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Meister 05-12-2010 11:15 AM

Brian's Projects - Subforum rules
On new threads: in the interest of keeping this section relatively organized, please wait for the mods or artists involved to make new threads for new webcomic episodes. Don't create them yourself. Feel free to create threads about new Atomic Robo issues or web episodes yourself, though!

Related: do not post "first" or "first reply" or any of that sort. Not even if you're actually writing a thoughtful post as well. That also goes for joke posts like "second" or "third" or "fourty-third." We will hand out temp bans for this.

On spoilers: our policy here is basically going to be caveat lector -- read the forum at your own risk if you haven't caught up with a given comic yet. You can use spoiler tags if you want to but it's not necessary in discussions about any of Brian's works, and anyone who finds out that a time-travelling Atomic Robo killed Chaos or whatever before they were ready to is advised to suck it up and stop reading the forum until caught up with the backstory.

On Black Belt: He's dead, he will remain dead, and the revival theory you're about to post has been shot down years ago. Yes, that one. Sorry to burst your bubble; if it's any comfort, it's not a bad theory as such.

On How I Killed Your Master: no, the title is not an intentional reference to How I Met Your Mother. No, you're not the first person to notice this. It is, as the ancient Chinese might have said, old meme.

On Black Mage doing untoward things with White Mage's dead body: what the fuck is wrong with you

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