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Daimo Mac, The Blue Light of Hope 07-07-2017 10:12 PM

"Bloodsucking Freak" or "Castlevania: The Animation"
So Netflix has released the latest original series with Castlevania and it is good. It takes the story of Castlevania 3 and gives it an amazing prologue. You don't need to be familiar with the series to understand what is going on but it doesn't help as the story sets it up well enough. There is only a couple fights, but there is a ton of action

It is dark and bloody (very bloody) and gorgeously scored. The only downside is that it is 4 episodes long and I hope for more

Flarecobra 07-08-2017 11:10 PM

Watched it the other day. Very well done, well voiced, and very well animated. And yes, it is fairly gory, but let's be honest. If they didn't do this, would it really be as good?

Also, I actually felt sympathy for Vlad in the first part. The church did murder what he saw as the brightest hope that humans can actually mean something to him.

Flarecobra 07-11-2017 02:33 PM

And we got Season 2 already in the works.

Daimo Mac, The Blue Light of Hope 07-11-2017 07:09 PM


Originally Posted by Flarecobra (Post 1260271)

And we got Season 2 already in the works.

So excited :dance:

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