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Default And finally, part 3

“A what?” said Plesic.

“We both want the Orb, but if my theory on what you want the Orb for is correct, we can’t both use it how we want to. I propose that we each stay out of each others way, and if one of us finds it first, the other must respect his right to the Orb. How does that sound?”

Laymaar began rubbing his chin, deep in thought. Was he seriously considering it? “What if I refuse?” he asked slowly.

Necromar raised his arm, and slowly, ice began to magically form, until they took the form of small crystals. With a flick of his wrist, they flew into Plesic’s chest, whereupon he fell down dead in a pool of expanding blood.

“Probably something like that will happen. I’ve been around long enough to know to always keep my bases covered, and I can’t have a wildcard like you and your cult running around, potentially ruining my plans, can I? I need to know that if I find the Orb first, you will be of no hindrance to me.”

Calder had almost wet himself with fear by this stage, but Laymaar was disturbingly aloof, considering nearly all of his force had been slain by these newcomers. Fortunately Calder wasn’t alone, as Lifebane also looked uncomfortable.

“Are you sure this is a good idea? What if they don’t uphold their end of the bargain?”

“Then we will have to enact terrible vengeance upon them, wont we? Oh dear Lifebane, I thought you would have known all this by now…”

“You will do no such thing.” Said Laymaar irritably, “Our base of operations is hidden deep in these wilds, untouched by even the native fauna. You will never gain access to it!”

Necromar paused for a second. “You have a point. Hold on a second…”

And with that, he stretched his arm out and began to concentrate, magical energy crackling from his fingertips. A white glow enveloped his hand and white arcs of lightning burst forth, striking the corpse of Yulmen, which in turn began to glow. The body was wrapped in magical energy, which swept across its skin, scarring it, disfiguring it…

Calder had seen such things before, though he wished that he hadn’t: when Laymaar raised another soul battery, the proceedings were identical, though Laymaar had to strain and concentrate much more than Necromar was apparently doing.

Though the pure magical energy he had been blasted with had not done wonders to his body, the undead that got up was still unmistakably Yulmen. His sickly pale skin was covered in the same blotches and blemishes that marked the rest of the undead there, and his eyes were cold, lifeless and glowed slightly with energy, but it was most certainly him.

“Yulmen?” asked Necromar, “Where is their super top-secret base?”

“Twelve miles south-east, across the river and inside the temple built into the cliff. The interior can be accessed by moving the 22nd stone on the east wall of the foyer.”

“Thank you Yulmen.”

Calder blinked, the horror that this super-powerful necromancer knew where they lived and how to get in not as prominent in his mind as the fact that Yulmen rattled it all off without hesitation.

“He never did have a mind of his own.” said Necromar as if reading his mind, “He’s nothing but an empty shell of loyalty. Isn’t that right Yulmen?”

Undead-Yulmen smiled a hideous smile as some thick, black liquid began to seep from his mouth.

“How did…?” spluttered Calder. Necromar chuckled.

“What, you think you’re master there is the only one with knowledge of true necromancy? Both he and I learned from the same writings, after all. You can keep them by the way, I don’t need them anymore. I’ve been practicing necromancy since way before your great grandfathers were conceived. Now, about that deal…”

Laymaar looked furious, but Calder knew that his hands were tied. He couldn’t put his plans in risk when they were progressing so well! Calder was torn on what would be best: Necromar was powerful, and who knew how many more undead warriors he had under his command, and yet if they agreed to the deal and he found the Orb (whatever that was) first, then all Laymaars plans would be undone.

Whatever they were…

“Alright.” Said Laymaar reluctantly, “You have a deal. Whichever of us finds the Orb first will remain uncontested by the other.”

Necromar extended his hand. Laymaar eyed it suspiciously for a few seconds, before carefully grasping it. The two men shook hands solemnly.

“May the best man win.” Said Necromar.

“Trust me, I will.” Said Laymaar.

“Of course, you do realise that if we find it before you do, you’ll now look like a massive twat, right?” said Lifebane helpfully. Laymaar said absolutely nothing, merely glaring at Necromar, who continued to give his somewhat friendly smile in response.

“I see no reason why we shouldn’t start right now. Anyway, it was lovely meeting you all…you both. Truly splendid. Have fun searching for that Orb!”

And with that, Necromar, Lifebane and the undead, including Yulmen, began to disappear into the trees. As they left, Calder heard a final exchange between them.

“What if Askrytion finds the Orb first? You know they’re sending more and more scouting parties out looking for it…”

“The agreement is between us and the warlocks only. If Askrytion finds it, there’s nothing really stopping us from taking it by force, so to speak.”

“Nice. You know I like a bit of slaughter.”

“And besides, what with the burning of Hasselfed, Askrytion’s eyes are increasingly to the east. If Fostar’s reports are anything to go by, we…”

At that point their conversation became inaudible, and so Calder turned his attention to Laymaar. Despite everything that had happened, he had survived, but still wanted to check on his master, just in case.

“Are you ok, master?” he asked carefully. Laymaar was still angry, and he didn’t want to push his luck with his prodding. He didn’t get an answer right away, so he decided to drop it. As he was walking away however, Laymaar turned to face him.

“Ignicious will crush their bones! He will sear their flesh and they will crumble before him!” he said through clenched teeth. “We cannot let them get the Orb first! Ignicious will never roam free once more if we do not get the Orb first!”

“Um…master, if you don’t mind me asking, what is the Orb and why do we want it?”

“I do not have to explain myself to scum like you!” Laymaar snapped. Calder suddenly feared for his life, but Laymaar relaxed.

“I have much work to do.” He sighed. “I need more soul batteries, I need to find that Orb, and I need to swell the ranks of the Brotherhood. Be patient, Ignicious, I will find a way…”

Calder looked at the corpses of Plesic and Rollim, and let out his own sigh. They now had an enemy who was too powerful even for Laymaar! What could they do against an army of undead?

Suddenly, Laymaar began to concentrate, and his hands began to glow. Unlike Necromar, it took quite a while for him to raise one of their fallen comrades as an undead, let alone two. Eventually, however, Plesic and Rollim were standing once more, though no more alive than they were previously.

“You have both failed me, and by extension, you have failed the Brotherhood. You are to become soul-batteries, and suffer until Ignicious is free again.”

Undead Plesic and Rollim looked horrified, but could not disobey: they were bound to Laymaar’s will now, more so than when they had been alive.

“Um…shall we go home?” asked Calder sheepishly. Laymaar approached him casually, his face emotionless as per usual. No surprises there.

The surprise came when he drove his blade through Calder’s body. Calder gasped as blood trickled from the corner of his mouth.

“You too have failed me. I have seen the fear in your eyes since we first set out, and it sickens me. You too shall be a soul-battery.”

Calder felt himself starting to cry as his vision began to go black. A fate worse than death and it had to happen to him, didn’t it? It was a shame that it was in his final moments that he realised that Laymaar was truly insane. But it was too late for that kind of thinking. Soon he would be chained to a wall in the temple, blasted with magic periodically and forced to store it in his body; forced to live in agony, unable to escape, unable to do anything but suffer.

A single thought went through his head before it all went black. Before it suddenly went light. Before he became undead, and could no longer disobey Laymaar. Before his torment began…

…I should’ve been a cheesemonger…
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