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Donovan began to redirect his Hydro Pump beam toward Krunder's head, which seemed like it was emanating with even more red than anything else in his body, only to miss as Krunder flinched from having his other hand disappear. Donovan finished the blast, then felt himself getting weaker and weaker by the second, and before he knew what had happened he was face-down in the sand.

- Elsewhere . . . -

Donovan woke the stench of death and rusty metal. It was dark...almost too dark to see anything at all. He could hear various sounds in the distance, but he couldn't tell if it was just environmental noise...or if it was being deliberately caused by something.

"Hmmm, you're a new one," a soft, gentle voice cooed. Donovan couldn't quite place the source of the voice. It seemed to echo off of numerous surfaces to that it hit him at different angles with each word.

"What . . . what happened back there? And where am I?" Donovan asked to the darkness around him.

"You are in Nirvana, my boy," the voice answered him.

Nirvana? On what, Opposite Day?

"However, unlike most people who find themselves here, you are seeing beyond the looking glass," the voice continued. "Normally, it would be impossible for anyone to see what you are seeing now, but your body is so completely drained of madness that you actually can't even gain any right now. Thusly and therefore, you at least temporarily possess the true sight."
Donovan found it hard to decide if that was good or bad.

"However, I would have you start moving now. They are here, and they don't like people who can see this side. I believe the people in your world call them...Hallucinacrums."

Donovan stood himself up and began to look around, he didn't like being stuck in the darkness, without any way to be aware of the threat he was told about. "The looking glass? Hallucinacrums? Does this have to do with what happened on the beach?"

"I am not at liberty to explain it to you. If you knew, you'd probably just do something stupid which will just put your ass right back here. Alrighty, let me think. At current, you could say you possess and negative amount of rage. Which is fortunate 'cause if you didn't have it and wound up here, you'd just become a Madsoldier. I have to get you out of here while you're still immune to rage generation. comes some assistance."

Across what appeared to be a massive chasm of metal debris, Donovan saw something swim through the sky. It looked like a large...metal...anglerfish? The large light on its head appeared to be a massive searchlight that didn't seem to be searching for anything in particular.

"Time to tread a really fine line," the voice advised. "Use the light to help you find your way around. But do not let the light find you. Because if the light sees you, the Hallucinacrums surely will. You'll be looking for some kind of mean to scale upward. Think of it like a tower, and ascend. Stairs. Crates you can stack. That kind of nonsense."

"But wait! How are you able to get around? Hello?" After a brief pause, Donovan began to traverse the chasm, watching the metallic searchlight wander around. He noticed that the light didn't shine on the fish itself very brightly at all, so he began to prepare himself to jump on top of it when it came close.

It didn't take long for Donovan to figure things out. There were essentially two towers to ascend, with the chasm of sharp, pointy metal stuff between them. Donovan could scale one of the towers for a time, then hop the anglerfish as it swam around lazily in the sky in a plain circle, letting him bridge the gap between the towers. He saw the Hallucinacrums. They were fearsome, but they didn't seem to be particularly interested in searching for someone to victimize. He proceeded with caution, certain their passive attitudes would change if the light happened to shine on him.

"You're not bad. You must keep in shape."

Donovan was near a Hallucinacrum at the time, but saw that apparently they either couldn't hear the voice, or simply ignored it. The anglerfish was pretty strange as well. It seemed to raise its elevation as he ascended, although he was certain he had avoided being detected. Could it maybe have felt him somehow. The searchlight was helpful as hell, too. There were no sudden shifts in its movement, allowing Donovan to easily predict how the light would move along the tower.

Come to think of it, this Nirvana was actually kind of boring. Dangerous, sure, but it was a little too easy to avoid being seen. And just when the hell was he going to get out of there? He had been ascending for what felt like ten minutes so far, and the top didn't appear to be in sight, though that was most likely due to it being pitch fucking black above and below him at all times.

As Donovan continued ahead, it suddenly struck him that he needed to get out of Blaziken form immediately, since he had a habit of compulsively igniting his wrists when faced with a challenge. He decided to try switching to Ninjask form for better mobility, but was still unsure of how helpful it would be. He climbed up to a certain point, then used the Ninjask wings to glide over to the anglerfish and latch on to check out the other tower.

"Congrats, you did it."


"The difficulty of escaping from Nirvana varies from idiot to idiot. You just happen to be a less...dumberer idiot?"

Hey, who're you calling a-

"Rachel, no!"
Donovan's consciousness returned to him as he heard Lola's voice. When he opened his heavy eyes, he saw that Rachel's face was extremely close to his. "He didn't drown! He doesn't need CPR. Let's just drag him into the shade. It's gotta be a little heat exhaustion."

Donovan suddenly sat up and gasped, feeling somewhat hung over and feeling surprised that the entire beach wasn't crimson red like he last saw it. Suddenly the memory of the battle flashed through his mind, and he realized he turned into a Sharpedo during it. He got up staggered a couple of steps and spontaneously threw up.

He took a moment to recompose himself, then he turned toward the the group "Hah . . . hah . . . what the HELL WAS THAT?"
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