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An unlikely pair walked the dusty road path...

"I told you I don't like this operation, right?" Said the gaunt tanned red-head.
"Himura, this is the fourth time you mentioned since we left base today, and I understood you even before that first time." The dark knight with the visor down spoke in a manly voice, although it was secretly a woman inside.
"But your superiors described her in sufficient details, Robin! Blue-Green hair with gold trimmed robes!? Name is Morgan? It gotta be that witch with the weird Laconic Curse, a damned Kinehdin!"
"Oh? You're familiar with our client in particular?" Robin's face was undetectable behind her locked up visor, but her face was stoic despite the tone of interest in her voice, humoring her partner.
"Just by reputation to be honest, but that's pretty much enough. I lived on that island since I was born until it fell when I was 17! How many cursed ones with features like hers does ones expect to find in one place, especially on a chunk of land separated from the rest of the world!?" The thief gestured broadly with daggers in hand before he spat on the far side of the road with disdain.
"Well, try to think of it this way. When the island came crashing down a decade ago, you came to us immediately so we could mount an expedition to ransack the fallen nation before anyone else could."
"Yup, we pretty much picked the place clean." Himura smiled fondly. "One of our better days."
"Right. So our client paid good money to our superiors to get escorts to Kinehdin trying to find artifacts and relics..."
"That we already stolen!" Himura connected the dots. "So she basically scammed herself into paying extra for what amounts to tourism of her own homeland? He-heee~"
"Exactly. That and we get to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn't cause any trouble in our territory. So try to pretend to be professional on the job, and don't brag about that expedition either. The military can use the money since our borders are constantly deprived of resources."
" But some of the resources are going toward borders of nations that aren't aggressive with us." Himura whined off-hand, as if he resented the logic of the higher-ups.
"That IS true, although only a tiny percentage compared to the rest. The Kublak have had a brotherly blood-bond with us for ages, and the Caelts aren't picking fights with us, but we have to guard the borders in those areas from smugglers and bandits all the same. The vast majority of our resources goes to protect ourselves from Tierce, Aravin and Saladin. Also against Naranja, but they are pirates and our nation is mostly landlocked with only some inlets connecting to their seas, so the resources needed to defend against them are also comparatively small."
Robin was exceedingly patient about going over the details for the expat who switched alliegence to Wodanaz. He was intelligent enough to understand things explained to him the first time, but Wodanaz was not his place of birth and it is a big place.

Himura nodded with a mild degree of satisfaction from the explanation, walking the road with Robin in silence... until one late thought occurred to him.

"What if our client actually finds something though? In the ruins?"
"...We'll deal with that when and if the time comes."

It was only shortly after that time frame when the pair caught sight of the caravan and approached it cautiously, although halfway through they saw that some of the other people with the caravan were fellow Wodanaz. Himura just walked alongside Robin without paying much attention to his fellow citizens, and Robin only slightly bowed her head in mild acknowledgement toward them before stopping several sword and ax lengths from their employer and her bodyguards. Coincidentally, this range was good for herself, an archer, if trouble stirred between them.

"Shall I assume your name is Morgan? The Wodanaz military delgated me and my partner here as your escorts to the crash site of Kinehdin during your stay here. I am Robin and this is Himura." The black knight spoke courteously but firmly in her practiced manly voice.
"Forgive me for not unveiling my face. Terrible skin condition." Robin added as she explained her disguised look with the excuse/lie that helped her stay respected in the military for several years.

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