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DanteFalcon 02-10-2016 10:38 AM

Fire Emblem Sign-Up: The Crushing Light
Alright, first post is just talking about mechanics and how I expect things to play out. If you have concerns/objections/suggestions feel free to throw them out. If you have an idea for a custom class I'll hear it but without a sprite or something to represent them with it may be difficult to implement. I don't have many unused or spare sprites to give for a single purpose.


Character CreationCharacter Creation:

Characters are built on 28 points and 300% for growth rates from one of the base classes listed in the primer. Lords are built on 33 points and 320%. There should only be one Lord (hopefully) for the entire campaign.

Generally speaking that Lord can have most any background with the exception that they -cannot- be from Kinehdin, nor can they have met Princess Mirianna (see next post for Lore, countries and our murderous Princess).

Given our current expected player count I will allow each player to make up to 2 characters. Should a character die the player will be allowed to make a replacement, and in the mean time may take control of an NPC engaged in the combat if they so wish. There will consistently be a small contingent of NPCs with the party (2-3) who will be created based on what the party needs and the occasional plot critical NPC.

Should a character be made halfway through a game, it's level will be equal to the party average level.


Given the nature of Fire Emblem's turn based combat my goal would be to advance each turn every 2-3 days (faster in some cases for obvious end results or if turns only involve movement). I understand that sometimes turns can become very dependent on actions that take place early on so if unexpected results happen such as crits that render later moves impossible, downright suicidal, or entirely pointless, I will pause the turn and inform the party of the results that they might reconfigure the turn order. As such I would appreciate even partial movement orders in some form of "Do this first, 2nd, 3rd, etc". An edupad or something similar would be useful for this very purpose.

Primer ChangesPrimer Changes

We are not using a chance based system for durability as that will end in tears. Every character has an unbreakable basic weapon for their weapon classes (after promotion your characters will need to visit a town or some kind of haven to collect their new iron weapon but it shouldn't take long). Durability I'll inform you of when weapons are being bought or are found, generally they'll be straight lifted from other titles.

Balance changes can and probably will happen. I intend to worry more about buffing weak ones (Swordmaster and Assassin) before nerfing overly strong ones (Berserker). Additionally Rogue will be fundamentally changed from how it is in the doc. As I'm not requiring thieves to have lockpicks -- because honestly they're just a pain to work around -- rogues will be getting buffed in the direction of being able to unlock doors/chests without having to stop or expend an action. They'll likely also have a respectable set of stats to give them some combat ability.

Bard and Dancer I will entertain the idea of but if you'd like them please tell me where you want to go with them as an unpromotable class that only does their role seems...really unfulfilling.

Finally on the subject of experience balance, I'm considering the concept of a soft level cap where if the highest level PC gets more than 4 levels above the lowest level PC then any xp gained by the high level character is split with the lowest xp character. (To compensate, xp's gained from kills and combat will be treated as if the lower level character actually participated. So the overall xp gained will be higher but it should help thieves, healers and performers keep up if they are struggling to do so.) This last point is debatable but I'd like to have a safeguard system in place in case a character goes out of control on the power scale.

For number crunching I intend to make a publicly accessible Excel doc that will incorporate all the combat formulas and all the character's stats so it should be easily usable in theory.

Lore to come next post.

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Lore will be split into four pieces, General setting knowledge, Ancient History, Recent History and Very Recent Events that lead directly into where the game starts.

General Setting:

Before the nations can be considered, Spirits play an even more integral role in the lives of the population Fibralia. Unique to their continent, spirits inhabit almost every inch of it and are the core of the magical prowess of its citizenry. Warriors have the iron spirits to thank for keeping their weapons in good repair with little maintenance needed on their part. Each spirit has their own set of rules which they adhere to when dealing with mortals of the world though how they communicate them is a bit unique. Rarely are words exchanged, more often it is conveyed through imagery and sharing emotion with their partners. While the spirits can live most anywhere there are areas that have higher concentrations and within those nations the general rules of each type are better understood. Most every person can see them to some extent and while not everywhere, it is rare to go a day without seeing one. There are some rare disorders that can prevent ones ability to see or interact with spirits, and while this can impair mages, some have been known to emerge through such issues.

Magic still flows through bloodlines but more in potential than out of a restriction from others. Stronger bloodlines find spirits more appealing than people in some respects and can interact with them more easily.

Mages that specialize in Anima can still cast all elements within their discipline regardless of which spirit they have pacted with. The tomes they use serve as a focus to allow the spirit to manifest itself in the needed ways.

The nations of Fibralia are as follows.


Aravin is a country of great lakes, where the sun is strong, and shines strongly on the crystal clear rivers of the west. During the day the Aravinian peasantry go to the surface to farm their golden fields of grain, but at night they go back to large, massive caves which have been hollowed out to massive castles on the sides of cliffs. Light, pale skin is a sign of wealth and nobility, and there is a strong cultural schism between the peasantry and the nobility, bridged by the knightly class. There are legends of horrific beasts that dwell in the dark recesses of the mountain fortresses. There is a knightly heroic legend that tells tales of men of all walks of life going down into the dark, slaying a source of evil and returning to the light, victorious. Aravinian has a large caste of knights that in recent years has grown lax in its duties due to the death of the last dragon decades ago. The lack of threat to the knight caste has allowed it to grow and thus become somewhat top heavy, putting more labor upon the working class and is becoming an increasing source of friction within the society. Social mobility has also frozen, as the lack of combat has remove any chance of a peasant proving themselves in acts of valor. As a result, robber bands of sell swords prowl the wilderness, seeking their fortunes away from home.

Common Classes to emerge from Aravin are Knights, Cavaliers. Magic is not overly common among the ranks, but there is some penchant for Light magic within its borders.


The desert cities of southwestern Saladin are full of glass work and pottery, their opulent wealth built around huge natural springs which are heated by the earth bubble with sulfurous gas. The population in each settlement is small in number, but they are all blessed with the blood with the power of fire. The strength of their nobility has resulted in dozens of schisms in their distant past, but a single unifying figure – whose name is lost to history – united them all and she ordered them to be peaceable, by the sword. They all are ruled by in the present by a linage of enigmatic women, who all claim to descend from her. It is truly an uneasy peace, for in this bloodline it is rumored, is the power to annihilate entire cities with a fire that makes the land forever inhospitable to human life. The surrounding desert seems to provide all the proof the citizens need. After an example or two, the resulting bloody peace resulted in a cultural renaissance. A scholarly tradition has emerged, preserving the literature of the forgotten past. Radical ideals, such as the equality and the rights of man, religious freedom, and the like are quietly discussed in cafes. Each settlement has their own hereditary leader, each of whom has their own interpretation as to how to govern. It's loud and passionate, which leads to a culture that is open to debate and questioning authority.

Saladin is the usual birthplace of Fire Mages. Fire spirits are known for their great passion and great jealousy. It is not uncommon for them to demand a relationship not unlike a marriage with their respective mages. These arrangements cause great celebrations within the desert cities. While it does not prevent the mage from finding a human mate, there are several stories of said human mates not lasting long if the spirit feels its position is threatened.

Common Classes to emerge from Saladin are Myrmidons and Fire Mages.


Tierce is a nation of nautical explorers. Their eastern lands near the sea are heavily forested, with the tallest trees that defy the imagination. The trees are as thick as grass and grow seemingly just as quickly. Tierce uses these forests to build great fleets to explore the seas. They build great telescopes and maps, to survey the oceans that encircle the entire continent Their great goal is to make a colony on a distant island and expand further west. This goal has – to this date – been met with nothing but failure, due to a lack of islands large enough for a colony, the freak storms and waves, and the ever-present threat of Narrajan pirates. Competing houses of sea captains make a general council, headed by their wives, traditionally, because the men were always away and never certain to return. On occasion, a woman takes a ship for herself, leaving her husband to the clutches of the nearly all-female civilian government. Nothing is more fearful or more defiant, the men say, then a Tiercian lady. The women are extremely skilled archers, who defend the city walls with their heirloom bows.The general consensus is that if they gave women any more power, they'd run the country in all but name because they have incredible political power. In the male bloodline, however, is the only place where the wind magic of the nation manifests, much to the curiosity of genealogists and the nobility alike.

Wind Spirits are almost the opposite of their fiery brethren. Their only true love is their own freedom and as such, when a wind mage is met it says more about the mage than the spirit. While they can certainly be cajoled and even be happy with a mage, most all truly gifted wind mages must constantly travel or risk upsetting the wind around them.

Additionally, many of the healing staves in the world come from Tierce. The only magic that is not based in spirits, it is regarded as a selfless discipline. The creation of such staves requires the crafter imbue some of their own lives into the wood. The wood will then contain said life and grow around it into the staves that are widely recognized. Weaker staves are only weaker due to restrictions preventing them from using up all the life within, allowing the living wood to heal that which is expended.

Tierce is known for its Archers, it's Wind Mages and is widely believed as the birthplace of healing magic.


The Kublak are horse lords who live on the southeastern great plains. They hunt massive herds of bison who are also massive in size. One bison alone can feed an entire family for a year if properly preserved. The horses too are carnivorous and eat of the same bison as the Kublak. Fiercely intelligent, they were tamed long ago. Through use of a pointed maul and a steak. There are old timers who say the horses used to be even meaner but no one believes them. Life is harsh, but they are one of the only people that truly have freedom to traverse the great mountain that divide the continent. They have a friendship with the Wodanaz, and they have intermarried frequently. Scouts from the Kublak find their kin everywhere, with their legendary horses. One of them married an Aravinian noblewoman and settled down with the meek pony. Of course, the Aravinian have a legend of an untamable wild stallion ridden by him. It's a right of passage to go out into the world and find something that your clan does not have. The greater the object, the greater the prestige. The one thing that they despise are the artifacts of the Kinehdin, who are their enemies. Any that fall into their hands are destroyed.

Kublak is known for its horse riders of all varieties. Wind Mages have occasionally arisen from their ranks as well.


Caelts live on high steppes and mesas primarily located in the north. Higher than even the most daring Kublak would wander, living amidst the last of the lightning spirits. Dragons arose in the cataclysm and they hunted down the thunder spirits who were their natural enemies. The dragons grow stronger the closer they are to the earth. So in the highest places they are weakened. The spirits of lightning thus traveled to the earth and made their homes amidst the men and women there. These men and women primarily make their living as sheep herders, but those who have met the Caelts can barely say a word without mentioning how enormous they are. Even the shortest of Caelts stands a foot above most of the rest of the nation and is built like the mountains they surround themselves with. All of the Caelts have long braids where they store electricity. The more elaborate the braid, the more powerful the connection. They're mysterious herders who occasionally come down and kill dragons – who are still alive on this part of the continent – but they have a great desire for independence, and to be left alone to herd their sheep. They've acquired some understandings with more intelligent, peaceful dragons. They organize in big clans, who meet each other in a valley where they have great contests of strength. Largely peaceful, few of the nations truly want to test how far the herders will be pushed before they push back.

Thunder Spirits are erratic as their element suggests. At times quiet and merely content to live with their partners and other times crackling about their body, unable to stay still. Their mage partners with time come to learn how to not only predict their companions, but also what sets them off and how to calm them. Alas, there has been no discernible pattern between the spirits outside of their fear of dragons, so each mage must learn about their own partner individually.

The Caelts prefer the axe as their weapon of choice and thus primarily produce Fighters, Brigands and Thunder Mages from their ranks.


Naranja has never forgotten being under the control of the Lacedaemon. They labor to make sure that no one finds the forgotten continent. There are no nobility amongst the Naranja. Their mages are few and far between however, they extracted deals from the blood gorged sea gods to grant them passage through the storms and waves. They raid any Tiercian ship that gets too close to the truth of the Lacedaemons, which has caused some animosity between the two peoples. Eventually, their mission was forgotten and all that remains is hate. Naranjans do not follow titles, or blood. They follow the man or woman with the biggest axe. Pirate lords rise and fall, but the only thing that remains constant is the laws of the sea and the priesthood who forcibly negotiate powers from the corrupt spirits of the sea.

Naranjans are known for any person who enjoys their money more than most, producing pirates, fighters, mercenaries, thieves and all of that variety. Additionally they have a few rare shamans among their ranks.


Kinehdin houses one of the strongest, if not the most powerful bloodline of magic of all the countries. With the aid of a magical artifact kept hidden from the other countries they lifted an entire country into the sky and held it suspended, upon which they're civilization rests, safe from most attackers. The Kine are an extremely pacifistic group as a whole, looking down on the warring nations with disdain. Parties of nobility are held within their courts, along with a strict monarchy caste system imposed upon the civilization. The current king, a legend in his own right, keeps the country aloft through a secret known by the royal family alone. The nation claims descendance from Shiva, the Light Dragon. They ride great pegasi, and wield light magic with great expertise. They're enemies to the Kublak though rarely fight and allies to Tierce.

The Light Spirits that live among the Kine are supposedly spirits that care about humanity and exist for the good of all. Said spirits however can often believe that they know better than humanity and seek to impose their will. Some Monks agree with their spirit, some others do not, and it can cause friction with their spirits. It can often be a gamble which you'll run into when first encountering a Monk on the road.

The Kine are well known for their Pegasus Riders, and their Light Mages.


The Wodanaz revel in violence, they believe that peace makes people weak. They're an intensely martial and tribal culture, with dueling the preferred option to settle disputes. As a nation they inhabit the mountains and vallies that were left behind by the lifting of the country of Kinehdin. However, they hold their cousins in the sky in great disdain due to the pacifistic nature of those above them. They're great crafters, and allies of the Kublaks and enemies of Tierce. Additionally, their dark magic is second to none, having determined how to make pacts with the dark spirits that live deep within their mountains. The life of a shaman is difficult and holds great respect within Wodanaz society, where even the leaders will not outright challenge one without good reason. Additionally, it is sacrosanct to challenge a shaman to a duel, as they are the only ones with the skills to calm the truly ancient spirits should one become upset. The warriors ride wyverns, and their line, supposedly, is descended from Woden, the Shadow Dragon.

Dark Spirits are old, and while not evil, can be seen as malicious and cruel. They despise being trespassed upon and will take their vengeance out upon those who do not show them proper respect. Dark Magic is difficult, requiring complex rituals and very specific intonations. The tomes of Dark Magic are heavy not because of the length or difficulty of the rituals, but because the spirits exact a demanding price on those they would work with. The older the spirit, the more powerful it is and the more appeasing it requires, with truly ancient ones being capable of swallowing villages whole should it be ignored for too long.

The Wodanaz are known for their Brigands, Shamans and Wyvern Riders.

Final Note on Countries and ClassesFinal Note: The classes listed at each section are not "final". Mercenaries, Cavaliers, Archers, Thieves and etc can come from most areas. The more difficult classes to justify are Mages and those with flying mounts though you are free to attempt to do so if you wish.

Ancient History

An estimated five thousand years ago, the continent was dominated by a race known as the Lacedaemons, or the Laconics as they referred to themselves. Any writings from the time indicate that they appeared mostly humanoid but were somehow different. The texts in question vary as to what changed, some pointing to height and extremely brutish appearances, others noting small changes like impossible eye colors. The indigenous people as well as the great spirits and even the dragons were held under their control. While incapable of using magic, their martial prowess was beyond the capacity of those who would fight back. However, the Laconics were incapable of wielding spirits as weapons, forcing them to using primarily wooden weapons that had been specially treated. There are stories of legendary black stone weapons they could also use but no physical evidence has been found to support this, nor has a spiritless stone been uncovered. Metal weapons by most accounts will break or shatter in their grip before being used, the spirits rebelling.

At the end of their rule, the peoples of the land who were enslaved managed to pact with the spirits and the dragons and push out the Laconics. The people originally attempted to form a unified country but the different regions formed, based on old Laconic governments and rivalries turned into war, leading to the current state of affairs.

The Laconics retreated from the land to their own countries across the great ocean. They are mostly believed by all but the Naranjar to be just fairy tales. Occasionally from each of the countries people are born with oddities in their appearance which is identified as the Laconic Curse. It has no observed adverse effects on a person but they are treated with suspicion regardless.

Recent History

A decade ago the country of Kinehdin fell from the sky. It was a very slow descent resulting in remarkably low casualties but it marked the start of extreme tensions between the recently landed Kine and the Wodanaz. In addition, the mountain range left behind by the country when it left the ground have begun to erode as if the land itself has chosen to revert to how things were.

The reason for the fall however is a story steeped in treachery. The Kine royal family keeps its heirs hidden behind the walls of the palace and rarely seen by the outside population until their coming of age ceremony on their 16th birthday. The 15 year old Princess Mirianna on the eve of her coming of age ceremony and being chosen as the heir apparent (she was an only child) grew impatient for her time on the throne. Even that knowledge would be lost to us if a friend of hers and royal guard in training by the name of Welkin hadn't stumbled in on the moment of her coup. The scene as the boy described it was straight from nightmares. The young princess, blood dripping from her hands and arms with light streaming from her hands, lashing at the palace around her, and long hair glowing white, standing over the corpse of the king. Her face was twisted in an expression of fury as the magic was drawn from the country and the palace began to crumble. An examination of the palace after the fall found the hall in once piece, along with the remains of the king, however there was no sign of the queen or the murderous princess. There have been sightings of a young woman with white hair roaming the continent since then but no one has ever confirmed a sighting of Princess Mirianna or knows what she plans.

Kinehdin as it once existed does not anymore. The refugees are split among the countries on the ground with many in Tierce and Aravin. Where it once flew there are a few scattered islands with castles on them, held aloft by families clinging to smaller forms of the rituals once used to hold the country afloat. So far they seem capable of staying aloft but the families struggle to keep them that way without the strength of the royal bloodlines lineage. As far as Lords and Ladies go, most have lost any position they once had or are stuck in their floating castles, praying for a solution.

Recent Events

A young Kine mage with fire magic named Morgan Vian has roamed the continent with trade caravans recruiting individuals to help her with an excursion to the former capital of Kinehdin. Most interestingly has been her small degree of success in finding such a party despite being afflicted with the Laconic curse, having almost purple eyes and blue/green hair. She claims to want to find artifacts from the fallen kingdom and visit the home her family had when she was young, should it still be standing in any capacity. Accompanied by a Naranjan pirate named Vanessa and an Aravinian Paladin named Oswald, the young mage has formed a party which will be setting off in the near future deep through Wodanaz territory currently suffering a small civil war as it often is.

Your characters are the rest of this party. If you wish to run the scene in which you were recruited let me know via PM and it can be run through that or as a part of the first scene before the initial map combat. Sample characters Morgan, Vanessa and Oswald will be posted in another post later today.

phil_ 02-10-2016 06:19 PM

Question: How many XP does a weapon proficiency need in order to rank up? I see that characters level up every 100XP, and I see that weapon proficiencies earn 1/10 of combat XP. But I can't find anything saying how to rank up a weapon beyond promoting.

DanteFalcon 02-10-2016 09:50 PM

Historically that has changed each game, for now we'll use the Blazing Sword/Sacred Stones rates which is 31 total uses from E -> D, 71 from D -> C, 121 from C -> B, 181 B -> A, 251 A -> S.

Depending on things like pacing and player feedback I might change those (though progress in weapon ranks will never be lost).

phil_ 02-10-2016 11:06 PM

Well, as long as we have a rule of some sort, I'm good. Now to figure out what to play while we all play not-Lord chicken.

DanteFalcon 02-11-2016 03:52 AM

Oh right, as people go out to work on their characters let me know if there's something completely dumb in your character creation. For instance, Shamans are getting 2 extra Con to start so they don't have to invest 3 points in Con just to break even on their lightest weight weapon. Also every character starts with weapon proficiency D so shamans don't get screwed by having literally 0 weapons and everyone starts with a vulnerary which heals for 10 (15 is a tad too high I think with infinite healing staff uses) and 3 uses.

Sample Character #1
Name: Morgan Vian
Birthplace: Kinehdin
Age: Late Teens
Class: Mage (Fire Spirit)
Affinity: Light
Other Info: Laconic Curse (Purple eyes, Blue/Green Hair)

Appearance: Fair skinned and with a spring in her step, Morgan and presumably her family has not suffered terribly from the fall of Kinehdin. It is unlikely she has actually done any physical labor or been expected to do so at any point. Her visage is bright and somewhat striking given the odd colors of her eyes and hair. Her robe as well is a leave over from nobility, a trimming of gold thread around its edges. Occasionally peeking out from the fire book, and sometimes seen coiled around her right wrist is her fire spirit, a winged serpent that seems rather cautious about outsiders.
Strangely, Morgan never seems to actually look directly at the spirit, possibly hinting to a disability preventing her from doing so. This is also supported by her style of magic casting technique. While certainly powerful, possibly a prodigy of magical strength, many of the rituals lack finesse from one who has mastered the inns and outs of communicating with their companion spirits.

Backstory: ??? (These should be filled in for PCs, NPCs will always have ??? until their stories are discovered by players.)

HP: 20 +4 (40%)
MA: 7 +6 (55%)
SKL: 4 +3 (40%)
SPD: 7 +5 (55%)
LUK: 3 +3 (35%)
DEF: 2 +2 (35%)
RES: 5 +3 (40%)
CON: 8 +2
MOV: 5

Weapon Proficiency: Anima - D

Name: Rank/Range/WT/MT/Hit/Crt/Durability/Effect
Fire: E/1-2/4/5/90/0/-/-
Vulnerary: -/-/-/-/-/-/3 uses/Heals for 10 hp

Combat Stats:
Damage- 12
AS- 7
Accuracy- 101
Dodge- 17
Crt- 2
CrtDodge- 3

phil_ 02-11-2016 05:32 PM

I think I'm going to make two Wodanaz, a shaman and a wyvern rider, traveling together to find some great strength that will get Kinehdin off their lawn. That step on anybody's toes?

---------- Post added at 05:32 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:31 PM ----------

New question: Does HP for unpromoted characters cap at 20 like the other stats, or does the HP cap sit at 60 right from the beginning?

Menarker 02-11-2016 07:50 PM


Originally Posted by phil_ (Post 1255551)
I think I'm going to make two Wodanaz, a shaman and a wyvern rider, traveling together to find some great strength that will get Kinehdin off their lawn. That step on anybody's toes?

---------- Post added at 05:32 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:31 PM ----------

New question: Does HP for unpromoted characters cap at 20 like the other stats, or does the HP cap sit at 60 right from the beginning?

I'm planning on making a Wyvern Rider too (promoting to Wyvern Lord), but don't worry about stepping on my toes. Having a bit of redundacy is not a bad thing. (In fact, having 2 or 3 peeps who can bypass a troublesome enemy or terrain is a useful thing.)

phil_ 02-11-2016 10:39 PM

I was thinking more of a character overlap, but now that I think about it, we could probably all make pairs of shamans and wyvern riders looking for lost magic and we'd all play it differently. I guess we might be screwed if we all made pairs of healers with no offensive power, but then maybe we could carry the NPCs to victory like that.

Overcast 02-11-2016 11:05 PM

EVERYONE GET A WYVERN. We are the Dark Cloud.

DanteFalcon 02-12-2016 01:49 AM

HP does not cap at 20 for unpromoted. That might be the most miserable experience I can imagine.

phil_ 02-12-2016 12:05 PM

Cool. New concern: the guide has no Wind magic. What should a prospective Tiercian Wind Mage do about that? Copy the available Fire spell but cross out the name?

Another thing, this time about the weapon triangle, still about magic. Are we going with the Fire beats Wind beats Thunder beats Fire triangle from the games, or the Anima>Light>Dark triangle implied at the bottom of page five? And if we're going with the first choice, what relationship will Dark and Light have to it?

DanteFalcon 02-13-2016 05:59 AM

Answered in reverse order: The Anima triangle I'm not including cause it would require a lot of weapon creation/integration into the existing system. Also cause that same system makes playing fliers miserable (cause lightning magic gets "effective" vs wyverns and wind magic gets "effective" vs pegasi, the latter of which continues to baffle me.) If I were, the anima triangle generally ends up being a sub triangle only within anima magic. It's still all anima magic so it'd fit in the same place within the magic triangle.

For flavor purposes if people want to rename their low level books to different elements I'm cool with it.

Sample Character #2
Name: Vanessa Eydis
Birthplace: Naranjan
Age: Mid 20's
Class: Pirate
Affinity: Fire
Other Info: N/A

Appearance: The seas that the Naranja call home shape people in very distinct ways. Always heavily tanned and with leathery hands from maintaining the ships they live on, Vanessa is no exception. Well muscled from both the work and learning to wield the axe she hefts with ease, there is always the air about her that she has no qualms picking a fight if it suits her fancy. Her hair, a bright red, is kept short. Pirates fight dirty and she's not about to give them another tool to use against her. Vanessa is almost always at Morgan's side and while they interact like close friends, there's always that flash behind her green eyes that she's keeping an eye on the young mage, either due to the Laconic Curse or some history behind the two.

Backstory: ??? (These should be filled in for PCs, NPCs will always have ??? until their stories are discovered by players.)

HP: 24 +5 (45%)
STR: 7 +4 (50%)
SKL: 6 +6 (50%)
SPD: 6 +4 (45%)
LUK: 3 +3 (35%)
DEF: 3 +3 (35%)
RES: 1 +1 (40%)
CON: 12 +2
MOV: 5

Weapon Proficiency: Axes - D

Name: Rank/Range/WT/MT/Hit/Crt/Durability/Effect
Iron Axe: E/1/10/8/75/0/-/-
Vulnerary: -/-/-/-/-/-/3 uses/Heals for 10 hp

Combat Stats:
Iron Axe
Damage- 15
AS- 6
Accuracy- 90
Dodge- 15
Crt- 3
CrtDodge- 3

---------- Post added at 07:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:56 AM ----------

In case it wasn't clear, non-lord characters are built on 300% growth rates, Lords on 320%.

DanteFalcon 02-15-2016 08:56 AM

Can I get an idea of where people are at? Not rushing people, but curious about if people are waiting on something or if there's a common hangup I can help out with.

Relm Zephyrous 02-16-2016 05:41 AM

Right now I've got a fair bit of the character done, including all of the stats. So far I'm a little curious what everyone else has produced, and right now am just needing a little inspiration for the rest of the story, but character is mostly complete.

Overcast 02-16-2016 06:45 PM

Haven't had a great chance to look at the Primer, have now and have a character concept in mind for a Mercenary, Troubadour pair. Should be fun.

phil_ 02-16-2016 11:14 PM

I've got my shaman's stats set-up, and I know what kind of characters both of my guys are, I've just been busy with my new job. I can maybe get them out late tomorrow, but I can't promise that.

Er, if it helps anyone, the shaman is going to be an old man, former tattoo artist with mad tats and no hair, and the wyvern rider is going to be a young man sworn to protect him with a taste for violence and a disdain for art. Gotta make my odd couples.

DanteFalcon 02-17-2016 02:07 AM

I'm not trying to rush people so don't worry about that, I'm fine with a slow pace. Just wanted to make sure we were all okay.

Overcast 02-17-2016 02:09 AM

My pair is going to be brothers, whom sell themselves as mercenary fighters. One a confident and capable fighter who serves as the more tactical of the pair, the other a conniving healer who is more strategic in thought. Both not exactly good people.

Menarker 02-17-2016 03:32 PM


Originally Posted by phil_ (Post 1255600)

Er, if it helps anyone, the shaman is going to be an old man, former tattoo artist with mad tats and no hair, and the wyvern rider is going to be a young man sworn to protect him with a taste for violence and a disdain for art. Gotta make my odd couples.

Your suggested bald old man tattoo artist made me think of Geranpen from Ubel Blatt manga. Although he might be more muscular and less "aged" than you intended.

EDIT: Aw, for some reason the forum isn't letting me directly post image on forum. Ah well, the links work well enough.

On another note, seems like I'll be rolling a bow knight (leading to General that'll take lance as second weapon) and a rogue (Gotta have SOMEONE who can help steal semi-unique weapons off of enemies!). That should help round off some of the missing roles in the team composition somewhat. (Bow and Thief in particular, with a bit of tank for the bow user)

phil_ 02-17-2016 06:08 PM

You know, I think his darkness tentacles probably had some unconscious influence on the first mote of the character's concept, but then I was like "But 'tribal' whirligig tattoos are boring and cliche," and stuff went from there.

Menarker 02-19-2016 12:34 AM

Incomplete post. Placeholder post with my general info for all to see while I juggle stuff and mentally workshop ideas.


Name: Robin Delhortz
Birthplace: Wodanaz
Age: 34
Class: Bow-Knight (With intention to go General)
Affinity: Water

Appearance: Robin wears a massive unisex armor that makes her look suitably intimidating and to keep her amply protected while she attacks from further away with her bow. Little is actually known about appearance publicly due to her ever being seen without being equipped in full armor and that she intentionally alters her voice to sound as neutrally manly as possible; but she has pale skin (mainly due to skin almost never getting any sunlight) and short almond-ish hair. She also happens to be fairly muscular; although anyone wearing full plate and wielding bows is bound to be pretty damn strong...
Backstory: She espouses an ever slightly more moderate political policy for Wodanaz. Where Wodanaz's typical creed is "Peace makes you weak", her stance is "The weak don't deserve peace". This slight distinction means that has served the nation in advocating the stockpiling of military resources and goods, and only attacking at key targets that are either vulnerable or a potential threat, so as to avoid having Wodanaz over-extend themselves into a vulnerable position (important due to how Wodanaz borders pretty much every other nation). She chose to fight with bows so as to be of maximum benefit against the Kinehdin's Pegasus Knights and the opposing archers of the Tiercian nations, although there has always been the lingering slander about how cowardly she actually is fighting from afar behind other front-line soldiers while wearing the heaviest of armor while advocating occasional periods of peace (as opposed to nigh-perpetual war). If her gender ever became common-knowledge, that would probably only make said rumors appear more validated.
She joined the military offically in her late teens during a typical recruit draft. However prior to that point, she had served the military in her childhood doing menial chores like cooking, cleaning and what not near the camp's outposts. After the occasional battles though, she'd sneak into the night and snatch the occasional intact pieces of armor that would fit her properly, one by one, and worked on having a full set of armor of her own, painting it entirely black to prevent it from rusting (it helped that it was stylish to dress in black like the nation's shadow spirits and shadow dragon). The bow in particular was a Tiercian one she snatched as a trophy from one such battlefield. She trained in secret until she felt she was strong enough to carry herself in combat with full gear. She persistently refused to undress her equipment, citing horrible skin conditions that react poorly to the accursed sunlight.
Her military career was modest but successful enough, careful not to make too many waves, aside from a few glaring eccentricities. She is deferential to anyone who isn't an immediate threat or annoyance, or is her superior in rank/status, in the attempt to prevent drawing too much attention to herself. She was eventually promoted to a minor supervisory role, going from border post to border post examining the state of the buildings and troops for required logistical matters and reporting back to her superiors. It was on one such particular examination of a border station 10 years ago that a certain youthful vagabond-ish figure, brandishing stolen property from the recently downed nation of Kinehdin offered to sell out the inner details of the fallen nation and his personal thieving expertise to help with the rest. She agreed to petition her superiors to lead a raiding party on the nation while it was still scrambling and largely defenseless, armed with the thief's knowledge of the city's layout to aid in the looting spree, before the rest of the nations attempted to get the first or largest cut of the spoils. The successful and rewarding excursion caused the pair to become moderately famous for a few weeks before reverting to a sort of status quo. From that point on, the knight and vagabond pair could be seen interacting with each other in partnership, although she'd never reveal herself to him or anyone even to this day.

Stats (Listing default class value and Stat Pool value)
HP: 22 (14 + (4*2)) *Hitpoint Notes**Each stat point invested to HP at character creation is worth 2HP.*
Str: 8 (2+6)
Skl: 7 (1+6)
Spd: 3 (0+3)
Luk: 0
Def: 7 (3+4)
Res: 5 (0+5)
Mov: 5
Con: 12 (12+0)

Stat Growth
HP: 55%
Str: 50%
Skl: 50%
Spd: 30%
Luk: 15%
Def: 55%
Res: 45%

Weapon Proficiency: Bow - D

Name: Rank/Range/WT/MT/Hit/Crt/Durability/Effect
Iron Bow: E/2/5/6/85/0/-/-
Vulnerary: -/-/-/-/-/-/3 uses/Heals for 10 hp

Combat Stats:
Iron Bow
Damage- 14
AS- 3
Accuracy- 99
Dodge- 6
Crt- 3
CrtDodge- 0


Name: Himura Galamoth
Birthplace: Kinehdin (Although residing in Wodanaz these days)
Age: 27
Class: Thief (With intention to go Rogue)
Affinity: Heaven
Rogue Details by Dante: (Promoted Cap Stats) 25 Str, 28 Skl, 30 Spd, 23 Def, 25 Res, 6 Mov, +2 Con
Promoted Ability: Can open chests and doors without prematurely ending turn. Can mug enemies when attacking (not counterattacking).
Does NOT gain Crit bonus like the Primer says.

Appearance: A darkly tanned red-head with pronounced cheek and finger bones as a result of much emancipation and hunger from his ancestral homeland. Even after switching over to Wodanaz and being generally more well-fed and cared for, his appearance is still somewhat gaunt, although his skin has regained much of the tanned color he had from living in a sky-borne landscape closer to the sun.
Backstory: This 'degenerate thief" was one of many victimized by the nobility caste system of the Kinehdin nation, merely having the misfortune of being associated with the wrong household that had fallen in disfavor politically with the king and being reduced to a ghetto street-urchin. When the disaster of Kinedhin brought the nation crashing to the ground due to dark regicide, he went on a pillaging spree several valuable pieces of jewelries and relics that would be out of place in the hand of a commoner and immediately bound off toward the nation that he felt would be eager to capitulate on their nation's disaster, the Wodanaz who had long held the Kinehdin in disdain. Surrendering himself openly and freely to border guards of Wodanaz, he requested an audience with a military official. He was denied until he flashed his stolen goods and relics as a show that he was more than a common vagabond. Soon after, he had an interview with the mysterious knight 'Robin'. Presenting the stolen goods from Kinehdin and explaining how the nation came crashing down, he advocated that they'd mount an expedition to pillage the rest of the valuables from the disaster zone, eagerly providing information on general locations and the like (at least what the layout was like pre-crash). In exchange, he requested room/board and paid employment as an informant, spy, looter and whatever other services needed; especially if such service would victimize his previous homeland in the process. The thief's offer was accepted by the knight Robin, and the knight essentially became his masked patron (for the figure always appeared in full armored regalia) who vouched for his presence within Wodanaz.

Stats (Listing default class value and Stat Pool value)
HP: 20 (12 + (4*2)= 8) *Hitpoint Notes**Each stat point invested to HP at character creation is worth 2HP.*
Str: 4 (0+4)
Skl: 6 (2 +4)
Spd: 8 (3+5)
Luk: 0
Def: 4 (0+4)
Res: 3 (1+2)
Mov: 5
Con: 10 (5+5)

Stat Growth
HP: (42%)
Str: 45%
Skl: 56%
Spd: 60%
Luk: 15%
Def: 40%
Res: 42%

Weapon Proficiency: Sword - D

Name: Rank/Range/WT/MT/Hit/Crt/Durability/Effect
Iron Sword: E/1/5/5/90/0/-/-
Vulnerary: -/-/-/-/-/-/3 uses/Heals for 10 hp

Combat Stats:
Iron Sword
Damage- 9
AS- 8
Accuracy- 102
Dodge- 16
Crt- 3
CrtDodge- 0

Overcast 02-22-2016 08:35 PM

Another placeholder with what I have so far. EDIT: Now pretty much done. END EDIT Feel free to look it over though as I'm kinda winging it and feel pretty vulnerable because I'm starting at level 1. Oh and just checking if Iron Blade is a suitable starting weapon or if I have to go sword.

Name: Nye Dionav
Birthplace: Wodanaz
Age: Mid 20's
Class: Troubadour
Affinity: Dark
Other Info: N/A

Appearance: Typically seen upon his intimidating brown steed, Nye is less physically imposing of the pair, but seems to exude a certain menace and mystery naturally from his person. This is in no small part from his wardrobe, which tends to hide much more of his features. He is fond of dark cloaks with high collars that obscure most of his face, and include hoods that hide some of his other features. Even without the hoods he sports long black hair that frame only what little of his face you can see. His skin is fairer than his brother's yet still a very light brown, with dark brown eyes that express quite a bit on his behalf. He is short for a man and sports mostly delicate features when you get under the cloak, some may even call him cute. Though likely not to his face. He is straightforward in his conversations, seeming serious but almost paradoxically joking from time to time.

HP: 18 +2 (45%)
STR: 4 +4 (55%)
SKL: 5 +4 (45%)
SPD: 8 +6 (45%)
LUK: 8 +8 (65%)
DEF: 4 +4 (15%)
RES: 6 +5 (50%)
CON: 5
MOV: 7

Weapon Proficiency: Staves - D

Name: Rank/Range/WT/MT/Hit/Crt/Durability/Effect
Heal: E/1-2/-/10/-/-/-/Heals target.
Vulnerary: -/-/-/-/-/-/3 uses/Heals for 10 hp

Combat Stats:
Crt Dodge-8

Name: Dro Dionav
Birthplace: Wodanaz
Age: Early 20's
Class: Mercenary
Affinity: Thunder
Other Info: N/A

Appearance: Dro while younger is the taller and more physically imposing between the two of them, while somewhat average in height compared to most men his body shows incredible definition. Wearing a hauberk with cotton padding, it does little to hide his musculature or his dark brown complexion. He tends toward no headgear preferring to have a clear perspective of the battlefield to respond to with his imposing iron blade, and for this reason also has short cropped black hair. He is more rugged than handsome but exudes a sort of primal attractiveness of a man like him, and is prone to aggressive joking.

HP: 20 +3 90%
STR: 6 +5 45%
SKL: 5 +4 40%
SPD: 5 +4 30%
LUK: 3 +3 30%
DEF: 5 +3 35%
RES: 2 +2 30%
CON: 13 +4
MOV: 5

Weapon Proficiency: Swords - D

Name: Rank/Range/WT/MT/Hit/Crt/Durability/Effect
Iron Blade: D/1/12/9/70/0/-/-
Vulnerary: -/-/-/-/-/-/3 uses/Heals for 10 hp

Combat Stats:
Iron Blade
Damage- 15
AS- 5
Accuracy- 83
Dodge- 13
Crt- 2
CrtDodge- 3

Mutual backstory: Nye and Dro Dionav were born refugees of war, adopted in a spur of the moment choice by a group of bandits who raised them under a slightly sideways image of Wodanaz values. Martiality giving way to pragmatism, and the idea that Peace makes one weak with a subversion that we are all weak. All mortal. That the only real way forward is to do whatever you can to survive. Dro found himself drawn to the sword, more inclined to quick thinking than his brother and an erratic inability to hold himself still he grew into a capable and well rounded warrior in the frontlines. Nye on the other hand was more considerate and calculating and began simply directing combat, but after finding a staff of healing also began to set himself apart by delivering much needed recovery across the field of battle. He grew so useful to the band that he was given his own horse to better respond to the needs of the raid. As the adoptive fathers and mothers of the pair died in battle and grew older and more world weary the band steadily dissolved till it was only the two of them, they took to mercenary work to fill the void in a life that for them had been filled with conflict. As mercenaries they are known as useful, capable, but flighty. They claim that you buy their services, not their loyalty and have retreated from a losing battle more than once in their somewhat short careers.

Relm Zephyrous 02-24-2016 02:47 AM

Erika, The Thunder Sage

Hailing from the Caelt region, on a journey to Walk It Off. Walk what off? Some argumental issue back home. Comparatively 5'4" to her Caelt brethren, though a normal Caelt is a foot taller than anybody else, she nontheless holds Seamstress skills to ferry and tend to her Thunder Spirits. Decked out in white and gold to match her fair skin and blonde hair, her gentle demeanor and fuzzy wool cloak something much more ... she requested I not say.

Water Affinity
HP: 26 +7 (30%)
MA: 7 +6 (50%)
SKL: 2 +1 (72%)
SPD: 8 +6 (48%)
LUK: 1 +1 (21%)
DEF: 4 +4 (37%)
RES: 2 +0 (42%)
CON: 9 +3
MOV: 5

Weapon Proficiency: Anima - D

Weapon: Fire, Acc 90, Mt 5

Combat Stats
2 Crit, 94 Acc, Dmg 12
8 Spd, 17 Dge, 1 Cdge

DanteFalcon 02-24-2016 05:39 AM

I'm okay with the Iron Blade start. It gives a little more staying power to the Merc's basic weapon damage so that's acceptable.

DanteFalcon 02-26-2016 03:45 AM

I'd like to have the first map prepped by next weekend (enemy generation takes a little bit of time as does enemy placement so during the week is plausible but not likely) so if people who want in can have their characters finalized or at least stats/classes posted within the next couple days I'd appreciate it. Hell if you're really busy, just tell me what class you are, I really only need the weapon type and sprite to get map stuff underway.

phil_ 02-27-2016 03:29 PM

Here we go.

Name: Saul
Birthplace: Wodanaz
Age: Gray
Class: Shaman
Affinity: Wind

Appearance: A thickly-built old man covered in tattoos from the neck down. He wears a short mustache, and the crescent of hair remaining above his temples still sports some bronze color. His robe has short sleeves, showing off his still muscular arms covered in monochrome tattoos of various species of birds. Under his robe, his chest and legs also sport tattoos of various subjects, and his back is covered by a single, full-color tattoo of the Wodanaz mountain range. He carries a heavy tome bound in dark, unidentified material. Occasionally his shadow flickers along the edges, normally the only indication of the dark spirit nesting there. He acts with a calm detachment in most situations, but things of art and beauty easily bring out his emotions.

Backstory: Saul's youth was spent as a fairly successful tattoo artist, his body serving as his main form of advertising. It wasn't until he was much older that he took to the shamanic arts of negotiating the dark spirits' cooperation. With the fall of Kinehdin and associated changes to Wodanaz's landscape, he decided to leave his home to find some magic that might return Kinehdin to the sky. Or, failing that, find some power to destroy it to preserve Wodanaz. Allen was chosen to accompany him as a body guard.

HP: 18 +3 (100%)
MA: 8 +6 (30%)
SKL: 5 +4 (45%)
SPD: 5 +5 (20%)
LUK: 3 +3 (40%)
DEF: 2 +1 (25%)
RES: 5 +3 (40%)
CON: 11 [I]+3/I]
MOV: 5

Weapon Proficiency: Dark - D

Name: Rank/Range/WT/MT/Hit/Crt/Durability/Effect
Flux: D/1-2/8/7/80/0/99-100/-
Vulnerary: -/-/-/-/-/-/3 uses/Heals for 10 hp

Combat Stats:
Damage- 15
AS- 5
Accuracy- 93
Dodge- 13
Crt- 2.5
CrtDodge- 3


Name: Allen
Birthplace: Wodanaz
Age: 19
Class: Wyvern Rider
Affinity: Dark

Appearance: A clean shaven young man in black leather armor with dark, slicked back hair and brown eyes. He is typically perched atop his black wyvern Saltus. His lance and armor's only adornments are scratches and knicks from sloppy maintenance. Allen is fidgety and prefers quick, usually violent, action.

Backstory: Allen is a low-ranking member of his home's wyvern guard. Low-ranking being relative, of course, as not everyone gets the privilege of riding a dragon into battle. Thus, he struck the right balance of being important enough to accompany a shaman on his quest, while unimportant enough that he wouldn't be missed at home.

HP: 20 +4 (100%)
STR: 2 +0 (25%)
SKL: 1 +1 (25%)
SPD: 4 +4 (25%)
LUK: 3 +3 (35%)
DEF: 8 +6 (50%)
RES: 8 +8 (40%)
CON: 11 +2
MOV: 7

Weapon Proficiency: Lances - D

Name: Rank/Range/WT/MT/Hit/Crt/Durability/Effect
Iron Lance: E/1/8/7/80/0/-/-
Vulnerary: -/-/-/-/-/-/3 uses/Heals for 10 hp

Combat Stats:
Iron Lance
Damage- 9
AS- 4
Accuracy- 85
Dodge- 11
Crt- .5
CrtDodge- 3

Menarker 02-28-2016 01:32 AM

Clearly this campaign should be set up like a Fire Emblem / Risk game, in a conquest for global domination. =3 Almost every character sans Relm's is from Wodanaz.

"Everything was peaceful until the Fire Nation Wodanaz attacked."

DanteFalcon 02-28-2016 10:07 AM

Apparently this is the wodanaz crew....helping a young Kinehdin noble woman. Consider me intrigued as to the reasons that'll come up here. Anyway I can get started on map work, and I might tweak the plot a little for this heavy wodanaz concentration. Put in more unification of Wodanaz themes and a bit less, solve all the problems everywhere. You know, between finding the villain and stopping the plot.

phil_ 02-28-2016 12:04 PM

I mean, there are pirates and disaffected knights and horse-people, and then there's magical cursed mountains of darkness currently in peril of disappearing because of those damn wizards we hate. The deck was a bit stacked in favor of this Wodanaz pride parade.

Overcast 02-28-2016 12:25 PM

Also to be fair Nye and Dro could give a shit about the state of Wodanaz or the rest of the world. To them all empires are about as fragile as Kinehdine and just as prone to fall(perhaps not as literally) with nothing more than the errant push of one force or another.

They look out for themselves, and if they like you they look out for you too. Fuck what the world might think. You kinda get that way after years of banditry.

phil_ 02-28-2016 11:11 PM

We're still minus a Lord, bee tee double-u anyone not signed up yet.

Menarker 02-29-2016 03:49 AM

I think Dante chooses one of our characters to be the Lord after choosing the most appropriate character for the role or so. *Shrug*

Also on that note, finished my character sheet.

DanteFalcon 02-29-2016 04:56 AM

My exact words were "If more than one person wants to be Lord we'll be going by application based on what I think works best in the system, in the case of a tie it's who finished theirs first. The Lord player will have some decision making powers primarily in the tie-breaker scenarios or "I'd like to move the plot along now so can I have a decision on what we're doing?". In this case we'd have none, because I won't force someone to be a lord if they don't want to be. (I can't just pick "Most Qualified Character" because Lords are built on different stats and growth rates)

Menarker 02-29-2016 11:23 AM

Ah. Ok. Then let me just add a little heads-up that I don't mind having my character end up as a Lord if no one else wants it. (It's just adding some points here and there if it turns out that I need to make the slight adjustment.)

(Probably the general in that case given that the rogue is an ex-Kinehdin and thus is probably not eligible.)

phil_ 02-29-2016 11:33 AM

Also blue hair. Gotta have blue hair if you're a lord, them's the rules.

Menarker 02-29-2016 11:39 AM

"Sure sure. Blue, green, all the colors of the rainbow. Except that no one but I have seen my haircolor for years since I'm always wearing my helmet!"

Relm Zephyrous 02-29-2016 11:47 AM

Doesn't female full armor have open backs to the helmets for long flowing hair? :P

Menarker 02-29-2016 12:45 PM

Her armor is unisex (or arguably just a large size male frame big enough for her to still fit in). But she has short-ish hair so the point is moot. =P

Overcast 02-29-2016 01:47 PM

Time to snatch up the Lord position to make the Bandit Prince Nye Dionav.

DanteFalcon 03-03-2016 08:27 AM

If current people are looking at making one of their characters a Lord, the best applicants for it in order are:

1: Saul
2,3: Nye/Dro (These two are pretty interchangeable)
4: Himura (The Kinehdin blood in this instance can be worked around)
5: Robin (Philosophically she works really well, but party role wise she's a terrible lord.)
6: Erika
7: Allen

Overcast 03-03-2016 12:20 PM

Okay less jokingly I would be willing to lift Nye up to Lordship, though I'd be interested in seeing how we'd work that out and how Phil feels about Saul moving up.

phil_ 03-03-2016 12:40 PM

I'm not feeling it. It has been a while since I've RPed (or written anything substantial), so I'd rather avoid the spotlight for now.

Overcast 03-03-2016 01:38 PM

Alright, I'll admit to being excited and will modify the growth on Nye accordingly as I figure out what being a Lord means in this game by comparison to typically.

Menarker 03-03-2016 07:03 PM


Originally Posted by DanteFalcon (Post 1255828)
If current people are looking at making one of their characters a Lord, the best applicants for it in order are:

1: Saul
2,3: Nye/Dro (These two are pretty interchangeable)
4: Himura (The Kinehdin blood in this instance can be worked around)
5: Robin (Philosophically she works really well, but party role wise she's a terrible lord.)
6: Erika
7: Allen

Heh, I'm kinda wondering how party roles play into action to determine Lord-quality. Especially to the point that Himura, the expatriate thief from Kinehdin, is somehow more suitable as a Lord than the local knight-Robin (even though she is an archer and happens to be female hiding behind all her black armor for anonymity.)

It's all moot anyhow since I guess Nye is our Lord. =3 (Congrats.)

DanteFalcon 03-04-2016 02:18 AM

Basically you really don't want one of your tanks to be a Lord. Because Lords tend to be lose conditions (if they die you lose) putting a character whose job it is to get hit as a lose condition, regardless of how tanky they are, seems like a really bad idea.

DanteFalcon 03-08-2016 08:43 AM

First post is up, it'll likely be some introductions, getting a feel for party dynamic and then a couple days of travel time skipped almost directly into the first combat scenario. Oswald's stats will be up along with all the enemy stats when the map is posted.

Overcast 03-10-2016 02:12 PM

Made a slight assumption about the state of Kinehdin and if I'm off the mark feel free to tell me so.

Menarker 03-10-2016 04:42 PM

Thinking of not having my characters join up until the first battle. If they'd approach Morgan and Co, they'd probably do so on the basis that non-Wodanaz citizens are parking themselves on the fringes of Wodanaz territory (and inevitably causing a scene).

Double points involved if they heard rumors about a certain mage with a rather colorful Laconic Curse going around recruiting people who so happens to be on their territory and they decided to investigate.

Himura: *To Robin* "I'd have half a guess that mage would be from Kinedhin". I heard of someone matching that description somewhat back in my prior home. How many curse-bearers does one expect to see in an isolated territory separated from land and sea? Before it all came crashing down anyhow, hehee~."

DanteFalcon 03-13-2016 09:05 AM

I'll be honest, writing Morgan is way more fun than it should be. Also, "The locked door" refers to a door in the palace that no one has been able to open and no other way into the room has been found. It's believed that it's the Princess' room and that she has some kind of magic lock on the room.

Also I think I'm nicknaming Overcast's duo Nitro (NyeDro) and Menarker's Robin Hood. Phil doesn't have one cause the only name I could think of was AllenSaw. I'm disappointed in me too.

phil_ 03-25-2016 12:01 AM

Anybody have a good idea for getting Saul & Allen into this party? I've got some vague "treasure attracts more treasure, surely there's something valuable in the capital" ideas, but I'm having trouble not being too contrived. He's pretty much heard, "Nah, we ain't getting nothing," which is suspicious (because why the armed escort) but not really a lead on obtaining Real Ultimate Power™. Maybe Allen could instigate something...

Loan me some of your brains.

Overcast 03-25-2016 02:28 AM

Well if he heard anything from before he heard that they were going after the locked door. Out of everything there that would be of greatest interest to him, and I could see him accompanying them to it for the simple sake of it being a good opportunity to see it for himself and to potentially be there for it opening if the girl is able to pull that off.

That was pretty much what Nye was brushing at with the unexplored territory bit.

DanteFalcon 03-25-2016 09:36 AM

A few answers, the armed guards thing is not unreasonable as bandits are still a definite thing, and a Kine going through Wodanaz turf isn't always safe.

While she doesn't have the way to remove the country that doesn't mean there isn't one there. Her response was basically "I can't put it back where it was" not "Nothing I can do will help in removing it"

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