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Kurosen 05-07-2009 10:30 AM

#1125: "You already did that."
There's White Mage.

Eldezar 05-07-2009 10:33 AM

I know someone who's gonna be equal parts joy and rage.

BM's a jerk.

Viridis 05-07-2009 10:35 AM

Okay, now you have my attention.

Doc T 05-07-2009 10:42 AM

Well that was unexpected.

The timing I mean not the event itself.

This is 8BT after all. WM is a nice person so obviously she has to die.

ShadowScar Knight 05-07-2009 10:44 AM

I was wondering when White Mage would show up :O Poor her though.

Codemonkey85 05-07-2009 10:46 AM

See, if Black Belt had still been around to walk circles around White Mage punching and kicking like he said he could, this would never have happened!

Also... wow. I knew this was coming but I wasn't really prepared for it. Also I thought the other Light Warriors would be dead by now. Baby steps, I guess.

Viridis 05-07-2009 10:46 AM


Originally Posted by ShadowScar Knight (Post 923276)
I was wondering when White Mage would show up :O Poor her though.

Where was she last seen, anyway? Last I can remember is that sea-ravaged town.

Truce 05-07-2009 10:49 AM

I guess this is proof that BM is dangerous to everybody but the Light Warriors themselves.

The Argent Lord 05-07-2009 10:49 AM



Wow. Okay, then.

bobfish 05-07-2009 10:55 AM

WM's not being hurt/killed. How can absorbing evil harm someone who's pure good?

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