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Unread 03-27-2007, 08:07 PM   #1
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Default Eh Buddeh

Whaz all this buddy list business ear'then whot?
Today I tried to check on someoneís previous posts and not expecting this new found option. I zoomed to the bottom of the options list with a cavalier and carefree abandon. Instead of a quick and easy electronic stalker reference guide I receive a big happy message in bold friendly letters congratulating me on my new buddy!
I did not wish to make a buddy of this person. I do not know them. It is not my wish to declare random digital strangers my life long chums and bosom companions! That is not may intent at all!
Iím sure this feature maybe useful to some of you, who are so abundant in friends it may very well be useful to list them. Perhaps color coding them for style and placing them in order of importance. There may be a certain thrill that is derived of being off put by a talkative stranger only to find from a quick glace at your very own Buddy Listtm that he was good olí buddy#507862902-8 after all and therefore at the exact level of friendliness appropriate by numerology and color coding to that encounter. I shall never know this joy, for I donít even own any MySpace.
Now that my I have finished my weekly quota of indignant fist shaking and incoherent complaints, as required by the guild of hermitry, I shall return to my hermit cave and skulk about consuming beets, both pickled and steamed...

ÖYou Wannía be meh BUdDiiiiEEE?!
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