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Mashirosen 08-08-2004 10:15 AM

Make Me Shiny! Avatar Requests
Need an avatar but are too lazy/untalented/clumsy/dim to make your own? The sophisticated ladies and gentlemen of NPF are ready to make you pretty, and witty, and bright -- ask for their help here.

shiney 08-08-2004 10:28 AM

Mo' like make me Shiney.

You all want the propellorhat. You neeeeed the propellorhat.

Anyways guess I'll be first. :B If anyone wanted to make me a cool avatar, just some neat design or something, I wouldn't be averse. I'm thinking gold colors.


secretskull 08-08-2004 01:48 PM

I just going to repost my request from the old thread can someone make me an undead warrior type avatar not in a card if possible. whoever makes the avatar will get recognithion in signature.

videogamerz2000 08-08-2004 02:49 PM

I need a kick arse warrior of elven descent, long grey hair, preferably a red cape, purple armor and green guantlents. If anyone wants to do it for me, I will repay you 100 times fold. Or order you a pizza. Whichever comes first.

Sky Warrior Bob 08-08-2004 03:07 PM

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I dunno Shiney, I kinda like your copter hat... But if you *REALLY* need something in gold...


dragonglove 08-08-2004 04:53 PM

I should be getting Paint Shop Pro soon (return of Forum Days :eek: ). I've already had in mind a few avatars I will be making. I'll release them to those who want to use them, and I may be able to personalize it. Just thought I'd let you know, I'll have some avatars for you hopefulls.

Blademage 08-08-2004 05:18 PM

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I am going to make the same request from the last thread (like Secretskull)
I want the picture attached in card form.

Klyco 08-08-2004 07:08 PM

Some one make me an awesome pict using Blackmage. Either sprite or Drawn. Or both. (Dont ask me how to do both. )

MasterOfMagic 08-08-2004 10:48 PM

I'll repost mine too. I want something that either goes with my name, or another Calvin. No BM, too many others already using him. Other than those, you can go as crazy with it as you like. Be all creative and stuff.

EVILNess 08-08-2004 11:32 PM

I would like a space monkey avatar. Animated big plus but not required. I made my own but... well it sucks.

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