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PyrosNine 01-26-2007 02:35 AM

Jet Set Radio-ish interest/sign up.
There is a place out there, hidden in the fog of the world and surrounded by the sea, that is not on any map. Here in this land, which the inhabitants call Tokyo-To, is a thriving metropolis of steel and lights that stretches out to the water and up into the sky; reaching out and holding onto everything.

But the point of this story is not the city itself, but an extension of that city, it's pulse and blood. Those who rocket around that city on some slicked up skates as if the world was their proverbial oyster. They grind from anything and everything, soar over roofs and move unbound by all laws. They defy the city, because while they may swoop about in it's hands, they are most certainly not in it's grasp.

They are affectionately known by the inhabitants, and it's a special brand of affection. In fact, Inspector Gyoji has so much affection for them he gives them all special-order chrome plated bracelets, whenever he can get his long arm of the law on them.

The time? Heh, time's relative man. It's after the dawn of special no friction electric skates. But before an eponymous Jet Set Radio.....
/cool opening for sign up

The gimmick of my new RP to fill the time before Mime's next excursion into the New West, is that it will use a "Tagging" element. No, I don't intend for each character to write out how they tagged this and that, and talk about how wicked their skills are with a paint can. While this is necessary for that beloved suspension of belief, for this RP it will be required that one at least know how to use Microsoft Paint, or something similar. At best, be a photoshop whore.

A picture of somewhere/something in a town or city will be either given out by the gm or collected by a player, and one player must "tag" it. This can be done by drawing personal "tags" upon the buildings or flat surfaces depicted in the picture. These tags can either be drawn, or can be pictures taken from other sources and copied and pasted. If you can find Jet grind/set radio tags online, feel free to use them. If you have a collection of small pictures that you love and feel are representative of you and your sense of style (like your own forum avatar or even sprite character), they will work.

After you've tagged and posted the result to the thread or given a link to it, it will be judged by the gm and two other players of the Tagger's choice. The average of the three "judges" will be the tagger's Score, or rep. Eventually, the rp will also have objectives added into the mix, so it's not all aesthetics (so don't worry, those who are artistically challenged, which includes myself). There might be specific spots that have to be tagged in the given picture, a certain theme or color to be used, or other bits of graffiti that have to be covered up in the picture. These will factor into the score, and a "failure" deemed by a judge will leave you with an "F."

No offensive images, please. Unless all involved are cool with it or something.

A sidequest to the main RP's plot is to see who can end this little game with the highest rep, or grade. At the end, (after everyone has had an equal amount of tags) The average of all scores received at the end of a tag will create the victor.

Don't feel bad if you're not doing too well though, as there is still a story to participate in. Think of this tagging system to be a nice spice to the story.

Character sheets:
Name: Not a real name, like Terry Jones, but rather some sort of nickname that one might assume has street-cred.
Sex: Whoever says "Yes please" will get a sucky street name. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
Style: This can either be a particular way your character skates, or a reference to their personality. For example, a bohemian skater might skate in a weird manner, and an Osakan skater will enjoy crude humor, getting drunk, and getting into fights.
Afterglow: A color that you enjoy, that is apart of your appearance and possibly a part of your tags.
Appearance: What your Rudy wears when s/he's out skating, fitting to your rudy's sense of style.
Bio: This needs not be too complicated or lengthy, but can explain what else your skater digs, and fill out what your character is about.

Now, are there any takers? Or Sign up-ers? Any questions? Bueller? Bueller?

Also, some Worthy links: (a word graffiti generator) (Not much now, but has a nice selection of Jet Set Radio music to sample) For all those who don't even know what this is based on. A free watch of an anime that shares practically the same premise. Careful though, it's very fanservicey and is not for younger audiences.

TheBlindMime 01-26-2007 03:34 AM

Name: Montoya

Sex: Definitively male.

Style: Flamenco.

Afterglow: Red.

Appearance: His style is paramount to that of a man of culture and love. His hair slicked back and a deep shade of black. His skin a shade of almond compliments his brightly shining brown eyes perfectly. A black vest with a picturesque red rose on the back holds down the billowing ruffles of his precisely pressed shirt, finally his solid black pants and skates finish his look of a true Flamenco Rudy!

Bio: A former ice-skating champion gone mad, a painter with skills beyond his years or the reincarnation of a lost prophet, little is known of the man known as Montoya. His flair for the dramatic and his daring additude towards both the police and the fairer sex has earned him quite the reputation in Tokyo-to. Though his affection quickly moves from one beautiful woman to the next, he always carries in his vest pocket a red silken hankerchief with the scent of the most beautiful woman in the world, or so he says.

His one ambition it seems is to paint a portrait so beautiful that he can die, knowing full well that helived a life well lived. To further this point he owns the back wall of a wherehouse which he frequents in his attempt to paint the perfect tag. Though by no means does this mean that he doesn't make use of other peoples property to perfect his art.

For Montoya tagging is an artform, those who view it anyway else are fools, thugs and lambs to be slaughtered by his willing hands. For you see, tagging is art, and art is life, and life she is beautiful.

Mintaro 01-26-2007 04:23 AM

Name: Magnifique

Sex: Female

Style: Classical

Afterglow: Jaune (look it up)

Appearance: 19 though it is hard to tell her age under her outfit. She wears a loose thick dark blue sweater over a long sleeved black shirt. Her pants are loose light blue Jeans tightened on with a thigh black leather belt. The buckle is a black smiley face with white eyes and mouth. She wears an old style leather skull cap. With her hair hanging out in a short tightly braided pony tail. She wears yellow goggles and has a small yellow star tattoo on her cheek.

Bio: Magnifique was born into a wealthy household her father is a semi-famous composer and her mother is an Art curator for the cities largest gallery. She was brought up to an artist by her parents and has spent her life in one art school or another. She never felt her art was very good. She was able to recreate famous works of art perfectly but however could not create anything original. One day while being driven home by her chauffeur, she saw a young teen boy spray painting a wall in an alley way. Every stroke he made was filled with feeling and excitement. His art too was expressive and magnificent.

She realized that was what she wanted. She too wanted to be a magnificent artist. She looked into the history of graffiti and the current style. Learning that the best way to get into it was to pop on a pair of Skates and hit the streets. Imagine her surprise when she discovered the electric skates handled much the same as the ice skating she had been forced to partake in much of her early childhood. Using her Private studio as a base of operation she now hits the alleys and subways. Under her street name Magnifique.

PyrosNine 01-26-2007 05:11 PM

Anyone elses? Sign ups are open until I say they are closed.

Also, as I said before, art skills not entirely necessary.

PyrosNine 01-28-2007 01:42 AM

Need at least one more person people. Hence the "GM + 2 peers". As it is now, it'll just be GM, and the other guy will judge, and then we'll all just hate each other.

TheBlindMime 01-28-2007 01:57 AM

But, I love hating though!

Inbred Chocobo 01-28-2007 03:44 AM

And here I come to save the day!

Name: Shade
Sex: Male
Style: Easy Listening
Afterglow: Black (Okay so there is a hint of blue in it)
Appearance: His jacket as black as it is billows as he seems to gracefully skate where he heads towards. The shirt underneath seems to flutter in the wind, with it being just a tad blue-er than his jacket. The pants he wears is the same black color his jeans are. His hair is a bit long, not at shoulder length, but it definitly has a few inches, giving him a pretty boy kind of look hair. His eyes are a dark and deep blue.
Bio: Shade is a man who has always taken things easy. His youth shows it, as he had a natural grace in gym, but never really ran. He did show some talent in drawing and such, but his parents really didn't want him to be an artist. Clearly, Shade didn't listen to his parents.

Sometime in his youth, probably around his early teens, he discovered skating. His grace and calmness gave him an incredible way of handling himself, as he gracefully flew across whatever surface he skated upon. Noticing the graffiti on the walls of where he was learning to skate (mastering it is probably the better term) he began to show interest in tagging.

It didn't take him long to learn the art, and soon he was tagging like the rest of them. He never planned to make a living out of this, not once. But, like all things else in Shade's life, it just happened.

PyrosNine 01-28-2007 06:04 PM

Sex: Yes Male please. ( I both defeat myself and lose to myself in one go! Vwoot!)
Style: Speedfreak
Afterglow: Neon Red
Appearance: He has spiky brown hair reined in by a pair of oval goggles on his head, a jacket sporting red flames tightly buttoned on, and baggy flight pants that almost barely permit his skates freedom. His skates are black but the blades themselves are red, fitting with his afterglow.
Bio: With his outlandish outfit, some might think Fireballs is some sort of rogue fighter pilot, just kicked out of the air for some high flying acts and a disrespect for authority, but in truth the man's just a speed freak. If it's fast and flashy, he's on it, in it, and pushing it.

The man has revved a pedaled bike past pimped out suzuki's, outran cars, and broken more than a few speed records for a wide variety of vehicles, some practical, others insane. He has the stamina of a bull god (Assuming Bull gods have stamina.) and while his art skills may be lacking compared to several other street artists, he gets the job done quickly.

But as fast as he is, he just can't seem to catch up to his brother, who is always leaping up to the next hot new thing, hoping to leave everyone else in his dust. While firebolt is quick on speed, he's not on quickly jumping on every new fad, which his bro, "Yo", is.

So when their mother (He may be against authority, but she's like, the authority that feeds him) tells him to go get his brother for dinner, he has to hoof it after him. Normally, this is no problem, but with the new electric glide skates, Yo can be anywhere and everywhere.

With his dinner on the line, Fireball has no choice but to take his brother's spares and learn to skate, catch up to his brother, defeat the police, get the girl, and finally eat his well deserved dinner.

But tonight's going to be much harder than he thinks....


Alright. If this is everybody, then this is everybody. Anyone who joins in after this point has to Produce 4 of their own pic's and tag them to prove that they have enough street cred to join up. Otherwise, it will be madness. Also, this is my first RP and I really don't think I can stand too many people.

Because you all smell!!!

Thread will be up in a bit. Might want to ready up a tagged picture for the first challenge, and if you need a background picture for canvas, just ask and I'll supply you one (though if you'd prefer to get your own, it's cool)

Mintaro 01-29-2007 05:02 AM

well my first tags done and ready, lets lite this candle!

PyrosNine 01-29-2007 12:59 PM

The thread is up, and since I posted the first pic I get to choose my reviewers. It's a crappy pic and while I do have some leeway on my grade from both being the submitter AND the GM, I feel that I should be fair to the other players.

I give it a C. Which as points go, is an 80. Or as Jet Set goes, an "Awesome".

My reviewers are Mime and Choc.

Review, post your pick and first post of the rp, then pick two reviewers other than myself to review them.

Maybe I'll eventually seek outside help for review from outside parties. Maybe.

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