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-----Action Phase Turn 04 (Krunder)-----
- Shannon: Winds of Gaea has activated. Sakuya's Rage +10 (100). Mio's Rage +10 (60).
Shannon suddenly lurched forward. Her body convulsed as beams of light shot right out of her back. And, strangely without any tears in her clothes, two beautiful white angel wings were born out of her back and unfolded. No sword this time, though. The wings flapped once, unleashing some kind of nearly intangible pulse. It was difficult to describe, kind of like a very light pressure wave but somehow different. Plus it smelled like roses. Shannon didn't seem to be in pain from the emergence of her wings, and after she collected herself, she seemed just fine.
- Angelo: Xatu's Spd has increased. Impact's Spd has increased. Muon's Spd has increased.
- Donovan: Silk's Rage +25 (75).
- Impact: Mio's Rage +25 (85).
- Muon: Milk of Plenty Activated. All Vanguard Pokemon 50% MHP Heal (Create Shield 25% MHP with over attack protection).
Muon reached behind her and produced a large glass jar full of tasty milk from hammerspace. "Lon Lon Milk, motherfucker!" Muon said, then negligently tossed the jar that was bigger than her just above head height and smashed it with a swift and efficient roundhouse, sending the milk into the sky and down like a serious of thin white rainshowers, splashing onto the Pokemon.
Muon turned her head to see Renny staring at her. "I'm not breastfeeding them," she said flatly.

Curses, foiled again.

- Mio: Enters Paradigm Shift (Narcham). Mio's Rage -20 (65).
It was like the first or second mission all over again. A good number of the team had never seen a Narcham before, but after Mio's Paradigm Shift, she looked just like one, only somewhat bigger and more substantial, which was somehow more disconcerting.
- Silk: Enters Paradigm Shift (Kabutops). Silk's Rage -20 (55).
Silk's Paradigm Shift was also pretty neat. It's not often that people get to see a Kabutops, and even less in Honmyr where the ancient Pokemon never actually existed, but here stood a larger than life version in the soaked sands, scythe arms poised to cleave the enemy into pieces.
- Donovan: Water Pokebrid Action Used. Delstaurus D is now asleep.
- Renny: Psychic Pokebrid Action used. Delstaurus D is now confused.
- Leavanny: Silk is recieving help. Silk's Pwr +50%.
- Silk: Critical Hit! Krunder's Right Foot takes 2730 damage.
- Twiloch: Donovan's shadow has been synchronized with Twiloch (AllStat +5, Acc/Eva 100%). Krunder's Left Hand takes 1168 damage. Krunder is immune to status effects. Twiloch's Rage -400 (0).

"Why do you struggle so, Twiloch?" Krunder hissed, shifting his wounded left hand around."You do realize that all that effort is only going to end in your certain death?"
"Better a certain and honorable death than a certain and unceremonious one on some beach," Twiloch whispered, though it was a whisper that all could hear. "Just give it up, Krunder. Whatever you think you might achieve trying to obtain greater power from the Rezonscape just isn't going to do you any good."
"The same could be said for blindly following Idolus," Krunder snapped back. "Idolus has seen it just as we have, and he's too fearful to do anything about it! It's a source of immense power, the kind that would surely guarantee the success that we didn't get to enjoy so long ago, and he simply squandors such a grand opportunity. He's old, Twiloch, and his will is fragile and stubborn. And that's unfortunate, Twiloch. Because those who don't embrace the power of the Rezonscape are doomed to be butchered by those who do."
Twiloch said nothing more, and simply prepared for the next round. Reasoning with Krunder was only a waste.

- Donovan: Krunder's Right Hand takes 2025 damage.
- Mio: Krunder's Left Hand takes 2160 damage. Krunder is immune to debuffs.
- Deoxys: Krunder's Left Hand takes 368 damage. Sakuya's Rage +5 (100).
- Impact: Uses SignTech "Command, Control & Communications". Rearguard has been activated. Impact's Rage -75 (0).
"Impressive," Krunder admired their efforts. "But now I think it's about time I put you daring dogooders in your place."

- Krunder's Chest: Uses Ribberang. Silk takes 192 damage. Hiroshiho Rei (Sakuya) takes 129 damage (1141).
Krunder's assault begin with him simply reaching for his chest and plucking off one of his massive ribs like somebody disassembling a Lego set. Then he hurled it great force. The monstrous makeshift weapon slammed right into Silk and continued on without even changing direction and arced effortlessly in the air despite the heavy rains to collided head on with the backside of Sakuya's Hiroshiho Rei, causing the giant mecha to lurch forward and nearly topple over completely.
"You. Will. Pay!" Sakuya nearly howled with rage.
- Krunder's Hands: Uses Sand Crucifix. Ursaring takes 355 damage (Shield defeated). Sakuya's Rage +5 (100). Donovan avoids damage. Donovan's Rage +10 (70).
But Krunder was only getting started. The giant beast drew his massive arms back and seized Ursaring with speed that surprised everyone. It definitely surprised Ursaring as it was completely enclosed in what appeared to be a crude crucifix made of tightly packed mud.
And then Krunder did something weird. He literally hurled the sand crucifix, Ursaring still trapped inside, much like a shuriken right for Donovan. The shuriken collided into Donovan, but he didn't feel it crash into him at all. The crucifix slid right through him as though he was made of mere shadows.
Ursaring's fate was just as merciful. The crucifix shattered on collision and Ursaring crawled out of the large pile of mud, shaking much of the caked on mud from its fur, then standing back up to roar its challenge. If it wasn't for Muon's Milk of Plenty and Twiloch's Shadow Sync, the fates of both Donovan and Ursaring would not have been nearly so merciful.
Alice's eyes sharpened. "It looks like Krunder needs both of his hands to use that attack. Maybe if we could destroy one of them, we can weaken the attack or change it so it's not so devastating..."
Either way, this wasn't looking good. Krunder had serious power, and there were still the Delstaurus to consider.

- Ursaring: Krunder's right Foot takes 1410 damage. Sakuya's Rage +5 (100).
- Shaymin: Miss. *slide whistle*
- Krunder's Feet: Uses Earthen Hammer. Hiroshiho Rei (Sakuya) takes 382 damage (950). Hiroshiho Rei (Sakuya) is immune to Flinch. Silk avoids damage. Silk's Rage +10 (65). Substitute Shield (Shiftry) takes 1209 damage (defeated). Jumpluff avoids damage. Shannon's Rage +10 (80).
Krunder literally left the ground for a few seconds before his massive feet collided back into it, sending a massive directional shockwave towards...well, probably his worst selection of targets. Maybe he wasn't able to aim it?
- Shannon: Uses Moonbeam Disco. Delstaurus A takes 445 damage/flinch (2055). Delstaurus B takes 222 damage/flinch (2278). Delstaurus C takes 445 damage/flinch (2055). Shannon's Rage 40 (30). Moon's Rage -40 (20).
Shannon's body reverted back to normal as she shook her groove thang to the techno beats and multicolored strobe lights that somehow managed to make an appearance despite it being the beach during the afternoon.
- Krunder's Eye: The gemstone eye and five crystalline stakes are starting to glow...
"I don't know what he's going to do," Twiloch advised before anyone bothered to ask. "I've never seen him do that before."

"And that's what I like to see."
Eldys whirled around in surprise, battle stick in hand at the voice that was both lovely and dangerous. Eldys had been watching the beach conflict from the cover and concealment of the nearby jungle, but had only just discovered that she wasn't the only spectator.
Cherrylette, one of the Hexagon Harem, was watching the fight just like Eldys, sitting high up in one of the trees.
"You can do away with the unnecessary aggression, Eldys," Cherrylette said. "If I wanted you dead, I wouldn't have waited this long, and I only fight my enemies with honor and chivalry, making sure they were totally prepared to fight me before sealing their fate. You should know that's the kind of warrior I am."
As much as Eldys hated it, there was truely no way for her to take on Cherrylette, so she put away her battle stick and turned back towards the fight.
"That's why you bothered to come to this world and hope that these humans could defeat us, isn't it? Even Lord Izalei doesn't have what that giant fossil does. The Supreme Strike technique. I've never seen one that wasn't wielded by us in the Hexagon Harem. I'm eager to see just how powerful this one is going to be."

- Alice: Krunder's Right Foot takes 208 damage. Alice's Rage +10.
- Zapdos: Delstaurus E takes 21 Damage/Eject (2479). Delstaurus F takes 44 Damage/Eject (2454). Zapdos is ejected from combat. Alphonsine's Rage -25 (45).
- Whitney: Krunder's Right Hand takes 1788 damage.
- Articuno: Delstaurus G takes 41 Damage/Eject (2459). Delstaurus H takes 41 Damage/Eject (2459). Articuno is ejected from combat. Alphonsine's Rage -25 (20).
"Wow, I never even though about using my Pokemon for crowd control like that!" Alphonsine marveled upon the execution of Zapdos and Articuno's tactics. "Then again, maybe it's just because I never fought a large group of bad guys before. I gotta take a note of this since I'm working with you guys now."
- Swampert: Krunder's Right Foot takes 312 damage. Renny's Rage +5 (60).
- Takano: Krunder's Left Hand takes 58 damage.
- Hiroshiho Rei (Sakuya): Krunder's Right Foot takes 1312 damage.
"Fuck, it's like trying to cleave through solid rock," Sakuya said after the steel naginata slid through the fossilized bone structure of her opponent. "Any more durable and it might've damaged my Naginata beyond repair."
- Latias: Krunder's Right Hand takes 384 damage.
- Kyogre (CCC): Pwr calculated to 150. Krunder's Left Hand takes 1439 damage.
- Jeanette (CCC): Sweep attack! Krunder's Right Hand takes 1058 damage. Jeanette's Rage -25 (45).
- Vaporeon (CCC): Krunder's Left Hand takes 306 damage.
- Jellicent (CCC): Krunder's Right Hand takes 452 damage.
- Lapras (CCC): Krunder's Right Hand takes 452 damage.

-----Upkeep Phase Turn 04 (Krunder)-----
- Rage Upkeep: Twiloch's Rage +100 (100).
- Ability/Item Upkeep: N/A
- Status Upkeep: Ursaring takes 99 damage (695).
- Battlefield Upkeep: Large hole is observed behind Krunder. Possible Strategem Shift.
- Weather Upkeep: Rainstorm is still in effect.
-----Upkeep Phase Complete-----

-----Order Phase Turn 05 (Krunder)-----
- Player Formation: [Alice] [Donovan] [Impact] [Articuno] [Zapdos] [Xatu] [Alakazam] [Ursaring] [Hariyama] [Sakuya RDPA] [Silk] [Jumpluff] [Shiftry] [Mio] [Rage Shower Device]
- Enemy Formation 1: [Delstaurus A] [Delstaurus B] [Delstaurus C] [Delstaurus D] [Krunder's Right Foot (L-Type)] [Krunder's Left Foot (L-Type)] [Delstaurus E] [Delstaurus F] [Delstaurus G] [Delstaurus H]
- Enemy Formation 2: [Krunder's Left Hand (L-Type)]
- Enemy Formation 3: [Krunder's Right Hand (L-Type)]
- Enemy Formation 4: [Krunder's Chest (L-Type)]
- Enemy Formation 5: [Krunder's Eye (L-Type)]
Order of Turns
- [Silk (Kabutops/Water/Rock/Swift Swim/P-Shift/AllStatx4.5): HP 549/741, Rg 65, Spd 900 (90x5 & Swift Swim)]
- [Donovan (Sharpedo/Dark/Water/Speed Boost/Lum Berry/Shark HuntTx3/ShadowSyncTx3/Spdx4.5/Otherx4): HP 741/741, Rg 70, Spd 679 (97x3.5 & TailwindTx2)]
- [Twiloch (Destroyer/Ruin/Dark): Rg 100, Spd 600]
- [Mio (Narcham/Ruin/Dark/Sniper/P-Shift/AllStatx4.5): HP 317/767, Rg 65, Spd 550 (110x5)]
- [Impact (Spdx1.5): HP 847/847, Rg 0, Spd 300 (100x1.5 & TailwindTx2)]
- [Krunder's Chest (Boss/Ground/Ruin): Spd 300]
- [Xatu (Psychic/Flying/Magic Bounce/Twisted Spoon/Spdx1.5): HP 662/662 (Shield 165), Spd 285 (95xTailwindTx1)]
- [Krunder's Left Hand (Boss/Ground/Ruin/AllStatx.67): Spd 280]
- [Krunder's Right Hand (Boss/Ground/Ruin): Spd 280]
- [Ursaring (Normal/Guts/Toxic Orb/Att,Spdx4.5/Otherx2.5): HP 695/794, Spd 275 (55xRDPA/TailwindTx1)]
- [Krunder's Left Foot (Boss/Ground/Ruin): Spd 250]
- [Krunder's Right Foot (Boss/Ground/Ruin): Spd 250]
- [Krunder's Eye (Boss/Ruin/Ground): Spd 210]
- [Alice: HP 741/847, Rg 30, Spd 100]
- [Zapdos (Flying/Eletric/Lightning Rod/Bright Powder)]: HP 794/794 (Shield 198), Spd 200 (100xTailwindTx2)]
- [Whitney (Sniper/Gardevoir/Psychic/Simple/P-Shift/SAttx4): HP 664/762, Rg 15, Spd 180 (90xPShift)]
- [Kyogre (Water/Drizzle/Wise Glasses): HP 847/847, Spd 180 (90xTailwindTx1)
- [Articuno (Flying/Ice/Pressure/Charti Berry): 794/794 (Shield 198), Spd 170 (85xTailwindTx2)]
- [Shiftry (Grass/Dark/King's Rock/Spdx2): HP 794/794, Spd 160 (80xTailwindTx1)]
- [Delstaurus A (Ruin/Steel): HP 2055/2500, Spd 160]
- [Delstaurus B (Ruin/Steel): HP 2278/2500, Spd 160]
- [Delstaurus C (Ruin/Steel): HP 2055/2500, Spd 160]
- [Delstaurus D (Ruin/Steel/Sleep/Confuse): HP 2500/2500, Spd 160]
- [Delstaurus E (Ruin/Steel/Eject): HP 2479/2500, Spd 160]
- [Delstaurus F (Ruin/Steel/Eject): HP 2454/2500, Spd 160]
- [Delstaurus G (Ruin/Steel/Eject): HP 2459/2500, Spd 160]
- [Delstaurus H (Ruin/Steel/Eject): HP 2459/2500, Spd 160]
- [Takano (Eva50%/PGd50%Tx2): HP 847/847, Rg 60, Spd 130]
- [Sakuya (RDPA/Spdx2): HP 847/847 (RDPA 950/1270), Rg 100, Spd 110 (60xRDPA)]
- [Renny (Gallade/Fighting/Psychic): HP, Rg 60, Spd]
- [Shannon (Trainer): Rg 30]
- [Angelo (Trainer): Rg 60]
- [Moon (Trainer): Rg 20]
- [Alphonsine (Trainer): Rg 20]
-----Order Phase Turn 05 Complete-----

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