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A lot of the problems were indirectly solved, most of the problems were solved through connections and my personal journey into the fire community.
At the beginning of this project I had very little experience with fire, no experience with staff, meteor, doublestaff, torchpoi or structured nunchaku, but by the end of the project I was a fire community organizer, professional fire performer, had my own troupe, and had connections with people who had the knowledge and materials stocked to help me with what I needed.

Now, since I put them together I have slowly begun to discover how these are actually used... and what was once a struggle to keep them stable has become a complex fluidity, I used to treat them with 1 style of firetool... but they actually function in 3 different styles simultaneously, and can be instantly augmented into 2 different styles at will (that I've discovered this week). Honestly I've fallen in love with them, they are the most stylistically versatile firetool ever made and have so much potential for the future.

That being said, swordchucks are like a raging firebeasts, seriously guys, these things are HOT! I can't stress this enough... these are indescribably hot, compared to any other firetool ever made. These are SO hot, that even with thick leather gloves and correct usage you can still burn your hands just by the ambient heat, this is mainly due to the fact that the current model compresses 30% more fuel than a standard firesword uses (each) extremely close to your hands, all around them, and you're using 4 of them.
These are so hot I'm thinking I might need to mod special gloves specifically for using them.
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