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Mashirosen is a name known to all, except that guy. Mashirosen is a name known to all, except that guy.
Serious Search Request Thread: Find Crap For Me, Pretty Please?

What the title says. Need that picture of Darth Maul fighting Wolverine in an air shaft but just can't get GIS to cough up the goods? Looking for a post someone made here a few years ago but can't quite remember what thread it was in? Ask here -- politely -- and see if your fellow forumites can get the job done.

Being a lazy piece of crap who expects NPF to do your homework for you will get you immediately permabanned. You know the difference between "Hey guys, I'm looking for the old versus threads and can't find them" and "Hey guys, tell me stuff about the economic practices of Native Americans in early 18th century New England, also if you can find me a free site that will write my paper for me that would be super good thx".
"Remember how we all thought the Jedi were, well, Space Knights of the Round Table? Well, as it turns out, they're a bunch of self-righteous virgins who kidnap kids to replenish their numbers."
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