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Menarker is a splendid one to behold, except in the mornings. Menarker is a splendid one to behold, except in the mornings. Menarker is a splendid one to behold, except in the mornings.

Name: Renny Tresserhorn
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Class: Breeder 1 (Trainer 6) / Pokebrid 1 / Slayer 1
Pok�mon Registry:

Pokemon Leader 1: Togekiss (Serene Grace / Super Luck)

Pokemon Leader 2: Mollesk (Simple / Sturdy)

Pokemon 3: Shaymin (Nature Cure in Form1. Serene Grace in Form2.) Grass type normally and during night-time. Grass/Flying when triggered by Gracidea flower during daytime. Shifts back to Pure Grass during nighttime, triggered again or when Frozen.

Pokemon 4: Swampert (Defiant) *Veteran Status*

Pokemon 5: Magnezone (Analytic)

Pokemon 6: Umbreon (Synchronize)

Appearance: Charmingly cute/handsome boy with short vaguely messy blond hair. About half a foot shorter than most of his peers. His slim small cute appearance occasionally make him look more like a child than a young adult.

Backstory / Personality: Renny's childhood has been happily marked with a well-off family with a very affectionate father and mother. This affection being genetically inherent to their good nature and the way their culture had raised them. For every simple greeting of "Good Morning" or "Good Night", there was an inherent understanding that a kiss on both cheeks and the forehead was customary. Hugs frequents and playtime galores. His family delighted in such an wholesome child and frequently took him on trips to far off places.

This upbringing left him an innocent and uplifting child... with one drawback. Having not interacted with others his age, his over-exhuberance at greeting new companions bordered strongly on "personal space invader" and intolerably loud, making getting new companions a difficult task. His parents noticed this trait a little late, but ultimately came up with a solution. On the mother's latest trip, she brought back a pokemon egg, promising it to the lad if he was able to make it hatch and raise it properly. They gambled that learning how to control his overly friendly impulses around infants and the young would help build awareness. For a while, it seemed to work, for the lad was unseemingly calm and delicate with the egg, holding it daintly and with reverent care. But when that egg hatched into a healthy Togepi, the newborn pokemon imprinted Renny and instantly took a liking to him, with Renny's excessive hugs and kisses only making the baby fonder and reinforcing the habit.

When the lad grew old enough to journey for a pokemon adventure, he applied for the pokemon trainer application, and easily exceled due to experience raising the Togepi and due to the many trips with his mother and father. Once he "offically" got a Mudkip as his "Starter Pokemon", he race back to snag his companion to go with him on his journey. Along the way, he entered a pokemon gym, but saw that the leader was already engrossed in a match. The challenger was a trainer who strove only for victory at all cost and it showed. His pokemon were showing signs of weariness and their expressions hollowed out. Renny would have protested, but he needn't have. The match ended abruptly and the gym leader announced that under the full sanctions and authority of the Pokemon League, the trainer's license was offically revoked. Renny was shocked by this rarely enforced rule, but in his soul he agreed deep down that trainers were called to uphold a standard, that a captured pokemon would still be entitled to the rights and care that living creatures needed. Years passed and Renny applied for a job. His mission: to search out trainers both legal and criminal who violate the terms of the trainer license and end their selfish reign over the pokemon which they capture, while he himself promotes the ideal healthy relationship between pokemon and humans.

(Somewhat got the idea from the Cinnabar episode in the pokemon anime. Ash was warned/praised by Blaine for forfeiting his gym match in the nick of time when his pokemon were at risk of dying. The issue that if he had persisted in trying to fight for the Fire badge when his pokemon's life were in danger, his license as a pokemon trainer would have been revoked.)


Gallade Form
Ability: Steadfast (Increase speed by 1 stage when flinched.)
Held Items: Metronome
Armor: Normal, Ghost, Water, Electric. (Immunity to death, sleep and paralysis effects)
Carried Items: 2 Rage Rocket, 4 Max Revive.

Move List: All moves available to Gallade and his pre-evolutions Ralts and Kirlia.
Also has access to the following: Flame Charge, Foresight, Miracle Eye, Soul Sabres and Spirit Strike.

Soul Sabre and Spirit Strike descriptionSoul Sabres: (ICT move) Psychic Type, Melee. Foes hit by this move are treated as if Renny ignores their effect immunities ala via Mold Breaker (although it can bypass such immunities from other sources like items) for the rest of the turn. (Most obvious purpose is to bypass crit immunity in foes with abilities like Battle/Shell Armor or Flying armor.)

Spirit Strike: (ICT move) Psychic Type, Melee. Attack is done with PATK modifier but acts as if it was Sp.ATK in terms for resistance against physical attacks and defense stats. Further attacks on the target by Renny on the same turn may hit either defense.

Current Stats:

Renny: (Currently, as his stats change over several levels)
HP: (10)
Attack: {13}
Defense: (9)
Special Attack: (5)
Special Defense: (9)
Speed: {12}

Togekiss (Male) *Serene Grace / Super Luck*
[Item: Staunch Supporter's Bandanna]
Aeroblast / Dazzling Gleam
Heat Wave / Tailwind
Encore / Heal Bell
HMs: Fly, Defog, Rock Smash, Flash

NOTE: Has access to Aeroblast.

HP: (8) + *9*
Atk: (5)
Def: (9)
Sp A: (12) + *13*
Sp D: (11)
Spd: (8) + *9*
R: 3

Swampert (Male) *Defiant* VETERAN STATUS
[Item: Lum Berry]
Ice Punch / Wide Guard
Soak / Belly Drum
HMs: Strength, Surf, Dive, Waterfall, Whirlpool, Rock Smash, Rock Climb

NOTE: Has access to Soak and Belly Drum.

Base Stats (605)
Ability: Defiant
Hitpoints: (12) + *13*
Attack: (13) ++ *15*
Defense: (10)
Special Attack: (8)
Special Defense: (10)
Speed: (6)
R: 3

Shaymin (Genderless) *Serene Grace*
[Item: Metronome]
Psychic / Tailwind
Grasswhistle / Toxic
HM: Flash

Shaymin (Sky)
HP: (10)
Atk: (10)
Def: (7)
Sp A: (12) + *13*
Sp D: (7)
Spd: (12) ++ *14*
R: 3

Shaymin (Land)
HP: (10)
Atk: (10)
Def: (10)
Sp A: (10)
Sp D: (10)
Spd: (10) + *11*
R: 1

Mollesk (Male) SHINY. *Simple / Sturdy*
[Item: Lum Berry]
Intrusion / Cosmic Power
Follow Me / Stealth Rock
Light Screen / Trick Room
HM: Rock Smash, Strength, Flash

Note: Has access to custom move "Intrusion".

HitPoints: (11) ++ *13*
Attack: (10)
Defence: (23)
Special Attack: (0)
Special Defence: (23)
Speed: (0)

Umbreon (Female) *Synchronized*
[Item: Lum Berry]
Foul Play / Scapegoat
Heal Bell / Tickle
HM: Cut

HP: (9) ++ *11*
Atk: (6)
Def: (11) + *12*
Sp A: (6)
Sp D: (13)
Spd: (6)
R: 3

Magnezone (Genderless) *Sturdy*
[Item: Lum Berry]
Protect / Toxic
Reflect / Light Screen
HMs: Flash

HP: (7)
Atk: (7)
Def: (11)
Sp A: (13) ++ *15*
Sp D: (9)
Spd: (6)
R: 2

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