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Faythoffenrir 02-21-2010 10:54 PM

What about an optional superboss for them to fight?

Deborah 02-21-2010 10:56 PM


Originally Posted by Fantabulate (Post 1018330)

He's been known to do such things before.

Not this one, though. I was there. I remember reading this and loving the strategy guide appearance back in 2001.

Ah, those were good days. I got my roommate interested one day when she was looking over my shoulder and even though she'd never played FF before, she loved the strip just because Fighter was funny.

Art of Hilt 02-21-2010 11:24 PM


Originally Posted by Kirbyslaboratory (Post 1018373)
Oh, no, he appeared for one brief strip. Black Mage roasted him swiftly though.

No, no, that was an innocent old man in a red robe.
The guy who took Fighter's money was in a blue robe.

There. I articulated the crazyass theory so nobody has to.

GARUD 02-21-2010 11:52 PM

Guys, guys, you are all missing the point.

Black Mage gets to be in a 5-some!

Mirai Gen 02-21-2010 11:53 PM


Originally Posted by Archbio (Post 1018334)
That's a pretty sad statement, in itself.

I know it's not actually true, or else I would surely go mad.

This specific comic, I mean.

tshadowdrag 02-22-2010 12:04 AM

White Mage proved her point in using the Light Warriors and like the most of us, we pretty much ignored the point that Evil Princess Sara was making about the male populous in what we wanted to see.

I wouldn't be surprised she made King Steve sell S'no cones so she could finally rule Corneria.

I have a feeling Dr. Swordopolis will send Fighter back on his quest for the Armor of Invincibilty and BM will just have to tag around or otherwise have to deal with 4 white warriors. That and I feel final comic will come on March 1st - 9 year 8 bit anniversairy.

Dragoon will stay on the moon despite everyone else wanting him off. Just leave it at that.

I was hoping for the white mage ending as it was the only one to fit, I wonder if I was one of the others that never wanted to mention it because secretly wanted to see it?

Dancing_Fox 02-22-2010 12:28 AM

Can't believe that no-one has mentioned that "Ashes Chaos" is in "Sarda/Chaos" form rather than "Big Scary Chaos" form.

Speculation on why the ashes form isn't in the big scary version?

Changed back when out of view?

Fantabulate 02-22-2010 12:41 AM

No, once more, I don't mean the page where he talks about the 4 white mages. That's always been there. I mean a couple of later pages where white mage and black-belt used to refer to them as "charges" and now refer to them as something else.


I don't remember THAT being the original plan:

Same in this one:

This one I could be wrong about... but I don't remember the mentioning of war-mech before. But IDK:

Art of Hilt 02-22-2010 12:47 AM

The second one seems different from what I remember, but I remember Black Belt has always said something about them being decoys. The War-Mech... has also always been there, yeah. I remember that.

joshedis 02-22-2010 01:27 AM

As for the optional boss, Sephiroth is always a good option. Haha, just kidding. He would kill them just with his presence. For an actual boss, they could go up against war mech. Who is about the only other super powered enemy in this game. Oh! Better yet, the Omega Weapon! With Lazers! And Guns! AND BIG BOOM STICKS!

...Best. Boss. Ever.

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