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Alright, here's what I think about the few movies I've seen or heard about this summer:

Troy: Not too bad. Not something I would really be interested in buying on disc, but It was entertaining and didn't do too bad a job with the story and script. Only a few characters were really flat, and you didn't get the sense that the movie was trying to force some moral message down your throat. They were just telling a story, one that I found somewhat interesting but not that fascinating. Of course, thats all because of my personal tastes, and if you've been interested in seeing this movie from seeing the preview, or if you're into those great epic kind of movies with grand battles and twisting plot-lines of honor and bravery, you'll like this movie.

Harry Potter III: I was amazed at how rushed together this movie seemed. Its like they tried to put in another sequel before Daniel Radcliff got any older (on a side note, Radcliff without his glasses kinds of reminds me of the star of "Home Alone," whose name I would say except I can't spell it). The plot seems unfinished, and it feels like your missing something as you watch through the movie. Connections fail to be made for the audience of the characters and their actions, its all just thrown together in the end, and you have to suppose what they all had to do with one-another. They did a horrible job with this one, and the previous ones are much better. They need to do a better job adapting the book for the next one, or its just going to totally suck.

Movies I've heard stuff about:

Van Helsing: I heard it was boring, and badly written. It wasn't recommended.

Mean Girls: I heard it was stupid predictable humor, and when I saw the preview I could tell this wasn't something I would enjoy at all. Then, I heard another friend say it was funny, but he does have that tendency towards gross-out humor. I think previews say the most about whether you'll like a movie or not, so if it looks good in the preview to you, go for it. I'll just watch something else.

Movies I'm excited about:

Saved!: Dark comedy. I love dark comedy, and I just think the whole setting is something that is full of ideas. It would take a really crappy writer to turn this great idea into something incredibly stupid. Of course, knowing hollywood, I wouldn't be suprised, but I have high hopes for this one.

Alright, thats it. See ya.
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