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Default Fire Emblem: The Crumbled Capital

In the far south, along the border between Wodanaz and Saladin is a small border town originally named Fireside. Closer to the Wodanaz territory, the actual desert wouldn't start for a few more miles to the west. To the was a small winding road that followed the coast along the southern edge of Wodanaz turf. This road was the first step that Morgan had mapped out to the adventurers she had recruited. It wasn't the most direct route, however there was an ongoing war in Wodanaz between two rival clans that lays directly in that path. Her route avoided most major roads to avoid said war and likely banditry as much as possible. At the east gate of Fireside lay a small wagon with three people guarding it. The first, sitting on the back of the wagon with her gold trimmed robe fluttering and blue-green hair blowing in the same wind was Morgan.

"Don't be silly Vanessa, I'm certain that if they had animosity they would have already attacked us"

Vanessa for her part stood next to the wagon with her axes laying on the wagon, somewhere between eye-rolling and face-palming at the naivety of the young mage. "I'm glad you think so, because neither myself nor Oswald agrees. Ain't that right ya Araggant sir." Her intentional bastardization of the paladin's heritage blending into her somewhat crass speech.

Oswald for his part was the image of Aravin knighthood and merely shrugged at the comment. "I will follow the commander to our possible deaths, as is my duty."

Morgan looked positively pleased at the remark, completely missing the subtext while Vanessa could only sigh and grumble.

The trio were waiting for the remainder of their party, who may have tagged along or merely chosen to meet the group today, prepared for departure.
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