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Erika'd gotten a good portion of this 'pay' way back earlier, so she needed less right now. Gold had more use back home than to either the wodanz or to her while on road. Morgan motioned 'down' and Erika let off a smile, putting the girl down with a soft voice. "Geez, you're getting oaths and everything. Fancy. How's an young country girl like me supposed to compete?"

Erika knew full well that nobody really would care 'too' much for her arrival, but hey they were being polite about it, and maybe even genuinely trying to develop camaraderie. More than she expected, but good, because that was one of the essential survival ingredients on a battlefield. She trended towards being cheerful even when not strictly appropriate or necessary, but her arduous training showed the exact limits of when and how to smile.

A while passed, waiting patiently for the other discussion to breeze overhead.

"In any case, I'm ready to set sail. Beats walking, for sure. Been walkin' a long time. All aboard. The slightly coy slant her grin took betrayed she knew full well there was no ship while she mock looked around.
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