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Seil 01-16-2010 05:41 AM

HMRWS - Starring Sam!
Meet Sam:

The movie I picked up today - Trick 'R Treat - was more a series of stories than a feature length movie. They pull a Pulp Fiction and start rearranging the scenes of the movie, with each story going on simultaneously. The stories range anywhere from serial killers to werewolves to vampires to ghosts and spooks. It's a Halloween movie through and through.

The most recurring character is Sam up there, who is one of the... I guess I can't really call him a protagonist or an antagonist. You see, the whole movie isn't just a slash fest, filled with blood, guts and gore. "It's about respecting the traditions."

The movie chronicles the Halloween night of a group of teenage girls, a young group of kids, a middle-aged father and his shut-in next door neighbor, as well as a couple. Each story is tied together by Sam, who serves as a "friendly reminder" to all those who would break Halloween traditions.

It's a great Halloween movie. I don't mean that as 'you should play it in the background at your Halloween party,' I mean it's a 'lights off, watch it in the dark' kind of movie. Each story is told in parts, stopping and starting at different points in the movie, so if you leave and come back, you'll have missed something. I've gotten a few paragraphs in to this review and I haven't really talked about what's in the movie - which is a tricky thing, because since the movie is comprised of short stories, any detail I give will probably ruin that particular story.

I can say that I recommend this movie, and that when you go into it, expect nothing to be as it seems.

What the heck, here's the opening. A little bit of spoiler, obviously. All I can say is that you should rent this flick.

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