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The sight of Erika elicited what could only be described as a squeal from Morgan as she jumped at the much taller Caelt and very quickly found herself embedded in the woman's wooly clothes, her feet dangling about a foot off the ground. The lightning spirits within the clothes who were not particularly pleased with their sudden roommate shocked and sparked at Morgan who didn't seem to particularly notice the light show going on around her.

"Finally, that should be all of em." Vanessa went to the caravan and unlocked a chest on the back throwing each person a pouch of gold coins. "Five thousand in each, half of the agreed on fee. The other half will be distributed after the mission is complete."

Gold was of questionable value to the group in question. While still heavily used in Aravin, Saladin, Tierce, and Naranja, Wodanaz and Caelt had less use for the metal. Wodanaz itself had plenty of mountains and hills to mine giving it an ample supply of most precious metals including gold. Gold also had very few usable properties outside of ceremonial gear which was almost never used or even made in Wodanaz regardless because it wasn't usable. However, when dealing with most of the more money driven economies having some squirreled away certainly helped, and travelling merchants almost exclusively use the shining metal.

Caelt used it even less, given the difficult terrain of their homelands there were few merchant caravans that passed through and the reclusive people had very dealings with the outside world. Citizens had been their most common visitor before the nation's fall simply due to the ease of riding a pegasus from above, avoiding the harsh slopes that decorate the mountain people's countryside. However, gold coins made a good form of candy for thunder spirits at least, appeasing their childlike natures for a time.

Vanessa locked the chest back up looking out at the group and the still giggling Morgan hanging onto Erika, trying and failing not to roll her eyes at their employer. "Any more questions or shall we get this ship sailin?" There were no sails or boats involved in the expedition. Naranjans were known for having hard times expressing certain terms in non-nautical ways.
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