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Yet another update on the rules, because some people have driven me this far. For clarification, rudeness toward other users is not tolerated in any of these forums. A slight nudge in the right direction is all it takes for most users to change their tone and improve, but bashing another user and making them feel like they have to leave the forums is NOT acceptable.

If I see players bash other users again, everyone involved will have a temporary ban. No ifs/buts. No warnings. Just bans. It's not right that people should be afraid of what they can and cannot post. If you have a problem with a user, you contact a moderator (Shiney and I are dedicated to this forum, so that would be your best bet) or you contact the user in question with a POLITE private message explaining your concerns. You DO NOT make threads and publicise your dislike for said user.

These rules aren't difficult to uphold, and if people had some decency, I wouldn't have had to make these rules in the first place. Just try to be nice.
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