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Oh right, as people go out to work on their characters let me know if there's something completely dumb in your character creation. For instance, Shamans are getting 2 extra Con to start so they don't have to invest 3 points in Con just to break even on their lightest weight weapon. Also every character starts with weapon proficiency D so shamans don't get screwed by having literally 0 weapons and everyone starts with a vulnerary which heals for 10 (15 is a tad too high I think with infinite healing staff uses) and 3 uses.

Sample Character #1
Name: Morgan Vian
Birthplace: Kinehdin
Age: Late Teens
Class: Mage (Fire Spirit)
Affinity: Light
Other Info: Laconic Curse (Purple eyes, Blue/Green Hair)

Appearance: Fair skinned and with a spring in her step, Morgan and presumably her family has not suffered terribly from the fall of Kinehdin. It is unlikely she has actually done any physical labor or been expected to do so at any point. Her visage is bright and somewhat striking given the odd colors of her eyes and hair. Her robe as well is a leave over from nobility, a trimming of gold thread around its edges. Occasionally peeking out from the fire book, and sometimes seen coiled around her right wrist is her fire spirit, a winged serpent that seems rather cautious about outsiders.
Strangely, Morgan never seems to actually look directly at the spirit, possibly hinting to a disability preventing her from doing so. This is also supported by her style of magic casting technique. While certainly powerful, possibly a prodigy of magical strength, many of the rituals lack finesse from one who has mastered the inns and outs of communicating with their companion spirits.

Backstory: ??? (These should be filled in for PCs, NPCs will always have ??? until their stories are discovered by players.)

HP: 20 +4 (40%)
MA: 7 +6 (55%)
SKL: 4 +3 (40%)
SPD: 7 +5 (55%)
LUK: 3 +3 (35%)
DEF: 2 +2 (35%)
RES: 5 +3 (40%)
CON: 8 +2
MOV: 5

Weapon Proficiency: Anima - D

Name: Rank/Range/WT/MT/Hit/Crt/Durability/Effect
Fire: E/1-2/4/5/90/0/-/-
Vulnerary: -/-/-/-/-/-/3 uses/Heals for 10 hp

Combat Stats:
Damage- 12
AS- 7
Accuracy- 101
Dodge- 17
Crt- 2
CrtDodge- 3
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