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Default Miomir RP: The Missing Eyes

((finally, the moment for which you've all been waiting, the Miomir RP is starting. i and chibiyin apologize for the lack of a map, but you guys can just invent for now the names of towns, and maybe they'll show up on the map! check out the reference thread for area descriptions and information about this particular RP. make sure to keep OOC to a minimum and your posts in para form please, and have fun.))

The clerk was sweating and shaking, his nervousness blatantly exposed to the amused guards outside the double doors. The grand hall was dimly lit and, besides the three humans, empty. The engravings on the doors were in some arcane, menacing language and probably, the frightened clerk surmised, told tales of deceit and death. With a gulp, he placed his empty left hand on the handle and clutched the letter his right hand held to his convulsing chest. The door, surprisingly light, inched open silently. "M-m-m-mister Shilanthrus, sir?" he said in a pittifully shaky voice. Something in the dark room stirred, and the clerk thought he saw a flash of red. He leaned his head inches more into the room, keeping his body safe behind the massive door. It was then that he heard a voice in his head. It seemed to come from all around him at first, but then he was somehow sure that the speaker was in front of him, in the room. "You have a message?" the voice said. The clerk could only nod. "Have you read it?" Sweat flew from the clerk's forehead as he shook it side to side. "Good. Now release it." The clerk did not at first understand the command, not knowing why the voice would have him drop the note. He was given only a moment to question, however, before there was a sharp pain in his right temple and he had no choice but to drop the note and clutch his aching skull. As his eyes were shut in pain, he did not see the piece of crumpled paper levitate for an instant before darting across the room into the darkness. "Go," the voice spoke as the pain eased from the clerk's head. This time, he did not hesitate, but rather turned and made a clumsy scramble for the exit. The note was from an informant Shilanthrus had hired in a small village in the mountains north of Brithrol. It stated that there was a disturbance in the temple there, and the monks, who had not left the building for countless generations, began overtaking the village, interrogating and arresting the inhabitants. "That makes two, now," Shilanthrus said to himself. Afterward, the clerk, who was just reaching the sunlight, heard menacing laughter following him as he ran down the marble steps into the crowded city of Nevir.
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