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  1. I like subs!
  2. I like dubs!
  3. What are your favorite Webcomics?
  4. YACC CROP IMP or "What? No, I mean it. What?"
  5. NPF 50 Book Challenge
  6. Books and Comics Subforum Rules
  7. TVM&A Rules
  8. My webcomic, Final Blasphemy. Read, enjoy, and stuff...
  9. Music Subforum Rules
  10. Another Dr McNinja thread
  11. Homesuck: Vriska Rising
  12. New Webcomics Thread is Tremendously Magnificent
  13. The Order of the Stick Megathread
  14. Filler? I don't even know 'er! aka the fuck-Bleach [SPOILERS] megathread!
  15. Hurfworld? No - Erfworld!
  16. Avatar - Hell yeah
  17. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame accepts...ABBA!?
  18. NPF Weekly DJ
  19. Poetry Advice: Because I'm a 19th Century Romantic at Heart
  20. The Good Family is anything but
  21. Gotham Central
  22. Durarara!
  23. Fullmetal Alchemist manga *Spoilers*
  24. Are you with Coco?
  25. Live Shows
  26. Collaborative Writing
  27. Fox to produce American version of Torchwood
  28. Since When Did The YouTube Symphony Orchestra Start Doing Chrono Cross Tunes?
  29. I'm on episode 7 of Serial Experiments Lain
  30. Why don't music videos ever make sense?
  31. Why Wasn't I Aware Of This Concert Sooner?
  32. So my brother makes some pretty cool songs
  33. "It's Not Fair! It's Just Not Fair! There Was Time Now!" or Where's My Good TV?
  34. Doctor Who is a pretty cool guy. He time travels and doesn't afraid of anything.
  35. Axe Cop, the newest Greatest Comic on the Internet!
  36. Tim Burton to 'reinterpret' Sleeping Beauty a.k.a. time to rape another story
  37. I Know I've Only Had Three Beers, Some Wine And A Few Shots, But QC Is Weird
  39. HMRWS - Starring Michael Myers 2!
  40. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Lagann Chapter
  41. Punk-O-Matic 2
  42. January Forum Radio!
  43. Wakfu
  44. Bleach Anime : The Redundancy
  45. I've found what was wrong with the FF7 soundtrack.
  46. Calvin and Hobbes creator has first interview in 20 years
  47. Avatar Getting a Sequel?
  48. Oscar Nominations Announced
  49. Hey, how about all those new seasons on TV?
  50. FMA: Bros Before Hos to premiere on Adult Swim.
  51. Watchmen 2
  52. STS9
  53. Sheet Music
  54. kylftch
  55. Colbert challenges you to write canada's history.
  56. The Clockwork Quartet
  57. New Toy Story 3 trailer: Nice Ascot.
  58. Daily Show & Colbert Report
  59. Robin Hood, Salt And The Lightening Thief
  60. The Wolf Man - God Dammit somebody shoot that dog
  61. Hulu has Naoki Urasawa's 'Monster' - Watch It
  62. Whatcha watchin'?
  63. A Song of Ice and Fire and The Tales of Dunk and Egg
  64. Tarja Turunen Has Gone Solo?
  65. Anyone a drummer?
  66. Can We Start Calling Indie Rock Groups An Orchestra?
  67. Pics from Tekken: Brie-Fu Vs. Karacheddar
  69. Do You Pirate?
  70. (500) Days of Suck
  71. Kick Ass!
  72. Hallucinogen
  73. Slice-of-Life shows?
  74. The Infamous Princess Bride Scene...
  75. The Best Canadian Album Out This Year
  76. NPF Anthem
  77. The Haruhi Books
  78. Spring 2010 Anime Season of I don't even know what to watch
  79. 5 year old kid writes a story, 29 year old man animates it. The result is...
  80. Plastic Beach
  81. Cop Out or "Booger Lips Made Me Rich"
  82. HMRWS - Starring Leatherface!
  83. The Other Side & Another Hedgehog.
  84. Goodnight THAT OTHER Sweet Prince =(
  86. The Oscars, 2010
  87. If The Good Doctor Can TARDIS through time, Why Is He On His - What, Ninth Life?
  88. Cacophonous Event Horizon
  89. General Manga Thread of Ordinary Discussion
  90. New Tron Legacy trailer
  91. Movies About Complex Issues Like Racism, Rape And R... Health Care
  92. These funny people aren't funny.
  93. Pink Floyd kicking ass
  94. "I am the pwnage, bitches!"
  95. Jamie Foxx And Bruce Willis Are Part Of Kane And Lynch Movie
  96. Repo Men
  97. Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time continued by Brandon Sanderson, the vedict is....
  98. T3 (No not that one, the other one!)
  99. Hollywood to make a Bleach movie
  100. Breaking Bad Season 3
  101. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
  102. Slackerz Abruptly Ends. POS Chokes a Bitch.
  103. Spartacus or 300:The Series
  104. The Legend of Zelda manga
  105. Predators
  106. MacGruber? Movie? What in the World...
  107. New Bond Flicks And Independance Day Sequels
  108. Stan Lee makes an anime... and it is AWESOME
  109. Still not ginger (Thenew doctor who thread)
  110. Hallelujah Indeed, Mr. Cohen
  111. Good sources of new adventure fantasy?
  112. The ninety-minute Attack of the Clones review is up
  113. Clash of the Titans is kind of sucky
  114. Wall Street 2: The Revenge of Mecha Gekko
  115. Boondocks!
  116. Mighty Mouse Reboot
  117. New CN toons are actually pretty decent
  118. Bleach is back, THANK GOD!!!
  119. The Silmarillion
  120. Getting into King Crimson
  121. "Indie Music" or "Tell Seil What To Listen To!"
  122. One... Two... Freddy's Coming For You...
  123. "Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?" -or- let's talk about GLEE
  124. The Disappointment of Comedy Central
  125. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Second Time
  126. DragonballKaiDragonballKaiDragonballKaiDragonballK aiDragonballKaiDragonballKai
  127. "Kitty!" or "Monsters Inc. 2 - What Are They Gonna Do Now That Mr. Pink's Gone?"
  128. Animorphs
  129. Killing/Avoiding Horror Movie Villains 101
  130. Late to the party: X-Men 3.
  131. Starcraft Minimix
  132. [BLEACH] So let's talk about this trailer
  133. One Piece hasn't been mentioned in awhile
  134. Recommend me some comic books, please.
  135. Guinea Pig - Where Else Can You See A Man Get Tasered Outside Of Canadian Airports?
  136. 20th Century Fox is remaking Commando...
  137. Free Comic Book Day
  138. To Disney: All Things Considered, The Lion King Is Totally Rad
  139. Helatia: More than it appears
  140. Fuck yeah Biggles!
  141. Rock Out With Your Cock Out
  142. The Gruesome Twosome Tour
  143. Metal thread of Metalness, or Hawk needs music
  144. Is PCU starring Jeremy Piven a good movie?
  145. Whiplash wants his Burd: Iron Man 2 Thread
  146. Jumping the gun: Batman in 2012
  147. Beans Are Evil (Doctor Who Thread for the Western Audiences)
  148. Fullmetal Alchemist
  149. The best movie ever made by humans
  150. Mega Man: The Movie
  151. Supernatural Two Minutes to Midnight
  152. Neely
  153. Super 8
  154. Bleach Music : Trap Version ?
  155. "You Stole Fizzy Lifting Drinks! RAAHHH!" or "The Internet Ruined My Childhood"
  156. Sci-Fi Horror?
  157. King announces eigth Dark Tower novel "The Wind Through the Keyhole"; I choke a bitch
  158. Some Great Thing, Done By The Book Of Negroes Author
  159. The Return of Loaded Dice!
  160. Media Subforum Rules
  161. That Mega Man Fanfilm!
  162. Gladiator: The Next Generation
  163. Superhero Movies
  164. What is the greatest film of all time/
  165. Resident Evil 5: The Movie
  166. Chameleon Circuit
  167. 2010-2011 Network Television Upfronts
  168. Metal Gear Solid: The Comic?
  169. Jurassic Park Functions On One Principal - "Dinosaurs Are Totally Rad"
  170. Dr. Who (part Too)
  171. Did Yahtzee Tell You He Wrote A Novel And You Can Order It From Amazon.co?
  172. Arakawa Under the Bridge
  173. The Human Centipede...
  174. A bit too much like Beyonce
  175. Lost comes to The End: Spoilers Inside. Massive Spoilers.
  176. Shin Chan
  177. There Are Just Some People Who Define Their Roles - Like Davy Jones, Batman And Snake
  178. Internet Radio
  179. Media - Subforum rules
  180. Gary Coleman has died.
  181. News From The Future: Michael Bay Ruins Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  182. Prince of Persia is actually pretty good!
  183. Geek Panel
  184. Miscellaneous news from the movies!
  185. Who the hell do you think we are! New Gurren Lagann thread
  186. HMRWS - Starring Asians!
  187. Weird moments on TV shows
  188. 2010 Will Be the Greatest Year in Music for The Decade
  189. "Overly Quoted Lines" or "THIS IS SPARTA!"
  190. Sex and the City 2 Reviews are the new Aristocrats/Takedowns of Bad Things are Great
  191. The Walking Dead Begins Production
  192. This is your Movie Version Captain America. LOVE IT!
  194. Thundercats to be rebooted on CN
  195. Babies
  196. Cougar Town
  197. The Arrival
  198. Searching for The Bard's Song (Studio) by Blind Guardian
  199. In The 80's, We Had Robocop - Then, In 2008, We Got Iron Man
  200. Comic Book Villains
  201. Finnish People With a Death Wish
  202. Splice or What the Hell Did I Just Watch?
  203. New Mortal Kombat flick?
  204. Foreigners Attempting To Play Western Music
  205. If You Can't Find One Artist You Like At This Concert, Then There's No Hope For You
  206. The Other Wizard Named Harry
  207. What Do You Expect From Adaptations?
  208. Haha Voice Actors
  209. Why must it all end in Reality TV?
  210. Places to enjoy music
  211. Toy Story 3
  212. Worst Mistake You Can Make at the Theater? Spending Time to Watch Fucking Jonah Hex
  213. I just wrote the best opening scene for a TV series ever.
  214. The Blooper Reel Thread
  215. An Open Letter to...
  216. Your Perfect Syfy Channel Original Movie Title?
  217. Batman: City of Scars
  218. Futurama's back and everything is good again. Probably forever.
  219. Treme: Like Glee with Black People and Good Music
  220. Recommend me a good Audiobook
  221. Miracleman: Nietzsche's Nightmares
  222. Fuck you M. Night Shamwow, the Last Airbender totally sucked!
  223. Top NPF Bannings of all time
  224. Princess Tutu isn't completely awful
  225. Summer Television Roundup
  226. Kid Cudi - So I Heard You Have 4 Hip Hop Albums on your iTunes...
  227. Wonder Woman to undergo massive overhaul. And puts on some damn pants already.
  228. Florence And The Machine Kiss You With Their Fists
  229. The:"Terrible Things you hope will never See the Light of Day" thread
  230. Awesome Commercials
  231. And the new Spiderman is....
  232. Nerdapalooza 2010. Any attenders?
  233. Help! I need to find a pic of this!
  234. Nier music is really fantastic
  235. HOLY SHIT NEW AVATAR! (A Cartoon, in fact)
  236. High School of the Dead: Anime of the Dead
  237. Green Lantern Costume Replaced With Giant Condom
  238. A new horror strikes the waves!
  239. Real Drive and Ghost Hound: Shirow Masamune double feature
  240. Inception
  241. New Albums By People You've Never Heard Of!
  242. Bandai teases with promises of TURN A TURN
  243. So looks like One Manga is going down
  244. Heaps of Ruination! 'The Goon' movie is coming
  245. HMRWS - Starring The Wolfman
  246. Mad Men - DOO DOO DO DOO DOOOOO
  247. Pillars of the Earth
  248. My music library was killed by AIDS. Help me rebuild it.
  249. The Avengers Movie Thread
  250. Dr Mcninja - Axe Cop - They are on a team