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The Artist Formerly Known as Hawk 05-28-2017 06:09 PM

ps3 fuckup
So I decided today to boot up my ps3 (dormant these past 20 months or so) so I could play some Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 and Wipeout Fury, just cos. I initially kept the console offline because I had no need to connect anything up, but after a while I decided to buy a small addon for duels, so I was forced to connect and log in to do so. Unfortunately as is so often the case with having been offline so long the system update message pops up and tells me to update to vers 4.81. Ok no problem, I do so.

Here's where the problem occurs; I try booting duels back up only to find that all my progress is gone and its being treated as if I suddenly only have the demo version installed. Wipeout is the same and so is, I presume (haven't checked all my games yet) everything else. My saves are still there and all, but the update seems to have reverted everything to trial versions for some inexplicable reason.

I have just started re-downloading full versions of stuff (which required another seperate update just for the slow-as-fuck psn, for more inexplicable reasons) so I'll see if that fixes things but if not, anyone know how to revert a system update? Or any other fix for this issue?

Either way, be warned; probably best to leave your ps3s offline forever at this point, as it seems to just fuck your games over.

Nikose Tyris 05-28-2017 11:22 PM

Could very well be a licensing issue- You and I both have PS3's and PS4's, and I noticed the same issue happened to my PS3. However, my spouse has two separate accounts instead of just 1 due to email migration, and the PS3 titles they had previously been enjoying (they had only purchased 2 things) both still worked and didn't revert to trial only.

It could be unrelated but worth mentioning.

The Artist Formerly Known as Hawk 05-29-2017 10:29 AM

Well, re-downloading the full version of Wipeout and Duels seems to have fixed it, now I'm just going through a bunch of other games to make sure they all work and if not, will download them again.

Strangely, most other games seem to be working fine, or at least the ones I care about, like the Oddworld stuff.

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