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Unread 02-13-2012, 01:02 PM   #1
Inbred Chocobo
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Default The Spy Among Us Mafia

An Alarm goes off, Code 1059. Experts in this code already knows what it means, others grab their employee manuals and flip to the code page to understand. Code 1059, A Rogue group has infiltrated the Agency, and a security breach has been detected. All groups are to report into the main lobby. Once there, security will locate who has not appeared, and be dispatched to remove the rogue group. The lock down will stay in effect until all threats to the Agency has been removed.

Everyone gathers around in the Lobby, and security start checking out the cameras and motion sensors. They find no one, and realize that everyone that was in the building when the lock down initiated is in this room. Everyone looks around at each other. Agency tends to keep employees separated, so very few people recognize each other, but lingering in their thoughts, they know someone is scum in here. After a moment, lock down then shuts off access to the cameras and motion sensors, and everyone looks around nervously.

Day 1 has started. With 14 people, it will take a 8 majority to lynch. If you did not receive a message with your role, please send me a private message and I will give you your role.

Winners: No One, Everyone lost. Good job guys.

1.) Geminex aka BahamutFlare2: Vigilante, Town Aligned, Lynched Day 5
2.) Ryanderman: Deathmiller, Town Aligned, on death revealed as Mafian Thug, Mafia Aligned Shot Night 2
3.) Karesh: Miller, Town Aligned Shot Night 4
4.) Moogle0119: Vengeful Townine, Town Aligned, Suicided Day 6
5.) Hawk: DeathMiller, Town Aligned, on death revealed as Mafia Don, Mafia Aligned Lynched Day 4
6.) Fenilicious who is now Ecks: Deputy, Town Aligned Shot Night 3
7.) Mr. Bookworm aka Ecks2, Vigilante, Town Aligned Shot Night 4
8.) Sifright: Nurse in Training, Town Aligned, Shot Night 5
9.) Aldurin: The man with the answers, Town Aligned Shot Night 1
10.) Nikose Tyris: Vengeful Townie, Town Aligned Shot Night 2
11.) Lawful Neutral who is Neo-Nikose: DeathMiller, Town Aligned on death revealed as Mafian Thug, Mafia Aligned, Lynched Day 3
12.) BahamutFlare: Miller, Town Aligned, Lynched Day 1
13.) greed: Mayor, Town Aligned, Shot Night 1
14.) Smarty McBarrelpants: Hobo, Town Aligned, Shot Night 3

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