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NPF Administration
Rules and Official Business
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Serious Rules of the forum

Welcome to the Nuklear Power Forums

Hello and welcome to the Nuklear Power Forums, the official place for fans of Brian Clevinger's various comic projects to discuss his works and meet and talk to other fans! Contained in this thread is an overview of the rules and guidelines laid out for the use of NPF and conduct among the membership. Its primary purpose is to help users understand the community, ease concerns, and attempt to alleviate issues of "I did not know the rules". Keep in mind that while these are indeed the community rules and outlines the moderation staff reserve the final say in their interpretation. Overall, one of the simplest things to remember is to use common sense.

Forum Staff

Following is a list of the forum staff. It's not difficult to figure out who is who- moderators have bolded names, and administrators' names are italicized on top of being bold. Krylo, the PR guy, has an invisible name 'cause he likes it that way. You can always check the forum leaders section to view a list of those in charge and exactly what they do.

These people have various official functions around here. You'll get to know all of them pretty well- they're around quite a bit, and when they're not doing their job as a moderator, they're just regular ol' posters.

Administrators (emeritus)
Kurosen (Brian Clevinger)


synkr0nized (back-end)
shiney (inactive)


Satan's Onion

Public Relations


Some notes:

Brian Clevinger himself is Kurosen on the forums. He has admin status and is technically the guy we owe this all to.

Currently when he's not busy writing great comics and working on art, the head admin is creative lead MSperoni. All moderatorial disputes upon which an agreement cannot be satisfactorily reached will, if need be, come down to an admin decision.

The moderators and admins will always do their best to handle disputes neutrally and objectively, but if you feel like you're being treated unfairly, please either contact them directly or talk to Krylo. Krylo isn't a mod or admin and won't dole out punishments, but he's the go-to guy for voicing your concerns.

Also, there's no difference between admins and moderators as far as rule enforcement or authority are concerned.

General Information
  • BBCode Tags: When making a post on the forum, there are various tags at your disposal for formatting text, presenting images, linking pages, and adding effects. Learn about the tags available to you here. These tags can be added manually as you post or by using the toolbar above the text field.
  • Status: Everybody is regarded as equals. The amount of years spent on the forum means nothing more than the amount of time we've had to get to know you. Somebody who joined in 2003 will get in the same amount of trouble as somebody who joined in 2010 for doing the same thing. Likewise, post count does not convey any special status.
  • Thread Tags: In order to keep topics on a certain subject or imply categories, you must include a thread tag when you make a new thread. They can be found just below the post box on the New Thread page. While tags are helpful, they are not a requirement when posting, only when making threads.

The Rules

These are some things that you should avoid to make posting in - and reading - the forums as smooth as possible. You won't get into a lot of trouble for them though - depending in the individual guideline, the mods may fix things themselves or step in with a reminder (which will usually be posted in a noticably different colour). You may, however, receive a temporary ban if it's obvious you're ignoring the guidelines or the reminders.
  • Spam: Spam is everything that doesn't contribute to a thread, any post that contains no or very little content, any nonsensical post, a post whose sole intention is to merely boost your post count, or anything along those lines. If the tone of a topic is already goofy you will obviously have a bit more leeway than in a serious one - use common sense.
  • Tone Argument: The tone of the forum as a whole and individual posts is the purview of the moderation staff and the moderation staff alone. When responding to a post by another user, regardless of how insulting you feel that post was, do not respond to the tone of the post. Do not call the other user a jerk or insinuate it. Do not suggest that the user should word their posts more nicely. Simply respond to the actual points the other user is making.
  • Post Report Abuse: The report function is to be used to make the staff aware of any possible rule violations. It is not to be used as a means of attacking another member behind their back, attacking a member of staff out of view of the public, jokes, spam, or anything else outside of its official, intended purpose. Abuse of the report feature ultimately hinders its effectiveness in dealing with real violations, and repeated abuse will result in disciplinary action.
  • Low-Content Threads: Please avoid creating new threads with only one or a few links and/or very little input in the initial post. A link to a youtube video does not make a good thread starter. Ideally if you want to start a discussion about something you found on the net or elsewhere, you'll provide a link and quote liberally from your source, and give us your own take on whatever you're linking. If you don't particularly want to start a whole discussion, please use the dedicated link and image sharing threads in Crowd Favorites. Thread starting posts that don't meet our excruciating standards will be merged into those without further warning.
  • Annoying Links: If there's a page that is designed simply to scare or annoy or piss off the person watching that page, do not link to it. This includes but is not limited to misleading links (such as RickRolling), screamer videos and the like.
  • Thread Bumping: Do not post in a thread simply to move it up the list. Sometimes it takes a while for a new thread to be noticed, or perhaps there is simply no interest in that topic.
  • Gravedigging: If the last post in a thread is over a month old, and off the first page of the thread list, simply start a new thread for the subject. If you want to refer to an old thread, please just link to the post instead of digging it back up to the front.
  • Proper English: Please use somewhat normal and correct grammar and spelling. We don't demand perfect Oxford English from anyone, but typing in all caps, using chatspeak or leaving out interpunction make a post hard to read. Obviously we're not going to be harsh on you if English is your second language or you're just not good at it, but please make the effort.
  • Spoilers: If you post spoilers about a film, book, movie or video game, mark it with spoiler or swap tags so nobody can read them by accident. Additionally, if you want to make a thread especially for one single film/book/game that contains spoilers, put a warning into the thread title (Example: "The Empire Strikes Back thread [Spoilers!]"). No matter which method, it must always be clear what film/book/game is being spoiled.
  • Backseat Moderating: even if you mean well, please avoid making calls as to what is or isn't a rules offense. That's the moderators' job. We don't particularly want people here to accuse each other of spamming or flaming or trolling, no matter - and this is important - whether we'd agree. If you're absolutely sure something is against the rules, report that post, and we'll take a look at it (remember that this isn't a guarantee we'll actually do anything about it, since we might still disagree with your assessment). This especially applies to the "I started the thread, therefore it is mine" mentality. Threads on this forum belong to the community, not the person who begins the discussion.
  • Signatures: We ask that you keep your signature down to seven lines' worth of normally-sized text. Feel free to use "quotation marks" instead of the [QUOTE] tags or a smaller font size to save space.

The Rules (That will get you banned)

You should never do anything on this list. If you do, you may find yourself temporarily banned from the forums for any length of time. How long exactly is completely up to the mod who bans you. In addition, you will receive an infraction - this is a point value stored on the forum that we use to track how many temp bans someone has been given over time. Every ban, no matter how long, is worth 1 infraction point. In particularly severe cases you may be permanently banned immediately.

Note: if we ever give out a temp ban we don't track, it will be noted either in the respective rule or in the ban reason.
  • Flaming: Do not be aggressive towards or insult other forum members, whether actively ("John, you're a dick") or passively ("anyone who likes Pokemon must be retarded").
  • Trolling: Trolling: Do not make statements only to get angry responses. Also, do not reply to such statements, just report the post and leave it alone.
  • NSFW: This is an all-ages forum, which means nothing pornographic or exceptionally gross / disgusting. This applies to images, links, quoted text, or in-thread conversational content and includes material specifically marked as NSFW (not safe for work), because NSFW equals NSFNPF.
  • Illegal Things: Anything illegal, obviously. Especially links to ROM sites or comic book scans are something that keeps popping up. Copyright on the internet is a major grey area these days but there are things that are blindingly obvious. In the same vein, if you've downloaded a game or a movie, no one here cares to know you did - just avoid mentioning it entirely.
  • Hacking related stuff: Another grey area but let's put it like this: this isn't a dedicated computer safety forum, and if you have to ask us how to crack a system chances are you have no legitimate business doing it. If you do have legitimate business getting into systems you're not supposed to, you have better sources than this forum.
  • Religious topics: Don't feel obliged to avoid mentioning religions entirely but don't even get close to any type of "religion a is better/worse than religion b" or "religion/lack of religion sucks" type of argument.

The Rules (That will get you banned forever)

A select few things will get you permanently banned, no questions asked.
  • Repeated rules offenses: If you regularly receive temp bans and infractions, you can expect to be permanently banned at the next appropriate occasion. We intentionally don't give a limit as to how many infractions you can safely rack up, because pure numbers aren't the only thing that enters into the decision. It also depends a lot on whether you present yourself as a generally decent person or as someone deliberately disruptive. (Of course, generally decent persons don't tend to collect as many infractions in the first place.) This is not an invitation to see how much you can get away with while avoiding a ban.
  • Hate Speech: Any sort of racist or homophobic statements, or any statements disparaging a specific group, will not be tolerated.
  • Ad-Spam / Promotions: If you sign up only to promote any kind of business you will be banned and any links or contact information you posted will be removed. The same goes for promotions for free services or other things, although here reactions will vary: expect to be banned if you're just spreading something across as many message boards as humanly possible without regard for rules or context, otherwise try and avoid making a link to your site your first post here. If you're unsure, please send a private message to a mod or admin first.
  • Ban-Dodging: If you get temporarily banned and decide to simply sign up again using a different name, both your accounts will be permanently banned. Likewise if you re-register after a permanent ban - you can return if you're bearing a new and improved disposition, but to be honest we're not holding our breath on that. Generally, when we find out someone's been permanently banned before under another name, off they go.

The Rest

These rules apply to all forums and subforums on Several subforums have extra rules that apply specifically to them. Consult the stickied threads in subforums for details.

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