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  1. The Generic Free Software Thread
  2. Computers & Technology Subforum Rules
  3. Search Request Thread: Find Crap For Me, Pretty Please?
  4. Help us Help you: DxDiags and new threads
  5. Computer crashing? Kinda?
  6. Dragon Age is lagging, I dont know why
  7. Help me Crack a zip file open
  8. More Windows 7 issues
  9. so what should I look for in a motherboard
  10. So how do I update my PC's RAM?
  11. Help me complete my TV-to-PC Setup
  12. Dual Core only runs one core
  13. Left 4 Dead 2 crashes, hard
  14. Softsubbing for iPod!
  15. Virus Rage!
  16. My lappy and PC don't want to play toghether (LAN multiplayer related problem)
  17. I think my computer is freezing over!
  18. Google App Engine/C#/Java question.
  19. Fun with mute.
  20. Save My Internet!
  21. Team Fortress 2. Problems.
  22. My start page is suddenly Ask.com. I wonder why and also need help titling threads.
  23. Can my PC monitor rid me of Tiny Text Syndrome?
  24. Hooking up two monitors to one PC. Also I'm unable to give my threads proper titles.
  25. Google links redirecting
  26. Stupid virus gone and stopped my stupid computer from stupid working
  27. Random slowdown!? What!?
  28. How can I make it so a window is always on top in Vista?
  29. Steam. Offline mode. Malfunctioning. Rage.
  30. Looking for LED HD Projector
  31. It powers up...but doesn't boot up.
  32. keyboard laptop help
  33. scanner wont scan
  34. Registry cleaning Tips and Prefered programs
  35. Windows XP Antivirus Pro 2010 totally put the lockdown on my computer
  36. Speech bubbles and lettering - which programs to use, and how?
  37. Router not connecting to lappy/maybe need a new one?
  38. phpBB Forum Help
  39. Laptop battery has died, and general laptop upgrading questions
  40. Vista Security Center: Fuck off.
  41. Setting up a network on a large scale: Cost?
  42. Virus Removal/System Maintenance. I charge $50 for this, so read up.
  43. The future of RGB: RGBY?
  44. Speakers not playing sounds
  45. Organization Problem in iTunes
  46. Do I need a new computer?
  47. My CD drive won't stay shut
  48. Trying to download Dell drivers and the download manager sucks
  49. Yes, I do need a new computer.
  50. Major hardware overhaul advice/help requested
  51. Ventrilo: Copy Info to another Comp?
  52. New hardware and you
  53. Youtube stupidity
  54. A budget machine for giggles.
  55. Borked Laptop = Build new computer
  56. Computer lags intermittently while playing games
  57. Computer Tech Is Just Going To Get Better Until It Kills Us All Or Uses Us As Energy
  58. Uploading song from iPod to computer
  59. Find a router for my mom's friend.
  60. What happens to a computer when it's hit by lightning while running Scandisc?
  61. HTML, Java, CSS help needed
  62. My 800-dollar computer runs like crap
  63. Twits Tweeting On Twitter
  64. A decent place to upload MIDI?
  65. Have you ever bought a "gaming" mouse or keyboard?
  66. Ahhh! New Computer!...NEED TO PROTECT IT!
  67. Chrome Browser issues
  68. Error in L4D2
  69. Microsoft Office 2010
  70. No BIOS options - Compal HL90
  71. USB 2.0
  72. Mouse help
  73. Technology - Subforum rules
  74. Should I upgrade from hotmail to something else?
  75. I've owned my PS3 for like three weeks and it's malfunctioning. HELP?
  76. My 360 is being a dirty whore
  77. RPG Maker
  78. I'm finally learning C++! Tips?
  79. decompressing files
  80. Looking for some emulator information!
  81. Someone's Stealing my Wi-Fi - Help!
  82. RAM MIA
  83. The periodic "I need a new computer" thread.
  84. Sudden bouts of Hyperactive fan and soft resets.
  85. Attempting an LP, upload problems
  86. I need help with a virus (not the computer I'm currently on)
  87. I Dislike Viruses - Especially This One!
  88. Desktop Antivirus 2010 Is Totally ........ My .... Up!
  89. Email or an account hacked!
  90. Plasma Powered Pikachu
  91. My computer is Bitch Diva
  92. Word 2003
  93. Xbox 360 audio/video problems (potentially TV problems?)
  94. got virus, now what
  95. Recommend Nikose a Laptop
  96. Mauve Has Computer Problems. Help Please?
  97. Doc needs a 7 boot disk
  98. An open letter to Tinypic.
  99. Building a compy compy.
  100. Troubles with Icewind Dale 1
  101. New desktop... To build? To buy? To upgrade?
  102. Purchase! -- OP looking for web designer/developer
  103. Sony Walkman is empty but also half full
  104. Red Ring of Death
  105. Xbox Original Question
  106. Naming a prospective domain.
  107. installed XP 64bit, and now I'm screwed
  108. DNS server changing automatically?
  109. Broken Laptop Plug
  110. LEARNIN' about computer stuffs
  111. Changing boot options within windows
  112. Crashing and Graphics problem
  113. Playstation 3
  114. Network/Router issues
  115. Bios wont recognize RAM upgrade
  116. something is wrong with my sfx
  117. sub-500 desktop build - Ubuntu/media/non-gaming
  118. Any Home Theater Freaks In The Audience?
  119. Let's talk about Letterboxing
  120. Cleaning Under Laptop Keys
  121. Diagnosing Boot Failure
  122. Internet keeps dropping but my Wife's works fine
  123. Network Router Reccomendations
  124. Desktop Antivirus 2010 Is The [Expletive Deleted] Of An [Expletive Deleted]
  125. Transferring Steam Games over to New Computer-How do I do This?
  126. System 32 Command Failure
  127. ROM drive isn't auto-running
  128. Linux for Beginners Recommendation?
  129. Explanations for Poor Network Performance
  130. Cannot connect to steam servers.
  131. Monitor troubles--Everything is so bright it hurts.
  132. On Text Documents, and Opening Them With Different Word Processing Programs
  133. Holy Shit, SATA Cables
  134. Decent free plotting/graphing program
  135. Razer Arctosa Multimedia Key Issues
  136. New Original XBox problem
  137. Speech-to-text programs
  138. PhysX won't install
  139. L4Ds are laggy :/
  140. Serious vulnerability in Facebook/Twitter/etc...
  141. WOW website login problems
  142. System Setup is telling me that the HD isn't installed.
  143. Problem with my Java installation
  144. Actionscripting (2 and/or 3) a walk...
  145. Laptop Advice
  146. Nissan Makes A New, Interesting Looking Car
  147. Half-installed game wont finish install or uninstall
  148. Wii Weirdness
  149. Needing help with shrinking a file size.
  150. Windows 7 install
  151. Antivirus programs?
  152. Advice: Netbook powers off without warning
  153. There is likely a keylogger on my computer.
  154. Windows Password Help
  155. Core Duo, Dual Core and me.
  156. PS3 Error 80010514
  157. New Win7 machine
  158. Brand New Year, Brand New Pc. Software advice?
  159. Usb not functioning
  160. Networking 2: The networkening!
  161. MadCow IRC bot help.
  162. Loading Multiple Flash Videos in Firefox
  163. Dictation software?
  164. A Question Concerning Scanning Resolution (DPI)
  165. Gaah help! There is too much music on my PC!
  166. Gots me an iPad, now what?
  167. PhpBB help
  168. Sound is only coming from one speaker
  169. Sound randomly cuts, starts again
  170. WinXP Partitioning Utility?
  171. Hooking a PS3 up to a monitor?
  172. Virus Troubles
  173. Windows 7 Background help
  174. The Difference Atwixt LCD And Plasma Televisions
  175. Kinda of urgent (PS3 Related)
  176. Pyros' PC just can't get up anymore.
  177. PSP to PC - Sound Problems
  178. Sharing the love with my IRC bot.
  179. What do I need
  180. Want to learn Java
  181. Pidgen is suddenly hideously ugly
  182. IP address conflict
  183. Minor Keyboard Hotkey Annoyance Turning Into Big Problem
  184. Firefox is Acting up: Error 400
  185. Adventure Game Studio Help
  186. Looking into getting a tablet PC.
  187. AS3 Library Recommendations
  188. Video Editing Software (and some fraps help)
  189. Having troubles hosting
  190. Linux/Java - Question about user/owner rights for processes
  191. Clearing more active memory in Windows 7.
  192. Laptop HD upgrade questions
  193. CD/DVD drive no longer works.
  194. Best Touch Pad/Tablet for cheap?
  195. Need Diagnosis Confirmation on PC Hardware Issue
  196. Otomata
  197. Don't you hate when useless sites appear on your searches?
  198. Ragnarok Online thing.
  199. Somthing to run and write in actionscript
  200. Good Font Packs?
  201. Laptop all buggy... advice for fix?
  202. Blue bars flickering randomly on screen
  203. Mouse drivers... twice?
  204. Teleconferencing Whiteboard Software
  205. GIMP Scripting
  206. saving and converting flash videos
  207. God damn it adobe!
  208. Winamp Suddenly Closes For No Raisin
  209. Need second opinion
  210. Mac Help, Symbols Keep Popping Up On Screen
  211. Is Waccom really my only choice?
  212. Why are Macs so weak?
  213. Checking someone's IP over MSN: Possible?
  214. Help me save money with science!! Airbrushing!
  215. What the hell, Flash Player?
  216. Microphone volume in videos
  217. Wireless Network Connectivity problem after virus
  218. Recovering password for HP laptop
  219. Laptop assistance
  220. Need Help With Microphone Headset, Please
  221. What is going on here? Windows XP SP2 problem.
  222. Need Help Creating A Website
  223. New video card for an old PC
  224. computer infinitely restarts
  225. Win 7 Security virus
  226. Hooking PS3 to PC; Free internets - hooray?!
  227. Cisco Linksys E1200 Wireless Router: Setup Problems
  228. "Fake Graphic Engine Is Fake" or "Polygons Replaced By Atom Clouds"
  229. Stuck disk in PS3, 60GB BC model
  230. Firefox wants to misbehave
  231. HELP: Android
  232. Email hijacked
  233. Youtube: sign in help
  234. Hooking up PS3 controller to laptop
  235. Windows 7 Suddenly not legit.
  236. Dead Dell laptop, warranty question
  237. Need web design guidance OR 'Nique hates Shopify'
  238. So looking for a graphics card and...
  239. Help choosing a computer
  240. Blu-ray but without the blu-ray
  241. Seil Needs Phone Advice
  242. Used 360 purchasing
  243. Blu-ray rom won't play some movies
  244. Help uninstalling windows live messenger 2011 and replacing it with an old version
  245. Steam Question
  246. Live streaming sites
  247. Firefox needs to stop changing the default font
  248. USB Problem
  249. So who knows about FTP
  250. Monitor has green static