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shiney 11-03-2004 06:35 PM

Signups, Discussions, Old Stuff
All have been moved! The forums currently display "never" as far as posts go, but mark my words, the threads are there.

Threads which haven't been posted in 2 months will go into the "closed topics" section. Signups and discussions all go in the other one.

Make it HAPPEN, people!

Aeria 11-03-2004 07:50 PM

Wow! It actually happened! There are only six pages in the RP category! Cool! Ok, I think that this is more spam, so I'll make it less full of silliness. Thanks Shiney. I really think this will make us all happier, as well as make it easier to find current RPs. Still don't have a solution for finding old ones other than digging, though I'll keep thinking.

Cloud Strife 11-04-2004 12:10 PM

Well, there was the suggestion that you link the previous threads in the first post of the new chapter/discussion thread. I think that would work out nicely, and it's not much extra work. And yes, thank you Shiney, it makes things much simpler.

Psrdirector 11-10-2004 10:15 PM

hey shiny, you left a disscussian in the wrong place. Dark West:the Disscusian, is well a disscusian. If you dont care, i really dont, but just thought i would tell you.

no hard feelings for banning me

Anaris 12-12-2004 11:44 AM

Try out
I'm a Spanish Native Speaker (a south-american one), Modern Languages Student (English and French) and a Multi-linguistic writer wannabe. If you need any help in Spanish from Slangs to hard-to-understand prhases just let me know.

I caught this one while I was reading and decided to translate, Osterbaum's one had some mistakes:

Dos Corazones - Two Hearts

siempre quisistes ser otro mas*
You always wanted to be another one

ahora tu suegnas** realidad
Now, you dream reality

sales a escena, eres immortal
You go on stage, you are immortal

ahora te sientes seguro de ti.
Now, you feel sure of yourself

inventastes tu propio amor
You inveted your own love

tu carigno** verdadero
Your true love

amor que ellos no te dieron, amor solo* tuyo
Love they didn't give you, love of your own.

amor solo* tuyo
Love only yours.

amor solo* tu* y ya
Love only you and that's it

hablas con alguien, el esta aqui*
You talk with someone, he is here.

alguien sincero, solo* para ti
Someone sincere, just for you.

pero tu sabes que el quiere mas*(m᳼br />) y no comprendes la realidad
But you know that he wants more and you don't understand the truth.

inventastes tu propio amor...
You invented your own love.

tú le dices que no lo haga
You tell him: don't do it.

el se rie con tu voz
He laughs at your voice

tu gritas,
You scream

agonizas y te arrastras por el suelo
You agonise and crawl through the floor

nadie sabe lo que paso
Nobody knows what happened.

habra otras manos, otro amor
There'll be other hands, another love.

sales a escena, eres immortal
You go on stage, you are immortal.

inventastes tu propio amor...
You invented your own love.

* These words are suppose to have Spanish stress but this forums doesn't noy allow it.

* These words have a special letter from Spanish, I changed for the same sound but in French spelling like in "Champagne". The Letter is "EGNE".

The song is in second person, so it is kind of weird since most text are in first or third.

In spanish since there are a lot conjugation the pronouns are easily recognized. Therefore, it is way normal to omit the pronoun a put only the verb. E.G: Ella es fea = She is ugly.
Es fea = She is ugly.

In English this is normally seen in the Imperative form:

You go out = Go out !

Colak 09-22-2005 06:46 PM

If anyone needs a creepy and mysterious man who is nearly undefeatable that just kinda pops up to help heros every know and then thats kinda what i'm good at so just kinda send me a private message or something. Or i could be a kind of anti-hero. either way works

Krylo 09-22-2005 07:00 PM

Colak, this isn't for this... in fact, there isn't a sticky for telling people what you're good at RPing. Maybe the RP queries thread... you could mention it... I guess.

ANYWAY, I've no idea why this was left open, so I'm closing it now.

If there was a reason for this being open, just reopen it and educate my stupid ass, Shiney.

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