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Pixie is reputed to be..repu..tational. Yes.

Me: I wonder where my deoderant is. I feel.. persperanty.
Meg: LOL for some reason that is funny.
Me: lol, glad I can make you laugh.
Meg: e.e'
Me: <3
Meg: <3
Me: It would be spelled perspiranty, huh?
Meg: Nope.
Me: And deodorant*
Meg: It's not the right word in any way. Sweaty is the word.
Meg: lol
Me: Bah, I like perspiranty more!
Meg: Pff.
Me: Pfffft.
Me: I can so make up my own words if I wish.
Meg: lol okie dokie.
Me: I wonder if the pope starts getting perspiranty while out on his popely duties. ^.~
Meg: LOL

This stems from a conversation I had with my mom about the pope. I was annoyed with how much they were talking about it, so was talking to my mom and said popely duties because I didn't know what it was called. My mom got a kick out of it.
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