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Incomplete post. Placeholder post with my general info for all to see while I juggle stuff and mentally workshop ideas.

Name: Robin Delhortz
Birthplace: Wodanaz
Age: 34
Class: Bow-Knight (With intention to go General)
Affinity: Water

Appearance: Robin wears a massive unisex armor that makes her look suitably intimidating and to keep her amply protected while she attacks from further away with her bow. Little is actually known about appearance publicly due to her ever being seen without being equipped in full armor and that she intentionally alters her voice to sound as neutrally manly as possible; but she has pale skin (mainly due to skin almost never getting any sunlight) and short almond-ish hair. She also happens to be fairly muscular; although anyone wearing full plate and wielding bows is bound to be pretty damn strong...
Backstory: She espouses an ever slightly more moderate political policy for Wodanaz. Where Wodanaz's typical creed is "Peace makes you weak", her stance is "The weak don't deserve peace". This slight distinction means that has served the nation in advocating the stockpiling of military resources and goods, and only attacking at key targets that are either vulnerable or a potential threat, so as to avoid having Wodanaz over-extend themselves into a vulnerable position (important due to how Wodanaz borders pretty much every other nation). She chose to fight with bows so as to be of maximum benefit against the Kinehdin's Pegasus Knights and the opposing archers of the Tiercian nations, although there has always been the lingering slander about how cowardly she actually is fighting from afar behind other front-line soldiers while wearing the heaviest of armor while advocating occasional periods of peace (as opposed to nigh-perpetual war). If her gender ever became common-knowledge, that would probably only make said rumors appear more validated.
She joined the military offically in her late teens during a typical recruit draft. However prior to that point, she had served the military in her childhood doing menial chores like cooking, cleaning and what not near the camp's outposts. After the occasional battles though, she'd sneak into the night and snatch the occasional intact pieces of armor that would fit her properly, one by one, and worked on having a full set of armor of her own, painting it entirely black to prevent it from rusting (it helped that it was stylish to dress in black like the nation's shadow spirits and shadow dragon). The bow in particular was a Tiercian one she snatched as a trophy from one such battlefield. She trained in secret until she felt she was strong enough to carry herself in combat with full gear. She persistently refused to undress her equipment, citing horrible skin conditions that react poorly to the accursed sunlight.
Her military career was modest but successful enough, careful not to make too many waves, aside from a few glaring eccentricities. She is deferential to anyone who isn't an immediate threat or annoyance, or is her superior in rank/status, in the attempt to prevent drawing too much attention to herself. She was eventually promoted to a minor supervisory role, going from border post to border post examining the state of the buildings and troops for required logistical matters and reporting back to her superiors. It was on one such particular examination of a border station 10 years ago that a certain youthful vagabond-ish figure, brandishing stolen property from the recently downed nation of Kinehdin offered to sell out the inner details of the fallen nation and his personal thieving expertise to help with the rest. She agreed to petition her superiors to lead a raiding party on the nation while it was still scrambling and largely defenseless, armed with the thief's knowledge of the city's layout to aid in the looting spree, before the rest of the nations attempted to get the first or largest cut of the spoils. The successful and rewarding excursion caused the pair to become moderately famous for a few weeks before reverting to a sort of status quo. From that point on, the knight and vagabond pair could be seen interacting with each other in partnership, although she'd never reveal herself to him or anyone even to this day.

Stats (Listing default class value and Stat Pool value)
HP: 22 (14 + (4*2)) *Hitpoint Notes**Each stat point invested to HP at character creation is worth 2HP.*
Str: 8 (2+6)
Skl: 7 (1+6)
Spd: 3 (0+3)
Luk: 0
Def: 7 (3+4)
Res: 5 (0+5)
Mov: 5
Con: 12 (12+0)

Stat Growth
HP: 55%
Str: 50%
Skl: 50%
Spd: 30%
Luk: 15%
Def: 55%
Res: 45%

Weapon Proficiency: Bow - D

Name: Rank/Range/WT/MT/Hit/Crt/Durability/Effect
Iron Bow: E/2/5/6/85/0/-/-
Vulnerary: -/-/-/-/-/-/3 uses/Heals for 10 hp

Combat Stats:
Iron Bow
Damage- 14
AS- 3
Accuracy- 99
Dodge- 6
Crt- 3
CrtDodge- 0

Name: Himura Galamoth
Birthplace: Kinehdin (Although residing in Wodanaz these days)
Age: 27
Class: Thief (With intention to go Rogue)
Affinity: Heaven
Rogue Details by Dante: (Promoted Cap Stats) 25 Str, 28 Skl, 30 Spd, 23 Def, 25 Res, 6 Mov, +2 Con
Promoted Ability: Can open chests and doors without prematurely ending turn. Can mug enemies when attacking (not counterattacking).
Does NOT gain Crit bonus like the Primer says.

Appearance: A darkly tanned red-head with pronounced cheek and finger bones as a result of much emancipation and hunger from his ancestral homeland. Even after switching over to Wodanaz and being generally more well-fed and cared for, his appearance is still somewhat gaunt, although his skin has regained much of the tanned color he had from living in a sky-borne landscape closer to the sun.
Backstory: This 'degenerate thief" was one of many victimized by the nobility caste system of the Kinehdin nation, merely having the misfortune of being associated with the wrong household that had fallen in disfavor politically with the king and being reduced to a ghetto street-urchin. When the disaster of Kinedhin brought the nation crashing to the ground due to dark regicide, he went on a pillaging spree several valuable pieces of jewelries and relics that would be out of place in the hand of a commoner and immediately bound off toward the nation that he felt would be eager to capitulate on their nation's disaster, the Wodanaz who had long held the Kinehdin in disdain. Surrendering himself openly and freely to border guards of Wodanaz, he requested an audience with a military official. He was denied until he flashed his stolen goods and relics as a show that he was more than a common vagabond. Soon after, he had an interview with the mysterious knight 'Robin'. Presenting the stolen goods from Kinehdin and explaining how the nation came crashing down, he advocated that they'd mount an expedition to pillage the rest of the valuables from the disaster zone, eagerly providing information on general locations and the like (at least what the layout was like pre-crash). In exchange, he requested room/board and paid employment as an informant, spy, looter and whatever other services needed; especially if such service would victimize his previous homeland in the process. The thief's offer was accepted by the knight Robin, and the knight essentially became his masked patron (for the figure always appeared in full armored regalia) who vouched for his presence within Wodanaz.

Stats (Listing default class value and Stat Pool value)
HP: 20 (12 + (4*2)= 8) *Hitpoint Notes**Each stat point invested to HP at character creation is worth 2HP.*
Str: 4 (0+4)
Skl: 6 (2 +4)
Spd: 8 (3+5)
Luk: 0
Def: 4 (0+4)
Res: 3 (1+2)
Mov: 5
Con: 10 (5+5)

Stat Growth
HP: (42%)
Str: 45%
Skl: 56%
Spd: 60%
Luk: 15%
Def: 40%
Res: 42%

Weapon Proficiency: Sword - D

Name: Rank/Range/WT/MT/Hit/Crt/Durability/Effect
Iron Sword: E/1/5/5/90/0/-/-
Vulnerary: -/-/-/-/-/-/3 uses/Heals for 10 hp

Combat Stats:
Iron Sword
Damage- 9
AS- 8
Accuracy- 102
Dodge- 16
Crt- 3
CrtDodge- 0

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