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LilWhiteMage 12-11-2003 02:07 PM

I think maybe he was talking about a place where if they wanna come in for an' god mode for a bit they can, hopefully diverting them from doing it in an actual RP?

Of course, I could be wrong >_>;

BMHadoken 12-11-2003 03:27 PM

No, you pretty much got it, its just a place to blow off steam, no story, just random people jumping in and god-modding...

Mr. Viewtiful 12-11-2003 09:58 PM

I wonder how many "bullettimesupersaiyanhugekatanawieldingnukeusingm echandshotgunblowingupultrawinningstuff" people will show up to that...*mischievious grin*

Asakura 12-12-2003 05:17 PM

Anyhow, where do I go to make a character?

Mr. Viewtiful 12-12-2003 06:58 PM

Here's what I did for the roleplaying thread I go to:

I PMed the person that either started the thread or someone who visits a lot, and ask if you can join up, while submitting your profile. Usually, it doesn't hurt to ask for some filling-in on what's been going on, if it's been going for a long time. Then, post your profile in the thread, and politely PM someone to help you get your character in the story (or make your own entrance).

As long as you ask nicely, this should work just fine ;)

BMHadoken 12-12-2003 07:03 PM

Nah, as long as you follow the format (look at the first post) and the sign-up thread is the only thing with that title (i.e. Don't post in the sign up of "Cool Quest" when its three pages behind and "Cool Quest: Chapter 8" is at the top), then read the basic overview in the first post, copy and paste the format, then fill in the blanks.

Of course, the Casual Roleplayer's thread defies rules 1 and two, so do Viewtifuls thing there, but as long as your signed up before the actual RP starts, and your character fits, then your in like flint...and watch out for IHMN...

Dante 12-12-2003 07:10 PM


Originally Posted by Asakura
Anyhow, where do I go to make a character?

Everything they Mr. V and BMH said pretty much applies, though you may have to wait a while before the action can come to you, e.g. Tenjin in the Casual RP thread. He had to wait for almost 3 threads before we were even on the same planet (We *still* haven't had our characters meet yet... )

So don't be afraid to describe yourself and what your character does when there's no action. Also, in a modern world, cellphones/comlinks allow you to take part in the action even if you're not there/

Asakura 12-12-2003 10:32 PM

I have no clue why, but I feel like an idiot. lol Thanks anyhow to all of you who helped

RaiRai 12-14-2003 10:46 AM

This thread isn't meant for idle conversation. Remember that.

Flarecobra 12-23-2003 09:41 AM

Hey Rai, I've got a question for you. What's your take on people advertising MMORPGS in the RP forum?

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