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Unread 03-21-2018, 02:29 PM   #1
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Default Revenge Of BB's Backlog Challenge

In this era of Steam sales and Humble Bundles, we’ve all got one- 100 games for the price of a fart, and even though you only really wanted two of them, those other games are probably fun too, right? Trouble is, another bundle comes along, and another sale comes along, and then comes that 100-hour RPG you’ve been waiting eagerly for… and suddenly your backlog of games is choking your library. You scroll through on occasion, having completely forgotten what 90% of the games even are, convinced that you’ll get to them one day, some day… eventually.

There’s no doubt that among these games, there’s a lot of fun to be had. Some of them might be hidden gems just waiting for their chance to become your Game Of The Year, or at least a fun diversion well worth the asking price of 20 cents. On the other side, you know some of these games probably aren’t really your thing- but you don’t want to judge them without trying them first… even though you know you’re never going to try them, with so many more interesting games to choose from.

The BBacklog Challenge is aimed at getting these backlogs whittled down and cleared out. Here’s the rules:

1. List your backlog. The whole damn thing. Dust off your Humble Bundle keys, open that Steam account you haven’t dared look at for three years, gaze in bewilderment at all the second-hand console games you’ve bought. Put them in a numbered list, ordered however you wish.

2. Either ask for a nomination from your peers, or just use a dice-roller to pick a game from the list. (If you’ve been asked to nominate a game for someone, why not pick something you’ve never heard of? Give those unknown titles a chance in the spotlight!)

3. Within 7 days of choosing your game, you must give it one solid hour of play. After playing for an hour, it’s time to write a short blurb about it. Here’s the most important part of the challenge:

Give a quick description of the game, a few things that were cool and some things that sucked. If you really hated the game, feel free to tear it to shreds. At the end of your review, decide whether to Fin It or Bin It.

‘Fin(ish) It’ means you’ll add the game to your current rotation until you’ve finished it. ‘Finishing’ a game is a hard thing to define, and it differs from one person to another. For the purposes of this challenge, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to complete it 100%- putting the game on your Fin list simply means you’ll play the game until you’re satisfied you’ve done everything you want to do.

‘Bin It’ means you remove the game from your backlog, and consider it done with. Breathe a sigh of relief as the burden of that game is lifted from your shoulders. You need never again feel like you didn’t give the game it’s due- you played it, you weren’t impressed, time to spend your gaming hours on something you do want to play.

Binning a game doesn’t necessarily mean you think it’s bad! There’s going to be a lot of games that are well-made experiences that would probably be enjoyable to some people, but simply aren’t your kind of game. That’s fine! Mention that in your write-up and leave a link for other people who might think the game does sound interesting.

Either way, that’s one item off your backlog, and you get to roll again!

The ideal end result is you’ll end up playing some games you might otherwise never have made time for, along the way discovering unexpected new favourites, and sharing those faves with other people who end up enjoying them too. If you do it once a week for a year, you’ll get 50 games off your backlog, and just in time for the Steam Winter Sales to fill your list up again with games other people have recommended!
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