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Originally Posted by EvilEarl View Post
What Brian needs to do is get the Scott Adams mentality on old age and comic writing. Scott believes that longevity technology will come out before he dies and he'll live several hundred years while waiting for immortality technology or something.

We just have to convince Brian that longevity medicine won't help if someone kills him for ending 8-bit theater. I need to find a mentally unstable fan (make that severely mentally unstable, since we all somewhat apply to the first) and convince him it's his destiny to make sure 8-bit keeps churning out until the world ends.

EDIT: Another reason Brian should keep going is that our failsafe is broken since the HomeStarRunner guys are MIA. We'd have to become normal if that happened.
EvilEarl. As a devout worshipper of Brian (Well, not really. That would be just a little weird) I would be willing to do this. Of course, I would be spending my life making longevity medicine before I made an immortality device. We cannot become normal. I will make someone commit suicide before that happens!

Though, quite honestly. I have no clue what the HomeStarRunner guys are. So, this failsafe doesn't quite work for me. Since I read Pokemon X I am still safe... For now.

Edit: Gah, the anticlimactisism (I am making that a word as of now) is making my typing and grammar sub-par. If you will excuse that.
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