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"None of ya business, we pay the money, you get us there." Apparently Vanessa was brought along for her fantastic public relations skills.

"Don't mind her, she just hates....actually when are you in a good mood?" The mage smiled impishly to Vanessa and then looked back to Nye and Dro. "It's likely there aren't many Kine still there, from what I've gathered most have moved out. I have two reasons to go there. One is investigative. There's an oddity in the story of Princess Mirianna's betrayal that I'd like to look into. Secondly, and on the more lucrative front, I'd like to see if I can open the mysterious locked door in the remains of the palace. I'm more interested in what's inside and any clues as to what happened as opposed to anything of lucrative value so if that is successful then I expect most everything of value will be included in the fees of all those who came to help."

She looked past Nye and Dro to the coming pair. "Ah, I was expecting this duo. More of your countrymen to the cause." Morgan waved to them. "You found us alright, I'm glad you didn't get lost on the way here!" She said that without a hint of irony, as if she was actually concerned about the duo getting lost. "So we should be waiting on one more then, a Caelt actually." She hopped slightly as she said Caelt and Vanessa put a hand on her shoulder.

"Ya aren't allowed to give that poor woman a flying hug every time ya see her just cause her clothes have that much wool on them. She's likely to sic her lightning spirits on you if ya do that again."
"Of course not. It's cause she's a Caelt and thus so big, aaaaand it's so fluffy. She can take it. She laughed last time. I think. I can take a few shocks here and there."
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