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Erika arrived almost as if from the air itself, stepping out from around the halted caravan. Modest bags in tow, soundless in steps, a peaceful eye of the storm. Her outfit gave off the crackling appearance of being alive, probably because her outfit was presently in the state of being alive.

“Mighty bad weather we’re having right now, isn’t it?” Erika mused to herself as Morgan hopped all over her. This time she was expecting the inevitable snugglytackles, and did a sweeping motion to scoop the girl onto her back, all bundled up in the fluffiness like a backpack. “Good news though, it’s looking like it’ll get better in about an hour or so. Real torrential downpour, clouds are pretty full.”

The sky was already a little bit grey, and she seemed pleased by the steadily approaching rain. Erika held out a hand, appreciating the single drop of water that fell upon it. “So tell me, who are these people you’re with? Expecting to ‘do business’ with anybody on this trip? I’ve still got some aggression I need to let loose.”

”Name’s Erika, by the way, incase any of y’all care.” This was in a louder tone, unlike the quieter tone used before so as not to thunderclap Morgan’s ear off.
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