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Unread 02-17-2015, 06:03 AM   #1
Ara ara!
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Default Project CITYFIGHT - Ch 1 - Commute Commotion!

It was late at night. It was early in the morning. Perhaps it was even the witching hour, if you could get any two witches to agree on such a thing.

All reasonable people would be asleep at such an time.


Like a cork out of a bottle, Lia Kiparen burst out of luminous mist spilling over the ridge. Shredded tatters of fog clinging to her, the little spirit landed, legs pumping. Her head and body were tilted down and her arms swept out behind like a jet fighter on an attack run as she stumbled and jumped down the slope in a barely controlled descent. Beneath her feet were grim steel tracks on coffin-wood sleepers laid on a bed of eerily skull-like gravel. No matter how much she twisted or turned, she couldn't get off the railway tracks. Lia guessed it was a meta for the inevitability of death.

"You, you witch-engine!" she shrieked behind her. "You haunted kettle!"


The train lumbered over the ridge and immediately started picking up speed on its downhill slope. The same ghastly mist streamed out of its funnel and the black iron of its workings.

Far ahead of her, a constellation of lights were laid out on the valley floor, like an army of stars. Or glow-worms. Lia frowned to herself, sudden realisation burning in her brain. Stone heaps of buildings like termite mounds. Scuttling carapaced things in the streets. A great gathering of people, drawn in by honeyed words and undoubtedly more sinister means into an enormous hive.


Surely some insect or annoying buzzing flying thing had to be behind this. Lia complimented herself on her deduction, even in the midst of these trying circumstances. Her investigation was throwing up thousands of puzzles and she was solving them all. This train was supposed to be taking spirits to the underworld, not abducting people for suspicious purposes! It was time to trip up the plan this trip was serving!

Lia leapt and cartwheeled on one of the rails, mismatched clothes billowing out around her. "Take this, you thing of no gears! Here's the toll for your friend the ferryman!" She left two coins behind her, glinting on the rail like two tiny moons.

clunk clunk

The train powered over them without even noticing.

"You, you damn'd mechanism!"
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