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Answered in reverse order: The Anima triangle I'm not including cause it would require a lot of weapon creation/integration into the existing system. Also cause that same system makes playing fliers miserable (cause lightning magic gets "effective" vs wyverns and wind magic gets "effective" vs pegasi, the latter of which continues to baffle me.) If I were, the anima triangle generally ends up being a sub triangle only within anima magic. It's still all anima magic so it'd fit in the same place within the magic triangle.

For flavor purposes if people want to rename their low level books to different elements I'm cool with it.

Sample Character #2
Name: Vanessa Eydis
Birthplace: Naranjan
Age: Mid 20's
Class: Pirate
Affinity: Fire
Other Info: N/A

Appearance: The seas that the Naranja call home shape people in very distinct ways. Always heavily tanned and with leathery hands from maintaining the ships they live on, Vanessa is no exception. Well muscled from both the work and learning to wield the axe she hefts with ease, there is always the air about her that she has no qualms picking a fight if it suits her fancy. Her hair, a bright red, is kept short. Pirates fight dirty and she's not about to give them another tool to use against her. Vanessa is almost always at Morgan's side and while they interact like close friends, there's always that flash behind her green eyes that she's keeping an eye on the young mage, either due to the Laconic Curse or some history behind the two.

Backstory: ??? (These should be filled in for PCs, NPCs will always have ??? until their stories are discovered by players.)

HP: 24 +5 (45%)
STR: 7 +4 (50%)
SKL: 6 +6 (50%)
SPD: 6 +4 (45%)
LUK: 3 +3 (35%)
DEF: 3 +3 (35%)
RES: 1 +1 (40%)
CON: 12 +2
MOV: 5

Weapon Proficiency: Axes - D

Name: Rank/Range/WT/MT/Hit/Crt/Durability/Effect
Iron Axe: E/1/10/8/75/0/-/-
Vulnerary: -/-/-/-/-/-/3 uses/Heals for 10 hp

Combat Stats:
Iron Axe
Damage- 15
AS- 6
Accuracy- 90
Dodge- 15
Crt- 3
CrtDodge- 3

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In case it wasn't clear, non-lord characters are built on 300% growth rates, Lords on 320%.
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