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"Geh?" Pierce was a little surprised to see a naked Pokebrid hop onto the deck and start yelling at them for being loud, to say the least.

But his reason quickly took over. The girl seeemed like she wanted to help, and Irene seemed okay with it, so... he walked over to her and pulled her behind one of the capstans, displacing Sophia's Hydreigon. His worries were slightly eased when she Traced the Skeldude's ability and copied some buffs off of Irene. "Alright, fine. If you want to help, feel free. You look like you're preparing for something big."

Turning his attention back to the battle, he quickly worked with Chizuru to block the entire enemy formation. "Chizuru, wanna try that trick of ours again?", and he discovered that watching Irene cleave an enemy in two was... strangely hot, actually.

When most of the enemies had been wiped up, a group of Prideguard soldiers sent by Brunswick came to help them against the incoming Lathirons, along with... "Elshie Turner? What's she doing here?"

Pierce had only met her once briefly for a gym battle years ago (not that she hadn't wanted more out of him), and now he was surprised to see her here now, acting completely different.

And then the Lathirons hit, and a new type of enemy appeared. Products of the Rezonscape, from what Irene said. "Hang on, why are the Hallucinacrums appearing here? Now?"

Questions asked, it was time to come up with a plan. "Alright, 666th, can you change sides with us?"

Once his team were facing the electric Lathiron, Pierce relayed the plan. "Right, buff the new girl if you can, so she can hit Lathiron hard. Heavy hitters, go for Lathiron too. Everyone else, wipe up the mooks. Matthias, can you use Sandstorm? Hopefully that'll help with this charged rain. I hope you're okay with getting dirty, everyone. Chizuru, use as much Rage as you can to heal and boost us. Nyoka, wait until the rest of us hit it, then use your Nyoka Unleashed! technique."

"This shit's officially taken too damn long." Pierce jumped on top of Metagross, just before it rushed forward. It used Divide to split its Zen Headbutt and... hit Lathiron twice, thanks to it's large size. Just before Metagross collided with it, Pierce jumped, landing on top of the the monster. "Eat it." He pointed his Synapse Disruptor at Lathiron's head, where he figured its brain would be, and fired at point blank range.

If only he had a pair of sunglasses.
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