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Ok so because I now must buy a subscription to photobucket in order to host images. I Won't be doing that any more any time soon. So for the time being I'm just going to post links to the Deviantart pages for the time being. Rather then going through image hosts sites.

So here are a list of links to the concepts currently being worked on. Most of them will be getting redesigns, some major, some minor. Bust and waist is going to be a major concern though I have access to the vast internet when it comes to references for different body types to make sure things stay at least some what believable in that if I can't find a living breath person that matches or comes close. Then that design is too exaggerated.

Main Character:
Sarina Phantom (Redesigned to make the design more simple and easy to animate/draw sprites and panel as well as to better fit the futuristic modern fantasy setting better. Cleavage will be removed or covered like with the prior design) New portrait:

Supporting Cast:
Xaniras Phantom (Is being redesigned in an attempt to greatly desexualize the costume and like with Sarina this is being done to fit the setting better.)
The Portrait of the redesign can be seen here:
Silvia Phantom (Will be left alone, maybe a minor tweak here and there. And getting rid of her heels.)
Annette Amethyst (Will be left alone for now save for the skirt being changed a bit, Maybe drop the heels.)
Rene Sarris (Outfit will be redesigned, while there's a reason for the dress (party). Cleavage of any kind cannot be justified among other issues. And it's a recycled outfit from an old Sarina concept so it's about time I swapped that out anyway)
Vlair Aether (outfit will be redesigned into something that isn't revealing)
Queenie Aroma (will be left alone with only minor changes)
Tsunadai Mitsurugi (outfit will be redesign to more closely match Kazumi's and the rest of the members of "Moonlit Blade" Guild's costumes.
Azumi Hayakawa (Will recieve minor changes but will otherwise be left alone since both males and female of "Moonlit Blade" Guild wear this style of suits. And the Stealth Armors are a uniformed but entirely separate design)
Kazumi Tsukuyomi (Will be left alone though her heels may have to be removed.) A new portrait of her can be seen here:
Mika Stellar (Will be left alone with minor changes)
Valerie Gust (will be left alone with minor changes. Her planned armor however was redesigned into something more elegant to better fit the setting) A portrait of the new armor can be seen here:
Other Saints Clan Armors (including Siren's) will follow a similar design.

old image:
Siren Gale (will be altered again this time into something less revealing)

old image:
Annabel Vandalia (will be left alone)

old image:
Vivi (will be left alone) Might be changed to this though:

Form 1:
Form 2:
Ellen "Phantasma" Graves (Might have to be changed, we'll have to see. Right now I'd porbably be crucified if I didn't tone it done and fix a few issues with her design. It matches the character but like with Siren and Rene, that's never a good excuse regardless of the situation.)

old image:
Daichi Stellar (will be left alone)

No Recent Image
Jack Lantern (will be left alone base on his old planned design, and open vermillion tux styled similar to Annette's current design.)

No recent Image
Miguel Vandalia (will be left alone, Business suit with a Trench coat resting on his shoulders)

Old image:
Gigs (will be given a shirt to cover his chest, though it depends on what's done with Siren and Phantasma)

No recent image
Volin Phantom (will be kept the same, A Vermilion colored suit similar to Annette's and Jack's)

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