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Default New Game: Superhero Rumble

Okay this isn't actually a new game, but since we got people playing games with mafia, I decided I want to run Rumble again.

For those unaware of what Rumble is, this is a superhero fighting game, in which everyone is trying to kill everyone else, and the goal is to be the last man standing. Its kind of like mafia, in the fact that everyone sends in their actions to me, and I reveal them after all actions are sent, but there are no teams. Its every man for themselves

Everyone starts off with 100 energy. With that energy, you use it to buy powers, attack players and defend yourself. If you are reduced to 0 energy, you lose.

There are two phases, first is the bidding phase, where you gain powers, and second is combat phase, where everyone kills each other. We will start with the combat phase first to explain things. Combat is split into two sections, the allocation phase and resolution phase.

Allocation phase, everyone is sending me their actions on what they want to do. During allocation, you have three choices in what you can do. Spend energy on Attacking, Defending, or Activating powers. (Spending energy doesn't mean you lose it).

Attack You can spend X amount of energy on attacking someone.

Defend You can spend X amount of energy to defend yourself with.

Power If you have a power that has an activation, then you can spend energy here to activate it.

For Example
Say we have three players with their energy total. Mandy has a 100 energy, and decides that now is a good time to take out Grim, so she spends all 100 energy to attack Grim. Billy Decides that he is going to attack Mandy for a little bit in hopes that Grim does as well. Grim activates a defensive power he has to help protect himself and

Mandy 100
-Attack Grim 100
Billy 90
-Attack Mandy 15
-Defend 75
Grim 75
-Spend 25 Energy: Active Power: Run Away! +50 Defense
-Defend 50

Grim's power boosts his Defense high enough to block all of Mandy's attack, but because Mandy didn't defend herself any, she takes 15 damage from Billy's attack. This is the resolution phase, where after everyone has allocated their energy, the results are revealed. After this, the energy totals are re-calculated, and the next round starts.

Mandy 85
Billy 90
Grim 75

So how do you get powers? Simple, by bidding energy for them in the bidding phase. Normally when you sign up for Rumble, you have to create powers as you sign up, but this time around I am just going to give you guys a list of powers, so that people get an idea on what to bid on. Feel free to submit ideas and suggestions though when signing up.

After everyone has signed up, a List of all possible powers are posted, and everyone sends me a pm with their bid of their energy on a power. The highest bid loses that much energy, and gains that power. If you bid on a power, and lose the bid, you get to keep your energy.

Powers come in four flavors. Activated, Triggered, Passive, and Sidekicks. Activated powers have a cost that you spend and they have an effect. Triggered powers do something once a certain condition is in effect. Passive powers just have a clause that is always working. Sidekicks give you additional heroes to fight with, each that must be killed for you to eliminate.

An example of each type of power.

Activated Punch: Spend 25 Energy: Make an Attack of 50 at target player.

Triggered Defense: If you are attacked for a combine total of more than 50 than what you defended with, add +50 to your defense.

Passive Regeneration: At the end of each round, gain 3 energy.

Sidekick Bob: Gain a 20 Energy companion that has no powers.

Things to remember about powers is that Passive ones lose all effect if the player dies possessing them. So if you only had 10 energy, and you take 10 points of damage, you are dead so the Passive Regeneration won't bring you back.

This game is rather flexible in that it can be ran with a few or a lot of players, and I can answer any questions on how things work. Sign up below to join in on the fun, and feel free to spectate.

Also, discussion is open, so that you can talk to anybody in private or public to work out deals, and even dead or non-signed up players can post in the main thread for combat when it shows up. Sign-ups and biddign will take place in this thread.
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