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Morgan smiled as her name was called, standing up on the back of the wagon and waving a gloved hand over her head in greeting. "You found us alright! I'm Morgan Vian, the organizer and patron of this little expedition. The grumpy one down here is Vanessa..." this earned a glare from the red haired pirate "and this is Sir Oswald." and a nod from the mounted paladin.

As she waved, her companion spirit, a small serpent with the likeness of feathery wings except formed entirely of fire peeked out from the sleeve of her robe, watching the oncoming groups a bit before vanishing back into her sleeve.

Vanessa sighed a bit and spoke up after Morgan finished "And just in case you were worried she's always this cheery. Annoyin as dead waters really. And you never get used to it. But at least you never have to put up with any romance stories. Guys and girls can't take it for long enough" Morgan for her part ignored the jab as the two sets of companions approached.
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