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Most of my sprites come from the GBA games so things like ninjas I lack which circles back to the problem listed prior. Even so this is enough tentative interest that I feel comfortable opening up a sign-up thread. I'll leave the primer here (for those of you who remember the game years and years ago, it's literally the same primer).

I will say that I am totally up to be tweaking balance (and fixing things like Rogues not actually having listed stat caps). Also the durability system this primer has is a complete joke, we'll be using one more in step with the actual games, with the exception that everyone has an infinite use iron weapon (Fire, Lightning, Flux, Heal all fall in that category as well).

Characters will be built on 28 stat points. There is room for a singular Lord who will have some slight lore creation rules (to be explained in the sign-up), and can be built on 33 points. If more than one person wants to be Lord we'll be going by application based on what I think works best in the system, in the case of a tie it's who finished theirs first. The Lord player will have some decision making powers primarily in the tie-breaker scenarios or "I'd like to move the plot along now so can I have a decision on what we're doing?"

Primer to be found here
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