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  42. I did NOT write this, but it needs to be shared.
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  44. Sci-fi concept: Colonization by Possession
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  47. "19th Nervous Breakdown"
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  64. About Shout Outs and Easter Eggs..
  65. Uh oh...(yes its related to that... again)
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  73. I wrote a blog on a controversial topic.
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  75. HAve my designs been that sexualized?
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  107. "The Drifter" or Hey, I wrote a play!
  108. "I also challenge you to challenge me!" or "A picture is worth 1500-4000 words"
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  110. The Ryders, or a story by a guy that's never around
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  118. Devil Puncher Chapter One
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  121. Render I did for a work assignment
  122. Of ships sailed past
  123. Question about starting a tale from the middle!
  124. Question About A Story I'm Thinking Of Writing
  125. How to properly "break" a character
  126. Technically Able - Might not call it art...
  127. Spriting for fun and for profit!
  128. What do you guys think?
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  134. Devil Puncher (Working Title)
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  136. Nick The Wizard - a short story
  137. Lets talk about catsuits and anime hair! :D
  138. ART: Taking the magic out of movie magic (Large images)
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  140. Two - a short story
  141. an old fantasy story concept of mine
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  146. "Get Your Ass In Gear!" or "Art More, You Bums!"
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  148. I Brainstormed and it felt good
  149. Drowning
  150. Hey guys I make music.
  151. Rights to D-Resonate might be up for sale
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  153. D-Resonate Sonata of the Phantasm Pre-Alpha test and Dev Thread
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  171. It's The End Of The Word As We Know It: The Big Write-Off Free For All Extravaganza
  172. Creative Writing Project - Possible interests?
  173. Hey jerks! Make me feel better about my work.
  174. What is intro? How does intro get pregnant?
  175. Idea: Doodle Hangouts
  176. Hunger Royale: Let the Games begin!
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  185. Ryong is actually working on something completely different now.
  186. I am a brilliant artist
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  194. I'm finally trying to go digital!
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