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Couple things, if your using the default settings then you can use your CP for a few other things:

Forum Subscriptions and Thread Subscriptions

From your User Control Panel you can access every thread you've posted to (by the default settings) and also any threads you've been subscribed 2 for other reasons. Heres the just of subscribing:

With the default settings you are subscribed by User CP to all threads you post to. That means that the user CP will show you a list of all threads you've shown interest in, but havn't updated yourself about.

If you wish to unsubscribe, this can be done with the User CP or by going to the bottom of the subscribed thread where appears. This command also lets you subscribe to threads you havn't been subscribed to. Extra bonus: this command allows you to subscribe to a thread by Email among other things. That means you will recieve an email (or an ICQ if you choose) every time the thread has been refreshed. Neat, eh? Don't forget to unsubscribe when your bored of this redundance.

Oh, and you can also subscribe to an entire forum, which will inform you every time a new thread appears. This is more important for mods than users, but if your a big comic book freak, you can always know what's going on.
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