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Fenris 06-24-2010 01:07 AM

The Interesting Internet Crap Thread
Thread for links to things that are funny/interesting. These can be links to the You Tubes or to Onion articles or to whatever all kind of thing happens to make you chuckle.

Please no:

- NSFW material

- Generally gross/weird crap

- Random links that aren't especially funny/interesting or have any discernable attempt at humor/fascination that you're posting for the thrill of slapping links to any random thing you scraped off the bottom of the internet.


- Interesting or neat videos that may not be strictly funny but that you aren't looking to explicitly discuss or mock or whatever [i.e. it's not the focus of a whole topic] will fit in here just fine.

- a brief description that tells everyone what they're about to click on is appreciated

- in the general interests of promoting quality over quantity, no more than say, three links per post. Exceptions made if it is some kind of series that all goes together although if it's that huge of a series you'd probably do better to see if there's one index page or something for it that you can link.

- at least every third post has to have links! Tangential discussions about a particularly interesting one are still fine, just throw in some links for content too, and if your tangential discussion becomes longer than 10 posts or so you might want to consider starting a thread. Honestly though this one's not so much an enforced rule as a guideline.

Nique 06-24-2010 04:50 AM

This makes me like 'Tik Tok' more, but enjoy 'Star Trek' less.

And oh! Here's a picture of um, some owls, and they're "doctors" and it's a funny joke cause, eh, well, just check it out you'll see.

Satan's Onion 06-24-2010 05:35 AM

A toe-tappin' good time with everyone's favorite music-makers in gold pants, the 5 Neat Guys! :dance:

Remember Will Ferrel's Alex Trebek impersonation in those "Celebrity Jeopardy" sketches on Saturday Night Live? Well, this is just better. It just is.

Nique 06-24-2010 05:40 AM



Is that John Candy?

EDIT: Oh! I get it. Those guys are all from Ca-Na-Da.

Satan's Onion 06-24-2010 05:44 AM

Yup! Those sketches are from SCTV, a show which is indeed from Canada. In fact, it featured a whole bunch of really funny people more or less at the top of their game.

Nique 06-24-2010 06:12 AM

For a second I thought you were really into an old-timey barbershop quartet that was actually awful even by the standard of it being 5 guys in letterman sweaters singing about random garbage.

Satan's Onion 06-24-2010 06:41 AM

Naw, I'm not a barbershop quartet nerd. I'm really more of a sketch-comedy dork.

Speaking of: the Pre-Taped Call-In Show. (It's very simple, really.)

Bells 06-24-2010 12:12 PM

Gandalf goes to the worldcup

Shyria Dracnoir 06-24-2010 02:27 PM

Japanese Fanta Commercials(Fantasubbed)

Bells 06-24-2010 10:08 PM


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