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Originally Posted by Seil View Post
Have you heard of this Jimmi Hendrix cat? I think he's gonna be big.

What are some things you're shocked no one knows about?
I've loved Hendrix since I picked up the guitar, nearly 24 years ago...

Such a powerful talent on the guitar, and a soulful singer as well...but the real strength he had that no one really is aware of is his writing ability. Where did he come up with all this stuff? Goodness gracious. He was just so inventive when it came to words. His greatest writing hero was Bob Dylan, the writer of All Along The Watchtower, and to this day, Dylan does his version of that song.

When Bob Dylan nods to you, you have achieved (well, post-humously achieved) greatness.

I love me some Hendrix. Every time I think I've got to that level of playing, I go back and listen and am repeatedly floored.
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