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Unread 09-24-2012, 07:30 AM   #11
Astral Harmony
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Astral Harmony will become famous soon enough. Eventually. Maybe.

Armored Bishoujo: "Sorry about the cockblocking, Aldurin and everyone else. I'll strive to do better next time now that I have the system all figured out. If anything, you get to keep your Rage, restock that rocket if you want, and I'll restore everyone else."


Action Phase (Turn Blah)

- Catherine: Deredere Pink takes 204 damage (335). Yandere Black takes 228 damage (382). Catherina's Rg = 0, AP = 0.
"Not a whole lotta resistance to my fists," Catherine noted, then looked at Shizuka. "You're...certain they're supposed to be tough?"
"These guys are a lot tougher than they look," Yandere said after being violently staggered. "I think I'm in love."
"Should we...use these Pokeballs?" Tsundere Red looked to Dorodere Blue.
"I advise against it," Dorodere Blue adjusted her glasses. "Remember the last time we deployed them? They wouldn't obey us at all."

Renny was a little relieved. If there were already Pokemon inside them, they weren't Snagballs, then.

- Rio: Deredere Pink takes 144 damage (191). Yandere Black takes 153 (229). Rio's Rg = 5, AP = 4.
"They're super mean!" Deredere pouted, examining her frilly dress for damage. "When's it going to be our turn?"
"Hopefully never," Rio said with slight disgust. That was surprising. Apparently there were pretty girls Rio wouldn't actually go for. Did she not like the really feminine types?

- Shizuka: Deredere Pink takes 69 damage...
Armored Bishoujo: "That must have been some hardcore 69...sorry, couldn't resist."
- Shizuka: Deredere Pink takes 69 damage (122). Yandere Black takes 75 damage (154). Shizuka's Rg = 5, AP = 4.
That attack was...pretty creepy. Basically, large segmented mandibles erupted from Shizuka's mouth. Pierce's fragile little mind would be broken for months.

- Mika: Initiate RDPA "Overmana."
"Time to show off the power of infernal magicks!" Mika shouted. She hopped up, but didn't come down. Magical circles spread out from behind her and runes snakes along her limbs. Elemental fury pelted everyone in the room, but it wasn't much more than an irritance. A large black book materialized before Mika's outstretched hands. "I hope I don't cook everyone in here," she breathed as the tome opened up, the pages rapidly flipping over. "Unholy fires of Gehenna, answer the beckoning of this most unworthy servant and-oh, screw it, just roast these bitches already!"
- Mika: Deredere Pink takes 139 damage (defeated). Yandere Black takes 180 damage (defeated). Tsundere Red takes 85 damage (485).
The massive wave of flesh-rending flames swept mercilessly over Mika's victims, flooring Deredere Pink and Yandere Black, who bothed screamed as they were taken out.
"Takano-san, don't give them a chance to recover!"
"Yeah, yeah," Takano replied as she launched three arrows without even checking her targets.

- Takano: 37 - 11 = 26 x 1.5 = 39. Targeting Tsundere Red with hits that strike two targets hitting Dorodere Blue. 1st Hit doesn't hit two targets and doesn't crit (39). 2nd Hit doesn't hit two targets and crits (78). 3rd Hit doesn't hit two targets and crits (78).
Tsundere Red takes 195 damage (290).
Tsundere Red was knocked back against the cage wall, fell to her hands and knees, then forced herself back into the fight. "You're in for a beating, you little brats!"
"Hello, Pot, this is Kettle. You are quite an ebony-skinned gentleman." Takano taunted back.
"Seriously, calling us 'brats'?" Mika laughed. "You girls have only been Overhumans for about thirty to fourty years. Compaired to us, you're still in diapers."
"Yep, and I'm about to prove it!" Kiyomi chimed in, then whirls her spear above her head. "Signature Technique! Gatling Spear!"

- Kiyomi: Tsundere Red takes 149 damage (141). Tsundere Red is now Bleeding. Tsundere Red's WDef falls by 2.
The thrusts were almost too fast to see, and forget trying to count. Eleven punishing stab wounds were inflicted on poor Tsundere, bringing the girl to her hands and knees as blood splattered on the floor beneath her.
"Goddamn it, Doro, do something!"
"Yeah, yeah," Dorodere Blue took aim as Chizuru rushed forward to connect her attack. Chizuru seemed to meld with her own shadow as she sped towards Tsundere Red but-

"Signature Technique! Dorodervish!"

- Dorodere Blue: Chizuru takes 111 damage (49). Chizuru is now locked down.

How that amount of water didn't flood the entire underground arena was anyone's guess. The amount of water used and the force with which it was deployed reminded Pierce of Laitharon.
"Damn, Doro, trying to drown Dere and Yan?"
"Shut up and grab Yan. We're getting the hell out of here. We can't defeat the Kimonos yet."
"Fine, but just you damn Kimonos remember that you haven't seen the last of us!"
Before someone could even check on Chizuru, the four Dere Darlings had vanished into spheres of light.
"Newbs to the end, I guess," Rio shrugged. Then she jogged over to the large metal doors on the other side. "Fuck, the door's still locked. I mean, they retreated and that means we passed, right?"
"Pierce, can you go help Chizuru off the ground?" Shizuka winked at him.

Don't gotta tell him twice!

Kiyomi checked the door they had come through. "This is still locked, too. I can't see outside the cage anymore."
"We've gotta find a way outside," Shizuka said, readying her daikatana to try and cut the whole cage apart. "Charlotte and Ray could be in trouble."
"That's definitely true," Marionata concurred. "I felt a huge surge of psychic activity and now...nothing. It's completely lifeless out there. But I can't really tell without looking at the bodies."
There was a loud pounding on the outside of the cage. "Someone or something really big is right outside," Kiyomi observed.
There was a pause...and then the pounding started up again. The Inquiry Visors began to spell out, letter after letter, a message of some kind. The pounding was creating a message in morse code.
"S-T-A-N-D-B-A-C-K," Lucian read the letters aloud. "Stand back? As in get away from the noise?"

This quickly turned out to be the case when a massive blade cleaved right through the wall. Then more pounding as heavy objects tore the hole even wider. It was Pendulum and Misa working together. "Are you alright?" Pendulum asked as he shouldered the gap wide enough for his bulk to pass through.
"Nice job, dude," Discord told him. "What's going on out there? We couldn't leave."
"All hell's breaking loose, that's what's going on," Misa said. "Team Rocket and the Harbingers have been ordered to retreat. I can't believe the one in charge of this whole operation was some little girl with pink hair."
"That's gotta be Moera," Chizuru said. "Are Ray and Charlotte and the others okay?"
"Dunno," Misa said. "There's another way to the surface from the recruitment office further down. I didn't even know it was there. Your guys didn't even talk to me on the way out. I guess they're giving chase to the leadership."
"We've gotta get after them," Discord said. "No way am I missing out on the good parts of this mission."
"Good idea, but," Pendulum interjected. "Let me just ask: were you agents attacked by any strange Pokemon?"
"Strange in what way?"
"Strange in a 'I've never fought Pokemon like these before' kind of way."
"Two of the girls had unfamiliar Pokeballs with them, but they never deployed them at all. Maybe if we went easier on them. What's up, Pendulum?"
"My mission," Pendulum said, turning back around. "I need to know what kinds of Pokemon those girls have, and if there's a chance to meet them again here, it's probably with you. I'll join you in the manhunt. Let's hustle."

[Pendulum joined the party as a Guest Unit*]

Shizuka stopped short of exiting to just glance at Pierce. "Pierce, when you join me in the Hungry World, please don't burn anything. Too much of it is already on fire, anyways." And with a wink, she was gone.
Donovan's situation was no joke, though. He had already absorbed the chemicals from the Rage Rocket in preparation for delivering a piping-hot ass whoopin' that never came to pass because those bitches got beamed up. He felt like his consciousness was split between a perception of the real world and another of the world he was in before with all the rusted metal and darkness. And it seemed like both sights were trying to come out the loudest. If he was lucky, something he could use his boiling rage on was right around the corner.
Back outside, Misa remained at the building. "Irene told me to just let myself get arrested by the police and she'd come get me later," she said, having left her maul inside the recruitment center. "Better than getting shot at, and I feel I can count on her, though I dunno why she's so nice to me. Anyways, good luck, and if you see my friend, could you maybe not kill her?"
"Who's your friend?" Chizuru asked her.
"Girl by the name of Sam. Harbinger robes. Not really a friend, I guess, but we bonded well enough over the few days we got to know each other."

Milsha then came running up. "You guys are safe! Hurry, you have to chase the others! Thataway!"
Irene was with her. "A Team Rocket transport chopper was just shot down by the Police Force," she reported. "I didn't think they'd be packing anti-armor rifles. Gotta give props to Chief Jenny for that shit. Anyways, if those guys are going to get out of here free and clear, they'll need to get out of range of the Police Force's cordon and find another way to evacuate. Seems like you guys raised hell down there. A group of men and women after my own heart."
"Forget that for now! Renny, something's up. Harliette and Lola were out here when we came back up, but Harliette hauled ass before we even knew where the enemy had retreated. And Lola chased her! I think they're in serious trouble!"
"Serious trouble is probably an understatement," Irene told them. "I don't think we have to worry about Team Rocket or the Harbingers anymore thanks to Impact and Charlotte, but my Visor detected both high energy spikes and severe psychic activity. Assault mechs and Moera, probably. I bet they were the kingpins behind this whole operation. You guys look okay, so I'd appreciate it if you could go lend a hand. But I'm not asking for heroes. Just, if things look bad, try to get Impact and the others out of it. Don't worry about trying to rope all the bad guys in. I have a bad feeling about today."


-----Several minutes of hard running later...-----

It didn't take them long to rejoin Impact's team...or most of them, anyways. Charlotte wasn't present, and they still haven't caught up to Harliette and Lola. Were they still chasing the enemy?
"You are slow," Kurika grimaced while gazing at a large bruise in her leg. The Visor indicated a complete bone fracture, but fortunately it didn't break the skin. She had taken other considerable wounds as well, plasma burn wounds and some that were wide enough to bleed profusely but had been burned shut. "Be careful if you continue to pursue them. We were attacked by three powerful robots. And there was some woman with pink hair using other machines to keep us from defeating them."

The fight could not have taken more than a few minutes. Were these mechs seriously powerful enough to defeat Impact's team?
Kurika passed on information from her Inquiry Visor to you. One of the mechs was clearly Whitepearl from Millenium House and another looked a lot like her, but black and armed with a lot of heavy long-ranged weaponry.

Lemme guess? Her name wouldn't happen to be Blackpearl, would it?

And the third looked like...Ginnungagap? There were some slight changes in its appearance, but it was definitely Ginnungagap. The last one was destroyed in Millenium House and could not have escaped before the place went supernova. They already built an improved version so soon? Maybe there's a Killbots 'R' Us store in Fainas or something.
Impact staggered up to them. He could walk, but he was clutching a large bandage in his side and he couldn't stand up straight, possibly due to immense pain. The Visor also indicated broken ribs. "The enemy's captured Beaufort. Moera dominated her during the fight. Guess she's got a score to settle with Charlotte." he said, pointing in the direction they must have fled to with his free arm. "Oh, and Harliette and Lola were chasing after them, too. I think they know the pink-haired woman, and I don't mean Moera. Just be careful out there. I think they were fully prepared to take us on before we even came here. Anyways, we've already called for some medical assistance, so keep Housewife (Chizuru) with you. You'll probably need her more than we do. We still have some items on us, so restock yourselves before you head on out. Don't worry about us. We'll try to hold together for the medivac."

The wind was calming and the grass underfoot danced gently in the breeze, and there weren't even any wild Pokemon that could cause trouble, making it the perfect spot for a lovely picnic, but everyone's hearts were a little too on edge. This place was going to be a little slice of hell before the sun set.


* Guest Units: A combat unit that takes his or her own actions in combat. Occasionally, these units are capable of causing unique Stratagem Shifts that can reveal weaknesses or something to that affect, or they might just happen to be quite powerful, making them useful despite being not under your control.

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