woman tells guys to stop smoking, is pushed onto train tracks.
  34. Republicans' capmaign scare tactics leaked.
  35. Scientists: Asteroid killed dinosaurs, now shut up!
  36. President Ahmadinejad Calls 9/11 "A big lie."
  37. Korean couple starves child while raising virtual one
  38. Body Scanners, coming to an airport near you!
  39. Shitty teachers fired, Obama approves; people are surprised
  40. Tariffs
  41. High School Cancels Senior Prom Because Lesbians Are Coming
  42. The Coffee Party: A saner alternative for the disillusioned?
  43. A few bills to keep an eye on.
  44. Hey guys, guess what finally made it's way through Congress
  45. Some thoughts on the "Education" part of the Health Care and Education Affordability
  46. An Open letter to American Conservatives
  47. The sudden and rapid deterioration of the Israel-U.S. relationship
  48. Solid Snake's Crazy Theory of Respectable Libertarianism
  49. Oh, so we're trying to kill eachother now?
  50. Get Outta My Lecture Hall - And Don't Come Back!
  51. Cross Days Pirating Nonsense
  52. Don't want them gays touching them military boys
  53. Canadian citizens attempt to arrest Bush for war crimes
  54. Strippers dancing 'round the GOPole.
  55. Baby dumping is not cool China!
  56. Oh, for BLEEP'S sake, Obama, Don't Be Neocon-curious
  57. Free speech = political upheaval?
  58. Ho' Shit! Did a Check Just Get Balanced!? (Wiretapping declared illegal by judge)
  59. Slow news day for CNN: Hentai under fire...
  60. In defense of Teaba...Party Activists
  61. Justice Stevens to Retire Soon
  62. Chinese coal freighter hits Australian coral reef
  63. A hit to Net Neutrality.
  64. Holy Shit! Something sensible happened in Arkansas!
  65. Fungus Amongus! We're All Gonna Die!
  66. Why is it always Porn's fault?
  67. US declares school cafes a threat
  68. Anyone else talked about ACTA yet?
  69. Being Brown: Officially a Crime now, Says Arizona
  70. College and the Cost of Reputation
  71. Spanish judge arrested for investigating murders
  72. "Boy Kills Brother Over Playstation"
  73. Puerto Rican statehood and the insanity of Glenn Beck
  74. A Ten-Year-Old Cancer Patient Is Turned Into A Superhero
  75. Failed NYC Bomber: Vampire.
  76. World's most bad-ass sniper is British!
  77. Help a terrorist? Lose your citizenship.
  78. Greece in collapse, Marx proved wrong
  79. The Oil Spill
  80. I Never Knew Drugs Had Their Own Hierarchy And Regal System
  81. Limewire to shut down
  82. Glenn Beck's Plan: 10 Day Countdown
  83. The man who scares Dick.
  84. Oh fuck it's the future
  85. Possible New Campaign Strategy: Run ads that make your opponent look good?
  86. Israeli nukes evidence, support of black holocaust
  87. Copyright reform
  88. So we are to break up in July
  89. Scientist makes overblown claim about being first human infected with computer virus
  90. Republicans are being cute again.
  91. DADT repealed, Captain America happy
  92. Britain deprives prisoners right to vote, Europe is like "Don't do that"
  93. Israeli military bravely slaughters unarmed activists
  94. German President abdictates
  95. “It’s the power of the Internet, man.”
  96. Dammit Arizona
  97. Helen Thomas forced to retire after 67 year career for criticizing Israel
  98. Texas Police Buy Guns With Groceries
  99. Conspiracy in South Carolina!
  100. Intellectual Property and those against it.
  101. Oklahoma Tansgendered Candidate Racing Against Worst Woman Ever in Oklahoma
  102. Arizona, does it again...
  103. You Are A Serial Killer, A Very Dangerous Man. The Public Deserves Protection...
  104. This Just In: Canadian Politicians Hate Taxes!
  105. Canada's Newest Ghetto!
  106. There's Gold in them there occupied nations!
  107. Well somebody had to do it
  108. Miley Cyrus CP hits the web...
  109. 14-year old Boy returns lost 3-year old to mother; Is arrested within minutes
  110. "Keep It [Straight], Keep It [Straight], Keep It [Straight]"
  111. ACTA and the opposition to it
  112. A study of the Anonymous.
  113. BC Cuts Medical Funding And Puts It Into... Medicine?
  114. Let's Start A Riot!
  115. Atheist Billboard Vandalized!
  116. Pirate sites seized. And so it begins...
  117. Russian spies? What is this, 1954?
  118. Shirley Sherrod
  119. Drugging Kids for a Break
  120. Chinese Billionaire Donates Everything
  121. Arab has sex with Jew... it must be rape!
  122. In The Showers
  123. Big release of Afghanistan documents paints dour war picture
  124. Hayward on his way to the Gulags!
  125. Warren Jeffs Gets New Trial on Idiocy
  126. Fix Congress First
  127. Let us celebrate the misfortunes of Todd McFarlane, as all good people should
  128. The Wiki With More Leaks Than A BP Oil Rig
  129. Judge Overturns Prop 8
  130. The 14th Amendment Attracts Illegal Immigration And Is A Threat To National Security!
  131. [RAGEQUIT] How to inform your employer that you're leaving your service-industry job
  132. Bike sharing unconstitutional?
  133. Crocs? Elephants? Who cares? Oh, you painted them like pandas? COOL!
  134. Superman (comic) saves family from forclosure
  135. Dr Laura's Radio Show To End
  136. So, Recently BC Got A Boat Of Sri Lankan Refugees/Terrorists
  137. We need a translator for shizle up in da hood, yo!
  138. [WAR] so let's talk about this mosque in New York
  139. Valedictorian against schooling.
  140. Pre-Crime Technology
  141. Canada Doctors say No to MMA!!!!
  142. "Canadian Government Getting Rid Of Gun Registry" or "What The Fuck, Canada?"
  143. Breaking news! Glenn Beck is still an ass!
  144. Chileans Stuck Underground
  145. I Don't Know Who's More Stubborn, The People Who Want A Hospital Or BC Medical
  146. Totally terrorists, except not, I guess, naybe
  147. Compounding airline fuck-ups.
  148. This just in Discovery Channel HQ taken hostage...wait, what?
  149. Eight foot shark caught in the potomac river
  150. Goddammit, Oil Companies
  151. Troops Withdrawing From Iraq After Seven Years
  152. Earthquakes hit rich, omg!
  153. The Tax Cut Extension Question
  154. How Bad Does Work Have To Be Before You Commit Suicide?
  155. Snake Hates Terry Jones
  156. Snake Hates Terry Jones: The Full Story in Four Parts
  157. Hey North America, What's Up With All The Infringements On Rights?
  158. Military gets panties in a knot over Medal of Honor.
  159. A couple of years ago, Clevinger said he feared a robot revolt
  160. Scientists teach robots to lie
  161. Parents Say School Denies A Child Curiosity, Decide That No School Is Better
  162. Medal of Honor awardeded to first living recipent since the Vietnam War.
  163. Stew Beef and Col Slaw - Rally to Restore Sanity, March to Keep Fear Alive
  164. FedEx Earnings More than Double, Plans 1,700 Layoffs
  165. Reimagening the American Dollar
  166. Economists Declare Recession Over
  167. Rape Victim Or Embarrassed Teen?
  168. California Video Game Law Before Supreme Court
  169. Don't Ask; Don't Tell Repeal Blocked
  170. Spying in America
  171. America Jr. follows in U.S's fat footsetps.
  172. Stephen Colbert "makes mockery" of House Sub-Committee Hearing on Immigration Reform
  173. James O'Keefe and the Fail-punking CNN caper!
  174. Utah Outlaws Miscarriage
  175. Westboro Baptist Church Still Stupid, "Thank[s] God For Dead Soldiers"
  176. Ontario relaxes prostitution law
  177. "goldilocks" planet found
  178. Michigan's Assistant Attorney General is a piece of shit
  179. The Army, come kill for a thrill
  180. So...I guess TARP worked...
  181. Swedish racist party pulls hilarious stunt; insults church, royal family, humanism
  182. Didn't Pay The Fee? We Won't Fight Your Fires
  183. Foreclosure: Banksters don' give a ffffffff
  184. CNN fires Rick Sanchez
  185. Two guys win the Nobel physics prize with scotch tape and pencil lead.
  186. Rich just keep getting richer, even if they don't need it.
  187. Hungary toxic spill
  188. FBI Wants Back Device They Were Using To Spy On Student
  189. [mIrAcLeS] Dark Carnival rocked by shocking revelations! Juggalo Congress in uproar!
  190. Doctors Let Woman Die Rather Than Harm Fetus
  191. Tea Party represents the "average American" like I represent straight people
  192. Glenn Beck vs Fair Use
  193. Retired Cop Makes Living By Videotaping Corrupt Cops.
  194. "jumping off gw bridge sorry." or "We Need To Stop Bullying"
  195. The French: Whiney children? Or whiney children with a point?
  196. The United Nations
  197. Juan Williams' makes racist comment, NPR fires him; FOX NEWS SHITS A BRICK
  198. State pensions to start running out of money
  199. Ignorant fucks in my backyard
  200. Glee GQ Pedophilia Controversy
  201. Let's go download Geocities
  202. Outlawing Islamic Law in Oklahoma?
  203. Survey says: US troops mostly okay with gay people
  204. Pilot refuses invasive screening, doesn't fly.
  205. Witches, Bitches, and Aqua Buddha: Midterm Elections Thread
  206. California; "Ban this sick filth!"; The Trial
  207. KKK costume for Canadians
  208. Olberman tones down his show and then gets canned.
  209. Pilots might opt out of new TSA pat downs
  210. Deficit Reduction Comission Eliminates America's Asshole Deficit
  211. Prison economics and Arizona law
  212. Remember When Smarty Said The UN Was Worthless?
  213. Pope says condoms can sometimes be okay.
  214. Remember Helen Thomas?
  215. Kids Of "Quiet Migration" Come Of Age
  216. Polygamy On Trial
  217. I Bombed Korea Every Night
  218. I Have No Sympathy Venezuela
  219. Conspiratorial 9/11
  220. Wikileaks at it again.
  221. Leslie Nielsen Is Dead
  222. Military DADT Report: Yeah, the policy is silly and unneeded
  223. Feds raid the internet, disrupt Cyber Monday
  224. Senator McConnell is a piece of shit and other surprising news
  225. NASA might have found Aliens
  226. Comcast V. Netflix -OR- 'What the hell does "Level 3" mean?
  227. Feds on Xbox modding... WTF
  228. The Tea Party - Getting Worse Every Day
  229. BP back in the news
  230. Feds and wiretaps and you, true stories.
  231. Obama has a good grip on his ankles
  232. Pimpin ain't easy...
  233. Anonymous takes down FBI website
  234. "Mouse Has Two Daddies" or "Future Gay Rodent Overlords"
  235. 9/11 responders lose on bill
  236. Bradley Manning being tortured
  237. Obama signs 'don't ask, don't tell' repeal
  238. Mandatory Army Survey Discriminates Against Atheists
  239. Banning the niqab pt. 2 (REALLY LONG RANT)
  240. Tommy Chong Supports The NDP
  241. So not only was the study retracted...
  242. Ted Williams
  243. Do US laws help or hinder our economy?
  244. Gabrielle Giffords shot
  245. Weapon of Mass Destruction seized at Canada/US border
  246. Coca Cola Thinks We're Stupid
  247. Sunset for the Patriot Act... Never coming
  248. In other news: Anti-Abortion People Are Still Fucking Horrible People
  250. Japan, copyrights, and basic rights